10 Fashion Must-Haves for Every College Girl

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10 Fashion Must-Haves for Every College Girl

Ah, college life…

…the only time when you can show up wherever you have to be in the comfiest clothes you own!


Even serious collegiate types know that your most basic pair of leggings and tees aren’t right for ALL academic occasions. So you need a few looks: one for going out, one for posting up in the library for all-nighters and even one for making appearances at formal events.

College fashion needs to be three things simultaneously – cute, comfy and easy – because who has time to spend hours getting ready before an 8 a.m. lecture? Not me, no thanks!

Here are a few must-haves for simplifying your co-ed style.

Fashion Must-Haves for Every College Girl

10 Fashion Must-Haves for Every College Girl

1. Start Here: Staple Skinny Jeans

Leggings are a given, but skinny jeans are the real heroes of your wardrobe.

They’re the first thing you reach for when coordinating looks for class, tailgating and hitting the town – so do not skimp. If at all possible, invest in a pair of black, deep blue and light blue skinny jeans so you always have a shade to suit your mood.

And take it from me:

Do yourself a favor and shop around for a pair that’s almost as comfy as your leggings. That way, you won’t spend your days day dreaming about changing the instant you get home.

2. Layering 101: A Sherpa Vest

Depending on where you’re going to school:

It can get pretty COLD on campus during the fall and winter, which makes layering inevitable.

Start with a few cute button-ups or striped long-sleeved tees and top it all off with a monogrammed Sherpa vest. This essential accoutrement is simultaneously preppy and practical, with extra pockets for your phone and to warm your hands when temps are low.

Bonus points for the fact that it goes with literally everything!

3. Keepin’ it Sanitary: Shower Flops


I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but those dorm showers…they’re riddled with bacteria.


Listen to your parents when they tell you to wear a pair of cheap, rubber flip-flops in any and all public showers on campus. The same goes for the gym, pool or spa.

Shower flops need not be all utilitarian, though. Pick a pair that’s cute, so you remember to pack them when you head to the showers.

4. Some Spirited Team Gear

On game day:

You don’t want to sport just any outfit. You need a couple of cute, spirited tees or hoodies to show your campus pride.

I LOVE the idea of grabbing a discount shirt from the bookstore and transforming it into something totally unique, like a shirt dress, a racerback tank or a fringed tee. Go team!

5. Toss It All In: A Monogrammed Tote

Backpacks still have their place, but totes are the campus carry-all de jure.


They’re big enough for EVERYTHING you need to take to a lab or lecture, including: your books, laptop, phone and wallet.

Spoil yourself with a trendy monogrammed tote bag to pack on the classic, collegiate style. And make sure to pick one with extra interior pockets for your pens and snacks!

6. A Cardie for All Occasions

When thinking about vintage collegiate style, my mind automatically goes to those cool elbow-patch sweaters from the 1950s and the legendary pressed, crested blazers that scream prep-school cool.

Trends have evolved…

…but the need for warm top layers has not!

Complete your campus style with a versatile cardigan or two. Right now, it’s all about longer thigh- and hip-length cardies that flatter all figures.

Cashmere and wool have their time and place, but I’d recommend sticking to machine-washable styles while you’re at school.

10 Fashion Must-Haves for Every College Girl

7. A Pair of Campus-Ready Flats

If you could only pack a single pair of shoes to take to college (we hope this is not a real rule anywhere, but play along for the sake of the game), then it would have to be some comfortable, versatile flats.

Whether it’s a pair of ballerina flats in a muted tone or some crisp, white slip-on sneakers, your cute and comfy shoes will get more mileage than any fancy pair of heels.


I always recommend spending a little bit more on a pair of good-quality, everyday flats. Save the fast fashion for your less frequent going-out looks.

8. Posh Pub Crawls: A Little Black Dress

Speaking of going out…you’ll definitely feel like rocking your team tee and skinnies most nights out. But, there will surely be nights when you’ll want to glam things up a little bit, too.

Maybe it’s a friend’s birthday party, a theme party or a sorority ceremony.


Maybe you just feel like poshing up the pub crawl. Whatever the occasion, it can all start and end with a LBD.

9. Actually Cute School Supplies

Showing your sense of style isn’t all about what you wear, and accessorizing isn’t all about bags and jewelry.

It can also be about how you get things done!

I’m obsessed with ALL the cute school supplies available these days; from bright and trendy monogrammed notebooks to bedazzled laptop cases and sequin pencil cases.

The more glitz, glam and personality the better! Adios to those black and white speckled composition books and yellow No. 2 pencils – see ya!

10. A Comfy, Cozy Blanket Scarf

Last but not least:

Spend your few extra school shopping pennies on a go-anywhere blanket scarf.

These accessories are PERFECT for limited wardrobes (like if you have exactly one drawer to your name in the dorm room) because they can be styled in dozens of unique ways.

They also serve as cozy blankets and makeshift pillows when you’re traveling home for breaks (yay!).

Be sure to:

Stick to a color or pattern that’s easy to match, so you can pair it with tons of different looks.

10 Fashion Must-Haves for Every College Girl

Every college girl has her own personality, but we can all bond over the fun of expressing it through fashion.

Whether it’s purely practical ($5 flip-flops for the shower) or all-around indulgent, the pieces in your campus wardrobe should celebrate who you are!

Taking a little extra time to pick out some staple pieces will help you build a four-year wardrobe that sets you apart and boosts your self-confidence.

What’s one college MUST-have for your own personal wardrobe?


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