12 Original (& Inexpensive) High School Graduation Gifts for Girls

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

High School Senior Graduation Gift Ideas (for a Daughter, Sister, Niece, or Girlfriend)

High School Graduation Gift Ideas For Girls

High school graduation season is coming up fast. And soon daughters, sisters, nieces, and girlfriends will all be picking up their diplomas in the ceremonial robes. 

With the inevitable happening, there’s just one question to solve –

What do you get a high school graduate?

To help you with that:

We put together a list of the best 2019 graduation gift ideas for her. On it, we’ve included ideas that are original and ideas that are inexpensive. 

Gifts for High School Seniors

Oh and, if you’re wondering:

High school graduation gifts, how much money do you spend?

The range of gift value can vary widely depending on your relationship with the graduate and what your means are.

$20 – $100 seems to be the typical amount given on average, though. 

But keep in mind:

You’re not obligated to give anything just because you received an announcement, so don’t feel it’s necessary. Gifts are not expected, but they are always appreciated.

P.S. Grab some FREE printable gift tags for your grad at the end of this post!


12 High School Graduation Gifts for Girls

I say that a more practical route for gift giving is perfect when it comes to this occasion.

Celebrate the big day by picking a gift that will come in handy for the next big step life: college!

1. A Weekender Bag


graduation gifts for her - weekender bag

Think of all the short, little trips your daughter or sister will take in college! And how a weekender won’t be on her dorm packing list.

A gift like this is perfect for the high school senior girl who’s interested in traveling and adventure.

A cute, weekender bag like this one would be perfect!


2. Portable Charger

high school graduation gifts for niece - portable charger

When you’re a busy college student running around campus, you just don’t have time to stay by an outlet long enough to get a decent charge.

That’s why a portable power bank (for charging) would be a great idea for a college-bound teen.

It’ll get so much use, as she can charge phones, laptops, tablets and anything else that uses a USB port.


They are convenient to have for MUCH more than just school. Think camping and traveling in general, too.

This one holds a ton of juice and can charge up to 4 devices at once.
You never know when one of her girlfriends could use a charge and sharing is caring!


3. Books for College Prep

high school senior gifts - books

A good, informative book can help ease nerves about college and make the transition go a little more smoothly.

And, I’ve got some books picked out!

Any of those books would make nice gifts for high school seniors.


4. Plush Area Rug

inexpensive high school gifts - rug

Moving away from home after high school for the first time means a lot more freedoms. Especially when it comes to decorating!

When a freshmen girl moves into her first dorm or apartment, she’s going to be hurting for decorations and the money to buy them.

A fluffy or furry rug is an easy way for her to personalize those new surroundings.


If the dorm room has a cold linoleum/tile floor – it’ll make getting out of bed A LOT more inviting.

This one looks so soft and this one has a more faux fur look to it.
Both are inexpensive graduation gift ideas for her!


5. Cool Lighting for Her Future Digs

what to give high school graduate - cool decor

Speaking of decor:

You can help your high school graduate create the perfect atmosphere in her future dorm room by gifting some cool decor.

A fun lamp or dreamy, string lights (which are REALLY popular with college girls) can help transform a blank room into something more inviting.

You can’t go wrong with a set of string lights, a back lit message board or a cute lamp like this unicorn one.


6. Breakfast PopMini’s

grad gifts girlfriend - popmini's breakfast

Not gonna lie, this is my favorite graduation gift idea on this list!

PopSockets are a big thing with the younger crowd, and honestly, they’re really useful.

Which is why I think a high school senior girl would love to get these breakfast themed PopMini’s. So cute. 

Pick up the Breakfast Club PopMini (or another theme) pack at Target.


7. HelloFresh Meal Box

graduation gifts for girlfriend - hellofresh

This isn’t the cheapest idea on this list, but it is totally original. 

Most young-ins leaving the nest after graduation have little experience when it comes to cooking.

A meal subscription can be a nice little segue into college life. It can provide a girl with not only some meals but also the opportunity to learn new cooking techniques.


What young adult doesn’t love free food?

All in all, I think it makes a pretty stellar high school graduation gift idea for girls.

You could go with a HelloFresh subscription (if you’re feeling super generous) or a gift card.
With a gift card, your grad will get a taste without having to commit to a weekly subscription. Win – win!


8. A Hammock

high school grad gifts for sister - hammock

Out of all of these gifts for seniors, this idea seems the most random, but –

Everybody loves laying in a hammock!

Well, maybe not everyone, but they are pretty popular.

If your graduate is into outdoor activities, a hammock could be the right gift.

Hammocks are easily portable which makes them useful when camping or hiking. The nice part about them is that they’re versatile; they can be hung anywhere with a little creativity.

In a college environment:

A hammock could be used as a relaxing place to study at a park or in a dorm room.

Portable style hammocks (like this one) are the best option.
They’re ready for anything!


9. Personalized Academic Planner

high school daughter gift - personalized planner

Time management skills can be a real issue for college freshman. Help your new high school graduate get a head start on good habits with a planner!

There are toooonnns of options out there. From simple to colorful, to planners that can plan EVERY aspect of each day.

Pick one that fits the personality of your daughter/sister/girlfriend, or maybe just let her choose it.

Erin Condren planners are super cute and you can personalize it with her name.
These are all of the other best planners for college students.


10. Dry Erase Board

gifts for high school girls - dry erase board

The next stop after high school graduation is college!


Dry erase boards are a great way to keep track of due dates, assignments and other important information.

We already know that:

Being organized in college is a common skill students struggle with. This gift idea is uber practical.

This dry erase board is a particularly good choice.
It’s half dry erase board and half cork board, doubling the functionality of it.
And, it already comes with markers, magnets & push pins.


11. Noise Canceling Headphones

high school graduation gift ideas for her - noise canceling

In college…

You don’t always get paired up with your ideal roommate. More often than not, roomies are on different wavelengths.

In such instances, a pair of good noise canceling headphones can be a real lifesaver.

They’ll allow a college girl to handle noisy, annoying situations with ease. Distracting, loud roommates will become a minimal issue during study time.

This brand is comparable to BOSE but they cost 1/3 of the price (GREAT reviews).


12. Bullet Journal

gifts for niece graduation - bullet journal

Bullet journaling is SUPER popular right now, especially with academic age women.

Does your high school grad enjoy drawing, being creative or make a point to have neat handwriting?

A bullet journal might really appeal to her then!

This journal is a reader favorite and it makes for an awesome, yet inexpensive graduation gift for her.
Bullet journalling is more like a freestyle form of a planner.



Practical High School Graduation Gift Ideas For Girls



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12 Original (& Inexpensive) High School Graduation Gifts for Girls

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