Valentines Ideas for Men: 14 Unique & Fun Gifts

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Valentines Ideas for Men

Valentines Day is right around the corner, and if you’re thinking about getting your boyfriend or husband a present you might be…

…a little stumped.

You may have asked what he wanted and gotten an answer that was something like, “a 12 pack of beer” or “nothing”.


You probably still want to find an awesome gift to show your love and appreciation. Shopping for guys seems to be a lot harder than shopping for gals!


If you know some of his hobbies or interests, you’re already on the right track.

Get him something that involves one of those interests, whether it be cooking, gardening, sports or Star Wars. He will be sure to love it just on the basis that you put effort into recognizing his past times.

Here are 14 unique and fun Valentines ideas for men to get you started. And even better – these are gifts that will actually get used!

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Valentines Ideas for Men

1. Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

Valentines Ideas for Men

Stress is a part of life, especially when at work. Gift your guy this Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball to help him combat a bad day at the office.

After all:

Valentines ideas for men that combine funny with useful are a winning combination.

2. Stuffed Burger Press

Valentines Day Gifts for Him | Unique Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Husband

What’s better than grilling burgers during a backyard cookout?

Grilling burgers stuffed with cheese, jalapenos or other delicious items!

This is the ultimate 3-in-1 burger making tool, it makes stuffed burgers, sliders, and regular burgers. This burger press is a perfect Valentine’s gift for grilling enthusiasts.

3. Potty Golf Game

Valentines Ideas for Men

It’s no secret that men tend to spend more time on the toilet than women….

…give him a little entertainment while he goes with this Potty Golf Game. If nothing else, it’s sure to get a laugh!

4. Globe Alcohol Decanter

Valentines Ideas for Men

If your man enjoys spirits, the best gift for him may be something that involves it. Like this Globe Alcohol Decanter.

It is a desktop decanter shaped like a globe with a glass sailing ship inside it. Makes an eye-catching presentation whether filled with bourbon, whiskey, scotch, vodka, rum or win.

5. Water Garden Fish Tank

Valentines Day Gifts for Him | Unique Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Husband

Give him a pet and a place to grow herbs (or other plants)! Bring the garden inside with the Back to the Roots Water Garden.

This mini aquaponic tank is a closed-loop ecosystem — the betta fish waste fertilizes the plants on top, and the plants filter and clean the water for your fish — aka not your average betta fish bowl! 

Pretty cool, right?

6. Shower Speaker

Valentines Day Gifts for Him | Unique Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Husband

Next on the list Valentines ideas for men:

shower speaker!

Let him listen while showering without risking getting his phone damp. It would make a great gift for any guy who always has music playing.

7. Spartan Knife Block

Valentines Ideas for Men

My boyfriend loves to cook and if yours does too, this Spartan Knife Block might be right up his alley.

It’s magnetic and quite the fun kitchen piece! And that’s why it lands a spot on my list of Valentines ideas for men.

8. Man Candles

Valentines Ideas for Men

Men can like candles, too! Especially when they come in rugged, manly scents.

This man candle set includes three scents: Straight Razor, Leather, and Mahogany. Because even the man cave can use a little freshening every now and then.

9. Dog T-Shirt

Valentines Ideas for Men

Almost everyone loves dogs and has a special dog in their life.

The best Valentines ideas for men don’t need to be complicated. A dog t-shirt is sure to be a fun gift that your significant other can enjoy and wear often.

10. Star Wars Bottle Opener

Valentines Day Gifts for Him | Unique Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Husband

Star Wars has a HUGE fan base, chances are that your boyfriend has watched at least one of the movies if not more.

If he is a Star Wars fan and a beer drinker this gift is sure to be a winner.

Get a Star Wards bottle opener here.

11. A Kickass Planner

Valentines Ideas for Men

Got a significant other who is a college student or just a busy guy? Beautiful list making and bullet journalling aren’t just for women!

This Minimalist Planner or this Lemome Academic Planner are both under budget, awesome for organization and sure to WOW.

12. A Growler For Beer

Valentines Ideas for Men

If your dude likes beer, hey, why not play into that when choosing a Valentines present?

A beer growler is used for stocking on local, on-tap brews. It also keeps the drink inside ice cold which is really handing for camping trips.

13. A Notebook

Valentines Ideas for Men

Is your boyfriend/husband a write or doodler?

A nice notebook like one of these would certainly be appreciated! It’s small enough to carry with him wherever he goes and be reminded of who got it for him.

14. Portable Photo Printer

Valentines Ideas for Men

Polaroid cameras have always been cool.

And now:

You don’t even need a Polaroid camera to to get instant photo prints on the go!

A super cool Valentines gift idea for men is a portable photo printer. He can print right from his phone and it’s small enough to fit in a pocket.

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