2 FREE Movie Tickets to See ‘Silence’ from Fandango!

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2 FREE Movie Tickets to See 'Silence' from FandangoThis is awesome and it’s totally free! You won’t pay ANY out of pocket fees! Head over to Fandango and purchase 2 movie tickets for the movie Silence. Then at checkout use promo code SILENCE and the price drops to zero! I do not know how long this promotion will last. Note if that code does not work for you try REGSILENCE.

2 FREE Movie Tickets to See 'Silence' from Fandango

In this passion project from director Martin Scorsese (who spent nearly three decades trying to get it made), a 17th century Portuguese Jesuit priest (Andrew Garfield) receives word that his mentor (Liam Neeson) has renounced his faith while on a mission in Japan. Concerned, he travels to the island nation with another clergyman (Adam Driver) to investigate, only to find that the country’s Christian population are being systematically exterminated. Witnessing the inglorious reality of torture and martyrdom committed against Japanese Christians rocks his faith to the core.


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