10 College Dorm Decor Items That Will Up Your Room Game for Cheap

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10 College Dorm Decor Items That Will Up Your Room Game for Cheap

College dorms:

It’s no secret that a dorm room is pretty bland when you first move in. The stark white walls lack the comforts of home and the touch of an interior designer.

The good news is that the fun part about a living in a dorm is decorating it! The room is all yours to customize and arrange as you please (or at least half of it).


Fancy decor items can add up to a big bill. And, on a college budget…

…that’s just not going to work!

That’s why in today’s post I’ve found 10 decor items you can use to brighten up your dorm room for CHEAP.

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college dormcollege dorm

This Wooden Block Perpetual Calendar is not only stylish, but also a timeless decor piece that can be kept and used long after college.

It comes in a cute floral design and a beautiful, minimalist golden design. 

college dormcollege dorm

String lights are an affordable and trending way to spruce up a bland college dorm room.

The best part?

There are lots and lots of unique and pretty string light variations! Here are some of my favorites:

college dormcollege dorm

I’ve been seeing these cinema light boxes all over Instagram lately.

And for good reason:

They are a great little decorative item for any space! I love how there are so many creative possibilities from something so simple.

college dormcollege dorm

Adding a door way curtain to a college dorm is a unique way to add decoration. They are like tapestries that you hang in the door way and are a fun way to add color to an otherwise bland space.

There are many different art deigns to choose from, too! Some of the ones I liked best:

college dormcollege dorm

Not everyone has a mini fridge in their dorm room, but I’d bet that almost everyone prefers cold water to room temperature water.

That’s where a mini water cooler comes in – have cold water ready in your room for a fraction of the price a fridge would cost. Even though they are small, they hold enough for 8 glasses (2.5 liters).


These elephant and penguin mini water coolers are super cute! It would be a great conversation piece and a great decor addition to your living space.

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college dormcollege dorm

Decorative throws pillows are an easy and quick way to decorate a dorm. This pillow looks like the popular peach emoji ?, and is a nice feminine color.

 You can toss it on your bed and call it day when it comes to working your dorm interior design skills.

college dormcollege dorm

Do you find yourself miss placing your keys often?

A key holder is an easy way to alleviate that problem and while you’re at it, why not get an adorable one? I love these three options:

  1. Cactus Pot Key Holder
  2. Birdhouse Key Holder
  3. Magnetic Cloud Key Holder

The fact that they are all dirt cheap is even better!

college dorm college dorm

Bonsai trees bring a little greenery indoors and that can be nice to have in a college dorm. You can even find affordable already grown plants on Amazon, like this small Juniper Bonsai and this small Azalea Bonsai. 


You can try your hand at growing one from a seed with a starter kit. That is, if you feel like you have a natural green hand – they can be tricky to grow.

What I like about these tiny trees is that with proper care they will grow indefinitely and you can shape them as they do. They’re a one time investment that will serve as decor beyond your college years.

college dormcollege dorm

Nothing says cozy more than a super soft rug. Rugs can be pretty spendy, though…

…Luckily, I’ve found a few rug options that are affordable. That is, without sacrificing that comfortable softness we all seek after!

My Amazon rug picks are from Ojia and Chanasya There are a few colors to choose from as well.

college dormcollege dorm

Finally, my last pick for cheap dorm decor are these tiny terrariums!

They are cute, add a little plant life to your surroundings and small enough to fit anywhere.

My favorite part is:

They are maintenance free! Everything the plant needs is enclosed, it’s a mini ecosystem in a bottle. I like these Venus Fly Trap and Flower ones.

As you can see:

Decorating a dorm room on a budget IS possible, and within reach of even the most cash strapped students.

And did you know:

You don’t even need to pay for an Amazon prime membership! Because college students can get a 6 MONTH trial for absolutely free. So cool!

What are some of your favorite cheap decor finds? I’d love to hear about it in a comment!

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