20 Cozy Dorm Room Ideas to Snuggle Up To

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What’s not love about a cozy dorm room?

Heavy blankets, giant pillows, warm colors, softness all around and comfort – cozy dorm rooms are the bees knees.

Plus as a college student, you need that comfort! There’s just so much going on in the typical student’s life.

Especially, if you’re a freshman moving away from home for the first time.

Things like:

Finding out where classes are, your schedule, starting a part-time job and being assigned a certain room with a possible roommate.

All that at once can be SO surreal and feel like it’s all happening way too fast –

Kind of like a whirlwind. A whirlwind made up of college stress, anxiety, no control and a bit of homesickness.

And usually:

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can escape to my house. Decompressing with my bullet journal and listening to some of my favorite music helps calm those shot nerves.


With dorm living, you have to share your own personal space, and, no matter the room size…

…that can take some getting used to.

Which is why, if you’re like me, you will absolutely love these dorm decor ideas!

Making your dorm room into an inviting retreat from the stress of the day to day can be such a relief. Having a homey dorm room will help a bit with that homesickness as well (if it’s your first year out on your own).

Maybe a certain candle smell brings you back to a family night of making cookies, or a certain color just reminds you of a great memory with your dog.

Anything to bring back that home feeling is so encouraged with cozy dorm rooms. There is actually a certain term for this cozy, warm, comfortable feeling.

It’s a Norwegian and Danish word called: hygge.

Hygge is one of my favorite words!

It means being in a mood of coziness, seeking comfort, contentment and wellness.

This term has actually been trending for the past couple of years – as it should be.

Definitely one of my favorite moods, and I hope that these cozy dorm room examples here help you to get you started on your own hygge, cozy dorm room quest!

20 Cozy Dorm Room Ideas

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Final thoughts on cozy dorm room ideas

What’s your favorite cozy dorm room decor item?

Mine is a big, chunky knit blanket! Comment yours below!

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20 Cozy Dorm Room Ideas to Snuggle Up To

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