24 Things That Are Always Free With Coupons + 6 Things That Are Super Cheap!

Do you like getting free stuff?

I know I do!

Great news:

There are quite a few things that are always free with coupons!

Using coupons can sound complicated or like a hassle, but it can actually be pretty easy. Especially when coupon deal websites put together all the best deals for you.

There are printable coupon available online and there are deals that involve coupon apps (like iBotta) which are super convenient to use.


If you do end of having to pay some money out of pocket, you’ll get cash back for your purchases making them still essentially FREE.

That means less searching through newspapers for coupons and no need to worry if a sale is worth the trip to the store. Couponing is easier than ever thanks to those time savers!

Ready to see what you can get for free?

These are items I see freebie coupon deals for, well, A LOT!

24 Things That Are Always Free With Coupons (& Without)

1. Air Wick Warmers

There are often coupons in the newspaper to save $1.00 off Air Wick Oil Warmers. Walmart has them priced around 94¢, which means free Air Wick Warmers for you!

The coupons are put out to encourage shoppers to buy the scented oils that go with them.


If you already use them and your warmer breaks, it is definitely a plus to be able to get a new one for free.

2. Allergy/Headache Medicine

If you have allergies, you already know how expensive the medications can be. So, being able to get some for free can be a big perk of couponing.

Often times there are coupon deals where you can score allergy medicines (like Allegra & Nasacort) in smaller counts for completely F-R-E-E!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

3. Bath & Body Works Products

Bath & Body Works has lots of sales though out the year. There are often opportunities to get a free full size products with a purchase!

To get these freebies, you’ll need to be on their mailing list.

They send out coupons for free products and for other nice savings offers (like $10 off a $30 purchase).

You can sign up for mailer coupons in-store; this is the only way to sign up for these coupons that I know of. If you sign up for emails here, exclusive email coupons are sometimes sent, too.

4. Candy

This is one of my favorite things that are always free with coupons! Candy is always massively discounted the day after a holiday.

And, if you wait a little longer the discounts on holiday items will get better.

Take advantage of these sales by using coupons. Coupons + already low prices = free candy, score!


There are often deals to get single serve candy bars for free or almost free.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

5. CoverGirl Make Up

This brand of make up goes on sale routinely and there are new coupons to save on it all the time. This means free, or super cheap, CoverGirl products SUPER OFTEN!

This is the perfect way to support a make up addiction.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

6. Dog & Cat Treats/Food

Believe it or not, there are ways to save on pet treats! If your pet isn’t picky about brands then you should be capitalizing on free treat deals.

Even Better:

Every so often there are coupon deals to get free pet food, usually the smaller size bags, but still a nice freebie!

PetSmart and Petco send out nice savings offer coupons and FREE pet food coupons in emails to rewards members, too. It’s free to join!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

7. Emergen-C

Out of all the things that are free with coupons, this one is probably the one that is most appreciated during flu season. Target will run promotions where they offer a free gift card when you buy a certain amount of select products.

The small boxes of Emergen-C are typically included in these offers which equals free Emergen-C after coupons!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

8. Gluten Free Products

It’s kind of hard to believe that gluten free Products would be included in a list of things that are always free with coupons!


Surprisingly, there are quite a few coupon deals where you can score Gluten Free Products for free. Or if you can’t get it for free, you can get it for a much lower price than retail!

The brand I see most often is Van’s, but there are deals for Udi and Ian’s as well.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

9. Ken’s Dressing

Ken’s Salad Dressings can usually be had for free or close to it! Watch your newspaper for coupons to save on it.

Pair the coupon with a few coupon app offers to get the lowest price – which often ends up being zero dollars!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

10. Magazines

No coupons needed for this freebie! There are offers for free magazine subscriptions ALL THE TIME.

No credit card info is needed either, no strings attached. The only thing you need to provide is your mailing address.

It does take a few weeks for your first issue to arrive, but it is SO much better than paying for them. See all the latest free magazine subscription offers here.

11. Almay Make Up

At least 3 – 4 times a year Almay will release high-value coupons to save on their make up. Pair these nice coupons with sales and store rewards offers to score free cosmetics!

The types of make up that ends of being free will usually be: eye shadow singles or make up remover.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

12.  Movie Tickets

Okay so I do sometimes pay for movie tickets, but I still capitalize on the free ones I can get.

Fandango puts out Buy One Get One Free offers for movie tickets pretty often.


Sometimes Fandango will give out tickets for completely free! Advanced movie screenings are a great way to see new movies for free, but they are not offered in all cities.

One last way to score free movie tickets is to watch for product promotions.

With a past Skittles promotion, you could earn a free movie ticket when you bought 6 bags; which is cheaper than your average ticket + you get candy!

13. Obscure Products

Included in the things that are always free with coupons are new or obscure products.

Seems random…?

Well, here why: Retailers and manufacturers will put out coupons and savings offers to PROMOTE awareness about their products.

In turn, consumers are more likely to try the new products – because they end up being free (or darn close to free).

Example of a past (expired) deal.

14. Photo Prints

Walgreen’s puts out promo codes for free 8×10 photo prints pretty regularly (reg. $3.99). In-store pick is available, too, which means no shipping costs!

Use the free codes to print favorite family photos or print something like free NASA posters.

Here’s an example of an old promo code (no longer valid).

15. Redbox Movie & Game Rentals

Free Redbox rentals are common place. They send out promo codes via texts.

These promo codes can be good for one free rental or an amount off the price. If you sign up for the Text Club you will get also exclusive, individual offers!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

16. Shampoo/Conditioner/Stylers

A really good deal on Shampoo, Conditioner and other hair styling products is never far away! Stock up on your favorite though, as they tend to go on sale in cycles.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

17. Shave Gel

There are plenty of coupon deals to pick up shave gel for free!


Depending on the store you can even make off with a nice money maker.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

18. Sweeteners

Good deals for sweeteners plays back into the good deals for obscure products.

Companies want people to try their new products, so they will offer great ways to save on them.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

19. Tissues

Single boxes of tissue aren’t expensive to begin with, that’s why it’s so easy to get a box for free.

Pair a sale with a coupon with an app offer and boom! Free box of tissue!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

20. Toothpaste + Toothbrushes

Toothpaste is a VERY frequent freebie (especially at drugstores) in the couponing world! You never have to wait long for a good deal match up.

Manual toothbrushes can scored for free as well, but not as often. This makes sense to me, as I go through a tube of toothpaste faster than I go through brushes.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

21. Trial/Travel Size Items

Often times there are coupons or coupon app offers that don’t exclude trial or travel size items. That’s great because trial/travel size items are cheap and the coupon value will cover their cost!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

22. True Lemon Drink Mix

True Lemon drink mix is cheap and there are new coupons to save on it all the time. That means lots of free lemonade mix!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

23. Wet n’ Wild Make Up

Wet n’ Wild make up is another one of those things that are free with coupons, because it is inexpensive to begin with. I prefer free stuff to paying, though!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

24. Zantac

Zantac isn’t exactly cheap, which is why it’s super nice to be able to get it for free with coupons! There are high-value coupons released to save on it consistently.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

6 Things That Are Always Super Cheap With Coupons

1. Cough Drops

Cough Drops aren’t pricey to begin, so when there is a coupon to save on them you can pay close to nothing. If you’re sick, this is awesome!

If not:

It’s a good idea to stock on them before they are needed.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

2. Crackers & Cookies

While there seems to be an abundance of deals to get Van’s Gluten Free Crackers for free, freebie deals for other cracker brands are more scarce. Fear not, though!

You can still get low prices on cracker and cookies.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

3. Deodorant

Buying deodorant only sucks when you pay full price. Good thing stores like CVS and Target (to name a few) have sales and rewards offers routinely.

I save on deodorant by waiting for these rock bottom prices and stocking up for later.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

Though, occasionally a deal for free deodorant does pop up!

4. Lotion

Lotion is one of the essentials that you can save money on! The brands we typically see the best deals on are Jergen’s and Vaseline lotions.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

Note that freebie deals for lotion aren’t impossible to find, but they are RARE.

5. Mascara

Mascara is another item that can be pretty cheap if you wait for the right sales and coupons.

The brands we often have deals for are: Maybelline (A LOT), Rimmel, Almay, CoverGirl and Revlon.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

Sometimes you can score mascara for free, though if you’re patient!

6. Protein Bars

Really good deals on protein bars are not uncommon for couponers. The single bars end up being cheap more often than a box of bars, though.

Example of a past (expired) deal.

Bonus Freebie Tip:

Kroger is awesome! Do you have a Kroger or one of its 13 affiliate stores?

Every Friday, Kroger puts out a free offer that can be digitally loaded to your store loyalty account. It has to be loaded to your account THAT day, but it can be redeemed anytime within 2 weeks of that Friday.

No purchase is necessary to get the freebie, either!

The coupon for the freebie will be applied automatically during checkout when you use your store loyalty card.

If you think you’ll forget to upload the free offer each week, you can text “PROMO” to 99006 for reminders.

Kroger Affilate store include: Bakers, City Market, Dillon’s, Food4Less, Foods Co, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Gerbes, JayC Food Store, King Scooper, Owens, Pay Less Super Markets, QFC and Ralph’s & Smiths.

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24 Things That Are Always Free With Coupons + 6 Things That Are Super Cheap!

Did I miss anything? Let me know if there’s something that should be added to this list!

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