36 Absolute 🔥FIRE🔥 Grad Cap Ideas You’ll Want to Copy ASAP

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Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas -girl peace sign

Oh man, time is certainly flying by this year!

Graduation is right around the corner, and as you plan your grad outfit, don’t forget about customizing that grad cap.

I like to think of graduation cap decorations as the cherry on top of finishing a degree. It’s a chance to go all out with glitter, paint, glue, cut outs and other fun craft supplies.

In this post, I have 36 graduation cap decoration ideas to help inspire your own next level design.

Whether you’re graduating college or high school, you’re sure to find some BIG inspiration. Included on this list are caps that are funny, ideas that utilize grad quotes, and some hats that are Disney themed!


Amazing Cap Ideas for Graduation

The best graduation cap ideas to make your graduation day that much more unforgettable.

funny grad idea decorated with cow spots
@StayProudly on Etsy

Holy cow I graduated! For when there were definitely some points where you weren’t totally sure you were gonna make it this far. Capture that feeling of wow with this fun cow print graduation cap decoration.


best graduation cap ideas - ariana grande
@briapaints via Instagram

~ I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it ~

Ariana Grande song themed grad cap ideas are a big mood. And I think this design nails it!

ideas for graduation cap - movie cut
@1nida1nk via Instagram

Your life is like a movie…that YOU direct and star in! I how creative this idea is.

cap ideas for graduation - overdressed
@coumbaloves via Instagram


Enough said, point taken.

ideas for graduation caps - dog
@Alex Wilson via Pinterest

When your dog is super proud of you and your biggest supporter. ❤

Can’t go wrong with a picture of your best bud!

cap ideas for graduation - good vibes
@ccandacemc via Instagram

Channel your love of good times and higher frequency chillin’ with this colorful graduation cap decoration.

You get what you give, so why not put some good vibes out into the universe?

graduation cap ideas for college - mom & dad
@cheracreative via Instagram

The real MVPs get a bit of recognition with this adorable design.


It could easily be tweaked to thank whoever your own biggest supporters are.

grad cap quotes - monogrammed
@GoCrazyWithMonograms via Etsy

Don’t have enough time for college graduation cap ideas that go all-out? No problem!

Try this out –

Add a monogram decal of your initials. It’s simple and easy, yet so cute!

grad cap decoration ideas - friends
@emilybeasty via Instagram

*Cue the infamous Friends clap*

Favorite TV show themes are popular and fun ways to get creative with cap designs!

college graduation cap ideas - thank u next
@joyfuljourney1 via Instagram

Ok, is it just me or the decoration on this one amazing?

I had to throw in one more Ariana Grande inspired college grad cap idea because it works so well!

Funny Ideas for Graduation Caps

graduation cap decoration ideas - the office kevin
@camilla_creations via Instagram

Out of all the cap ideas on this list, this one ranks at the top for me.

As a big fan of The Office, I’m just jealous that I didn’t think of it first!

cap decoration ideas - dodge meme
@beejayart via Instagram

The meme may be an oldie, but it’s still a goodie because the relevance is still there. Especially if you’ve invested in dogecoin.

Major points for the execution, too.

🔨 Ever heard of the importance of having the correct tools for the job? It’s so true – especially when it comes to DIY-ing! Which is why I’ve put together this list of the best graduation cap decorating supplies. Think of them as your “tools for success” so you can skip the guesswork! Here you’ll find everything you need to get started on crafting the perfect graduation cap design in no time.

college graduation cap ideas - toy story
@mrboba1987 via Instagram

Toy Story will always have a special place in my heart.

graduation cap decoration ideas - thx sponsors
@drew.holcombe via Instagram

Good grad cap ideas include:

Giving a shout out to the ones that were there with you through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And this one covers all the bases!

funny graduation cap ideas - dog mom
@gdiamondcustoms via Instagram

A funny grad cap idea for all the exuberant dog moms out there.

It would definitely be my first career choice if it was an option.

cap ideas - pizza
@doughreligion via Instagram

Pay homage to your favorite meal with this grad cap decoration idea. Pizza is food staple not only in college, but for life.

Well – it is at least for some people.

college grad cap ideas - wine
@jess.hurleyy via Instagram

Wine can get you through anything, and now it’ll get you through this pun!

college graduation cap ideas - bob's burgers
@lighttrailfox via tumblr

Another TV show inspired cap that slaps:

As a Bob’s Burgers fan, I think it’s too great to not share!

best graduation cap ideas - legally blonde
@haylastewart via Instagram

College grad cap ideas don’t come from just TV series, though.

A movie was the inspiration for this one!

I love Legally Blonde and this quote is a must for graduation.

graduation hat ideas - squidward
@similarlyobscure via tumblr

This Spongebob reference had me cracking up!

The future is now on graduation day. It can be a hard reality to accept.

grad cap ideas - time is meow
@adreamer74 via Instagram

When cats are life…

Only cats will cuddle with you during a late night homework sesh, while having an emotional breakdown and eating spoonfuls of ice cream.

cap ideas - nap
Via Pinterest (original source unknown)

A nap is so well deserved after all your hard work.

Harry Potter Graduation Cap!

grad cap ideas - mischief managed
@averysays via Instagram

Alright – where are my Harry Potter Fans at?!

This is the one for you!

Consider all the mischief of classes, long essays, and group projects managed on graduation day.

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Grad Cap Quotes

graduation cap ideas for college - change you wish
@lauren.lebouef via Instagram

In search of good grad cap quotes?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is an always classic and meaningful quote to use.

Plus, I think that the above design is so pretty!

Video: How to Decorate Graduation Cap (without ruining it)

YouTube video

And, if you want to recreate it:

Lauren even has step-by-step video instructions for how you can do it yourself!

college graduation cap designs
@meagan_r0se via Twitter

You can’t go wrong with a good Bob Ross quote on your grad cap.

grad cap quotes - shakespeare
Via Pinterest (original source unknown)

William Shakespeare did have a way with words.

I think that this is an excellent quote choice for a grad cap.

cap ideas - places you'll go
@exica_ via Instagram

Dr. Seuss was there for my childhood, now for graduation!

Chances are that someone will give you this book as a graduation gift, too.

cap ideas for graduation - waves of change
@rparker11 via Instagram

The ocean is calling you away with the cap, and who can ignore it?

grad cap ideas 2019 - grey's anatomy
Via Pinterest (original source unknown)

Grey’s Anatomy fans can appreciate this graduation cap idea for college!

cap decoration ideas - nemo friends
@newhuepaintings via Instagram

Graduating with your bff? Coordinate decorations with this cute idea.

You can even order a custom design from the same artist who painted these caps! Or check out this design variation with the same idea.

graduation cap decoration ideas - adventures
@Ciera Chang via Pinterest

When you’ve got graduating and traveling on the brain…

This graduation cap decoration idea is the perfect route to take!

grad cap quotes - winnie the pooh
@wonder-nerd-arts via tumblr

I love all the detail on this cap.

Plus, this Winnie the Pooh quote always gets to me.

grad cap ideas 2019 - mean girls
@Laurie Dew via Pinterest

Graduating can be so fetch with this cap decoration idea!

graduation cap decoration - selena
@Christina Henderson via wearemitu.com

Selena is one of my biggest inspirations, and now she’ll be cheering you on to the stage with this graduation cap idea for college.

grad cap ideas 2019 - dreams
@klschiess via Instagram

Another very cute cap decoration idea – that dandelion is going places!

Disney Graduation Cap Ideas

how to decorate graduation cap - mulan
@lee.michelleee via Instagram

When the Disney reference comes in clutch!

I’m loving this Mulan inspo-cap. And if you are too, there’s a similar cap topper available on Etsy.

disney graduation cap ideas
@houseof_letters via Instagram

Big castle vibes from this idea!

We all just want to live happily ever after, right?

grad cap ideas - Disney alice in wonderland
@mrboba1987 via Instagram

Stress can make you do funny things!

Alice in Wonderland is a great way to encapsulate the college experience. This artist is sooo talented, too.

graduation cap decoration ideas - disney castle
@hannahbattistone via Instagram

Another Disney graduation cap idea, because graduating is magical!

There was definitely some pixie dust that helped me graduate. A bow is always a nice touch.


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Conclusions on graduation cap ideas

I hope that these cap decoration ideas have inspired you to get a little creative with your own! My advice is to just have fun with it and to not stress over the details too much.

After all:

You spent enough time stressing in college, now it’s time to relax until the next adventure!

Did any of these graduation cap ideas for college speak to you? Let us know which direction you end up going for your own cap by dropping a comment below.

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Absolute Fire Grad Cap Ideas You’ll Want to Copy ASAP

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