Style on a Budget: Where to Get Cheap Name Brand Clothes

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Style on a Budget Where to Get Cheap Name Brand Clothes

Shopping for Cheap Name Brand Clothes

One of the nice attributes about clothing is the fact that it can be worn & laundered many times before it actually needs to be discarded.

Shopping at that retail outlets that specialize in pre-owned items is not only cheaper, but also environmentally friendly (extra win!).

If you’re willing to shop around, do some digging and practice patience with shipping, you can save a good chunk of money on brand name items.


A tight budget is not a direct causation for being badly dressed. Phew!

There is no need to have a big spending budget for clothing when you KNOW how to be a thrifty shopper. It also pays (bad pun intended) to know the best places to find awesome deals on the most sought-after brands.

Be the It Girl among your peers for less, by shopping at any of these 4 places for a fashion forward wardrobe.


It almost goes without saying, but some things you just don’t buy used. I don’t trust anyone else’s pre-owned undies – even washed!

Skip the underwear and always treat yourself to new, never worn undergarments. That’s what I have always done, and will continue to do.


Any other type of used clothing is what I would consider sanitary or safe and worth the less than retail price tag.

And, hey:

You don’t always have to shop pre-owned to find great deals! There ARE retailers that sell new items at deeply discounted prices.

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4 Places I Find Name Brand Clothes for Cheap


Thrift Stores

First, the most obvious place to score name brand clothes for cheap:

Thrift Shops!

Trendy and cheap clothing can be found at local thrift shops/consignment stores and places like Goodwill or The Salvation Army. You never know exactly what clothing you will find at these places, so expect to spend a little time searching for hidden treasures.

Thrift shops are often hit and miss, but before you do any clothing shopping at a retail store it’s worth stopping by a thrift store.

When shopping at a thrift store, make sure to check the clothes thoroughly BEFORE you pay.

Test out any zippers, snaps, buttons and ties there are to ensure they are in proper working order. Look for holes/tears, stains and smell for out of the norm odors.

It may sound odd to sniff the clothing, but I’d rather know if there is cat pee on something before I pay for it. Some odors can be very difficult to remove and a trip to the dry cleaner is an extra expense that you may want to avoid.

Worried that all second hand clothing will still retain a certain smell?

Luckily that eau de Goodwill can be banished from your new purchases with a few washes. Here are some gentle ways to get rid of “that thrift shop” smell.


Swap .com

This website is my new favorite place to shop for bargain clothing! sells both clothing, and accessories, online. And the online shopper in me totally loves shopping from home.

Everything is in like new condition and more items are added daily.

“New with tags” items are also sold at, but everything I have personally bought from this site (without tags) has looked and felt brand new.

Even better:

Shipping is free on your first order over $10.


There are often discount codes for this website which will save you more money on clothing! I like to check before shopping to find the most current coupon codes.

Additionally, has 100% guaranteed satisfaction and hassle-free returns. So if you’re not happy with what you ordered, you can always get your money back.

Keep in mind, that their shipping is on the slower side, avoid ordering clothing you need right away.


If you have clothes that you’re ready to get rid of, you can send them into for a profit! Read more about selling with here.

Note that all socks/tights and bras sold by are ONLY in brand new packaging. Rest assured you can be confident that these items are safe & hygienic to order.

Smart Shopping Tip: Get a percentage of your purchase back in cash when you start your shopping at TopCashBack or Ebates! Learn more about cash back websites here.


Ross, TJ Maxx & Marshalls

Ross, and similar stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, are more places I frequently hunt for bargain deals. They have low prices, but require a bit of patience to find winning pieces.

Big retailers sell their unsold, overstocked and slightly defected name brand items to to these stores.

So, because of that:

They do not have consistent inventory, so it pays to check back weekly to see what new items have come in.

This will take a bit of effort and persistence, but it can be SO worth it. I have often found high-end shoe brands at Ross for rock bottom prices. This is how I support my love of new shoes without racking up major debt.


If you’re a make up lover they also carry high end cosmetics for a lot less than the usual sticker price. Keep your eyes peeled for goodies like that!



Thredup .com

If you like name brand, high quality clothing on a budget, then is a place you’ll want to check out. They specialize in selling name brand, used clothing for a lot less.

It’s a hot spot for thrifty shoppers and fashionistas alike! also has great bonus savings offers and promotions running frequently. Find all the latest shopping promo codes at

Not only can you buy second hand clothing here…

…but you can also SELL your own used clothing. It’s a great excuse to clean out your closet and add extra cash to your shopping budget. ?

How does it work?

Thred Up will send you a bag that you can fill with name brand clothes that are in good condition. They cover the postage for shipping and take care of the rest for you.

It’s a super simple process – yay! Learn more about the selling process here.

Extra Tip: Before you send anything in, use the Payout Estimator to get an idea of how much you can expect to get for your used clothing.

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All in all:

Keeping up with the trends on a limited budget just takes a little more resourcefulness and time. Staying on budget and current with the fashion trends are all within your grasp when you put your mind to it!

Oh no, did I miss one of your favorite places to shop for budget friendly clothing? Let me know about! I love finding out about new frugal places to shop!  ?

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