60 Cheap College Date Ideas (Besides Netflix & Chill)

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21. Buy the biggest puzzle they have at Goodwill and see how much you can get done in 2 hours.
Set a timer and laugh when you both see how challenging a puzzle can really be.

22. Stop by all the open houses in your area.
Usually there are refreshments offered which is a plus!

23. Go to Costco on sample day – lol!

24. Go for a hike.
Being a fan of hiking is getting to be pretty cliche these days, but hey there’s a reason everyone likes it!

25. Recreate your first date.
A cute and romantic way to celebrate an anniversary.

26. Try a community class: square dancing, pottery or ceramics, painting, boxing, etc.
Learn a new skill, have a few laughs – win/win.

27. Take bets on a basketball/football/baseball game, loser has to do all the chores that day.
A little friendly competition never hurts!

Plus, it’s a good way to get someone who’s not into sports to be interested in what’s going on. Be patient if you have to explain how the sport works a few times.

28. Go wine or beer tasting.
Some wineries offer complimentary tastings, but most are pretty cheap.

Just try to avoid the really uppity places and your wallet should be breathing easy.

29. Make t-shirts for each other.
Maybe even challenge your date to see who can make the ugliest one. 

30. Give each other massages, watch YouTube video tutorials.
There’s nothing like a good rub for aching shoulders.

You don’t even need to be a pro to give a good massage (and trust, me I’m a licensed massage therapist). Give it a go for a romantic college date night idea.

31. Go berry picking at a Pick-Your-Own Farm or scavenge your local area.
When the berries are in season this makes for a simple and fun date!

32. Take a romantic bubble bath together: light candles, throw in rose petals, put on some music, pour some wine and really set the mood.
Doesn’t that sound sooo nice?

It’s a great way to unwind from college stress for awhile, too.

33. Spend a day shopping only at thrift, consignment or second-hand stores. Give yourselves a budget of $20 and see who can make the best outfit.
Thrift stores can be full of gems if you have the patience to look!

Cheap Date Ideas for College Students | Fun | Frugal

34. Make s’mores over an open fire (or over a gas stove).
Mmm oooey-googey marshmallows, chocolate and crackers.

Yummy, fun, simplicity.

35. Go through the photos on your phone, print out your favorites and make a scrapbook.
Or make a photo wall!

Or just share your favorite memories with each other.

36. Go ice skating.
This is a classic college date idea, embrace it!

37. Catch fireflies.
It’s summer fun at it’s finest that will bring back childhood memories.

38. Have a spa night: face masks, manis, pedis, etc.
Guys – don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself!

Being pampered is not an exclusively female activity.

39. Play laser tag.
When was the last time you played laser tag??

It’s probably been a while, which is why it would be a fun, silly college date idea.

40. Come up with a bucket list together.
Because YOLO, right?

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