60+ March Scholarships for College & High School Students

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

College Scholarships with March 2020 Deadlines

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Paying for college on your own is a real struggle!

But thankfully:

The year is just getting started and there are still countless opportunities to win money to cover school expenses.

Get ready for spring by marking down some of these March scholarships on your calendar!

The List of Scholarships –

I know that:

Opening 20 tabs and seeing you really can only apply for one March scholarship gets old fast.

My goal with putting together these lists is to help you focus LESS of your energy on sourcing scholarships. This allows that extra time and energy to be used on the actual application process.

I’m all about avoiding wasting busy student’s time, so:

This list only has CURRENT college money opportunities, it’s one the most up to date ones you’ll find around the web.

Now it’s just up to you to get in those applications. I hope these scholarships with March deadlines are brimming with college money luck for you!


60+ March Scholarships for 2020

This scholarship list is arranged by deadline dates to make it easy to see which applications need to be completed first.

I’ve also added a key to help you quickly determine which ones you may or may not be eligible for.


Eligibility key:

*HS = High School/entering college freshman year applicants only
*UG = can be used for Undergraduate study only
*G = can be used for Graduate study only
*W = Women applicants only
*MA = Male applicants only
*M = Minority applicants only
*I = Must be born outside the U.S. or have two parents born outside the U.S.
*MI = Military affiliated applicants only
*T = transfer students only
*State abbreviations included in brackets indicate a scholarship is available to certain residents only.


Early March College Scholarships

  1. Deadline March 1st: BTSADV Angel Scholarship$1,000
  2. Deadline March 1st: Tidewater Scholarship [VA] – $5,000 (HS)
  3. Deadline March 1st: Cancer Survivors’ FundAmount Varies (UG)
  4. Deadline March 1st: META Platinum Scholarship [CA] – $24,000 (HS)
  5. Deadline March 1st: META Gold Scholarship [CA] – $8,000 (T)
  6. Deadline March 1st: The Nikon Storytellers Scholarship $10,000 (UG, G)
  7. Deadline March 1st: ACS Scholars Award – $2,500 – $5,000 (M)
  8. Deadline March 1st: Create-a-Greeting Card Scholarship Contest$10,000
  9. Deadline March 1st: (ISC)² Undergraduate Cybersecurity Scholarship – $5,000 (HS, UG)
  10. Deadline March 1st: James Madison Foundation Graduate Fellowship $24,000 (G)
  11. Deadline March 4th: Cancer Unwrapped Writing Contest [WA] – $500 (HS)
  12. Deadline March 4th: Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship [OR] – $1,000 (HS)
  13. Deadline March 8th: AG Bell College Scholarship Awards [Hearing Impaired] – $5,000 (UG, G)
  14. Deadline March 8th: Alvaro L. Martins Scholarship Program$5,000 – $8,000 (M, UG)
  15. Deadline March 8th: Ann Fudge Scholarship Program$5,000 – $8,000 (M, W, UG)
  16. Deadline March 8th: Praxair Engineers of Tomorrow Scholarship Program $12,000 (M, UG)
  17. Deadline March 8th: Award for Excellence in Business Commentary Scholarship Program$4,000 – $12,000 (M, UG)
  18. Deadline March 8th: Nationwide’s Future Leaders Scholarship Program$12,000 (M, MA, UG)
  19. Deadline March 8th: Elmira K. Beyer Endowed Scholarship fund  [WA] – $11,00 (W, UG, G)
  20. Deadline March 8th: UWF Environmental Scholarship [WA]$3,000 (W)
  21. Deadline March 8th: Constance Anna Pash STEM Scholarship [WA] $2,500 (W)
  22. Deadline March 8th: Lisa T. Painter Endowed Law, Fine Arts or Health Care Scholarship [WA]$2700 (W)
  23. Deadline March 9th: University of Illinois: Christian Leadership Award 2020 $1,500 (HS)
  24. Deadline March 9th: America’s 911 Foundation Scholarship – $2,000 (First Responder or relative)
  25. Deadline March 8th: Technical/Career School Scholarship [WA]$5,000 (W)
  26. Deadline March 10th: A-1 Auto Transport College Scholarshipup to $1,000
  27. Deadline March 12th: Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship Program $10,000 (HS, UG)
  28. Deadline March 14th: Joseph James Morelli STEM Scholarship Fund$500 – $2,500


Mid-March Scholarship Deadlines

  1. Deadline March 15th: BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship $6,000
  2. Deadline March 15th: ScholarshipPoints.com Scholarship – $10,000 
  3. Deadline March 15th: Education First Scholarship$5,000 (HS)
  4. Deadline March 15th: Stephen T. Marchello Survivors of Childhood Cancer Scholarship – [MN, CO] – Amount Varies (HS)
  5. Deadline March 15th: Daughters of the Cincinnati Scholarship$16,000 – $20,000 (W, MI)
  6. Deadline March 15th: Scholarships From Blue Grass Community Foundation, 21 for High School Seniors Available [KY] – Amount Based on Need (HS)
  7. Deadline March 15th: Scholarships From Blue Grass Community Foundation, 3 for Undergrads Available [KY] – Based on Need (UG)
  8. Deadline March 15th: Scholarships From Blue Grass Community Foundation, 3 for Undergrads Available [KY] – Based on Need (G)
  9. Deadline March 17th: New Jersey Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund [NJ] – $5,000 (HS)
  10. Deadline March 18th: NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program$20,000 (UG)
  11. Deadline March 18th: Dana Michelle Pettaway Servant’s Heart Scholarship [TX] – $2,000 (HS)
  12. Deadline March 18th: Lincoln Legal Professionals Association Scholarship [NE] – $1,500
  13. Deadline March 19th: The Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student Award [IA] – $5,000 (HS)
  14. Deadline March 20th: RBPA Scholarship Fund Amount Varies (LGBT)
  15. Deadline March 20th: Civilian Marksmanship Scholarship – $1,000 (HS)
  16. Deadline March 20th: Samsung @First Scholars STEM Scholarship – $15,000 (UG, G)
  17. Deadline March 20th: LouEllen Dabbs Scholarship – $750 (Single Parent)
  18. Deadline March 20th: Innovation Education Scholarship$500
  19. Deadline March 20th: Mattress Advisor’s Sleep Science Scholarship$1,000


Scholarships Due in Late March

  1. Deadline March 21st: SVGS Foundation Walker Williams Wilson Scholarship – Amount Varies (HS, M, MA)
  2. Deadline March 22nd: Flag House Scholarship Award [MA] – $1,812 (HS)
  3. Deadline March 22nd: Robert Toigo Foundation Fellowship – $1000, $10,000 (M)
  4. Deadline March 24th: FWSF Scholarship, apply here [SF, CA] – $10,000 – $15,000 (W, UG, G)
  5. Deadline March 25th: Brittany Bowers Beauty & Brains Scholarship [TN] – $1,500 (M, W, HS)
  6. Deadline March 25th: The DYMON Scholarship [TN] – $1,500 (M, HS)
  7. Deadline March 28th: Indian Health Service Scholarships – Amount Varies (M, UG, G)
  8. Deadline March 28th: Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship Foundation – $1,000 (HS, UG)
  9. Deadline March 29th: Katie Higgins Memorial Scholarship [VA] – $2,000 (Born with a cleft)
  10. Deadline March 29th: Winterhoff Arthritis Scholarship – $5,000 (arthritis or a related rheumatic disease)
  11. Deadline March 29th: Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship$70,000+ (G, M, W)
  12. Deadline March 31st: Hearthstone Housing Foundation$500 – $5,000 (HS, UG)
  13. Deadline March 31st: Because College is Expensive Scholarship$1,000 
  14. Deadline March 31st: Hearthstone Housing Foundation$500 – $5,000 (HS, UG)
  15. Deadline March 31st: Mollohan Foundation, 6 Scholarships Available [WV] – $500 – $1000
  16. Deadline March 31st: Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award Sweepstakes – $10,000 (HS)
  17. Deadline March 31st: Superpower Scholarship – $2,500
  18. Deadline March 31st: Photonify Monthly Scholarship $1,000
  19. Deadline March 31st: APWU E.C. Hallbeck Memorial Scholarship – $8,000 (HS, UG)
  20. Deadline March 31st: APWU Vocational Scholarship $9,000 (HS)
  21. Deadline March 31st: APWU Best Essay Award$2,000 (HS)
  22. Deadline March 31st: Legacy of Life Scholarship – $1,000 – $5,000 (HS)
  23. Deadline March 31st: The Woof Mackenxie BAFTX Energy Award [TX] – Amount Varies (HS)
  24. Deadline March 31st: The Wood Mackenxie BAFTX Energy Award [TX] – Amount Varies (HS)
  25. Deadline March 31st: The Graduate Award [TX, UK] – Amount Varies (G)
  26. Deadline March 31st: The Undergraduate Award [TX] – Amount Varies (UG)
  27. Deadline March 31st: Side Hustlin’ Student Scholarship Opportunity$500 – $2,000



How many of these scholarships with March deadlines do you qualify for?


More college scholarships due this year:


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The big, UP TO DATE list of March Scholarships for high school and college students. There are over 60 opportunities to score money for covering college tuition & fee costs! Click to see the full list and to start applying at CollegeLifeMadeEasy.com. #college #collegelife #scholarship #scholarships #highschool #gradschool #undergrad #seniors #juniors #highschoolstudents #award #women

60+ college scholarships that are due in March this year. Don't let these deadlines pass you by! Check out the entire list to start applying right away, only the most current scholarships are available at CollegeLifeMadeEasy.com. #college #collegelife #scholarship #scholarships #highschool #gradschool #undergrad #seniors #juniors #highschoolstudents #award #women

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