7 Brilliant Ways to Make Your Money Go Further!

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7 Ways to Make Your Money Go Further

Looking for a way to stretch your money? According to a 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics study, the average American has $140 in daily expenses! Luckily you can save a ton of money with only minor adjustments to your daily life! Make the little things add up in a positive way with these tips.

1. Swap out Parchment Paper for Silicone Baking Mats

silicone baking matts

I love using parchment paper because it saves me from having to wash my baking sheet every time I use it. The pan is too big to fit in the sink without having to use awkward angles and I always end up getting water on the counter. I love Silicone Baking Mats even more because they are reusable! I save money by not having to buy parchment paper over and over again (which isn’t cheap). Plus, they are super easy to clean! I use this set.

2. Switch to Wool Dryer Balls

wool dryer balls

Eliminate your need for dryer sheets by using Wool Dryer Balls! Not only will they you save money by not buying dryer sheets, they will also help lower your electric bill by speeding up drying time. The balls help to lift and separate clothing which reduces static and leaves it soft and fluffy. Additionally they are environmentally friendly. They are made with no chemicals, unlike dryer sheets. Get a 6 pack that are designed to last one thousand loads at a very reasonable price.

3. Rethink the Way You Use Dryer Sheets

dryer sheets

Not ready to to ditch dryer sheets? Maybe you tried dryer balls and they aren’t for you? They are still ways you can optimize your use of dryer sheets to keep your wallet happy! Start by cutting the dryer sheets in half, get double the uses for the same price. You can also save used ones to use as dusting cloths. A bonus perk is that they help loosen tough baked on messes when you leave a one in a dirty pan to soak over night.

4. Buy Razors Online


This next money saving tip is to buy razors online instead of at a store. They are a wide variety of sites to choose from, for example subscription services like Dollar Shave Club or non-subscription sites like Dorco. To give you an idea of how much you can save let’s compare prices.

Walmart has the Gillette Fusion Proglide 6 Pack of Cartridges priced at $33.33, that’s $5.56 per cartridge. For $38.60 you could get 16 Cartridges of the Pace 6 Plus at Dorco, which is $2.41 each. The Dorco blades are 57% cheaper! Dorco offers FREE shipping on orders over $10 (Over $20 for Canada). They often have flash sales too, giving you plenty opportunities to save even more!

I personally use Dorco razors. I’m currently on my 6th shave with a Pace 6 Plus Cartridge and I’m still getting a silky smooth, prickly free finish! Be sure to look around to see what fits your needs.

5. Shave With Conditioner


Ditch your shaving cream! I often run out of shampoo long before I run out of conditioner. So, I save money by not buying shaving cream and instead shave with conditioner. It works just as well and leaves your skin feeling extra soft. Plus, there are always great ways to save on conditioner thanks to coupons and sales! Get the current coupon deals emailed to you by signing up for the Money-Saving Newsletter.

6. Clean With Vinegar


Instead of buying a bunch of different cleaners to use around the house, I like to keep a large container of vinegar around. It’s inexpensive and multi-purpose. There are endless ways to use it, read all about it here.

7. Don’t Pay for Food Storage

food storage

Avoid buying plastic storage containers by saving the containers you buy from the store. Margarine & sour cream containers are great to wash and reuse. The assortment you collect make look a little funny, but think of all the money you’ll save on food storage. The lids always ends up disappearing anyway!


How many of these money saving tactics are you already using? Share your favorite way to save money in the comments below!

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