Acorns Sign Up Bonus + No Monthly Fee for Students!

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Score an easy 5 bucks with the Acorns sign up bonus, and get a head start on investing!

Acorns $5 Sign Up Bonus + No Monthly Fee for Students

Acorns Sign Up Bonus

Have you heard of the Acorns App? 

It’s an app that lets you invest your spare change! It connects to your bank account and will invest the leftover change (rounding up to the nearest dollar) from your everyday purchases.


That’s just an option in the app! A handy one at that, as it’s just small bits of change you might otherwise not miss. 

However, you can turn that feature off if you prefer to invest by making one time or reoccurring deposits.

Either way:

It’s a great way to start investing as a college student, which of course is better to start doing earlier rather than later.

It doesn’t require much to get started, as you can just start with your spare change!

And note that:

Acorns accounts can be accessed in the app (available for iOs and Andriod) or in a browser. 

How to Get the $5 Sign Up Bonus

And, even better:

Acorns is offering a $5 sign up bonus for new users! 


Normally Acorns has a monthly fee of $1, but college students can invest for FREE!

To get the $5 bonus, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for Acorns with this link or create an account using promo code: SRBG2R
  • Link up a funding bank account.
  • Answer some questions & Acorns will set up a portfolio for you. (Which you can change at any time)
  • You will receive the $5 bonus after you’ve added at least $5 to your account!

Pretty simple to do!

Also, you’ll LOVE this…

If you refer 12 friends to sign by 1/13/19 you’ll score a $1,000 bonus! How cool is that?


What do you think of investing with Acorns?

Have you tried it before?

Let me know your thoughts in a comment!

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