3 college girls in white shirts with pink Barbie logos

Barbie Halloween Costumes: 12 Fantastic Ideas for College (You Can Easily DIY)

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Different Types of Adult Barbie to Dress Up As for Halloween

three college girls wearing pink shorts and matching Barbie shirts for Halloween costumes

Trying to find the best Barbie Halloween costumes this year?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Barbie Halloween costume for college shenanigans or an adult Barbie costume for a fun theme party – you’re in the right place!

Down below you’ll find 12 different Barbie costumes to inspire you. These honestly iconic ideas are apt for parties and better yet, they’re easy to copy too!

The Best Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas

college girl dressed as Barbie for Halloween in black leotard and pink tights
Via VSCO @georgenalisa

It’s a Barbie world – leg warmers, boombox, and all!

With so many outfits and versions over the years, it’s fun to mix and match your favorite styles to create your own unique spin on a Barbie costume.

group of college girls wearing matching Barbie halloween costumes
Via Instagram @katieg.nelson

Have plans for a group costume?

Try out this winning idea with matching tops, leggings, and pink accessories!

If you and your friends already have white tops handy iron on logos are the way to go. Your group costume will still be matchy matchy and you can pull it off at the last minute.

female college student wearing white top with the word "Barbie" and bright pink shorts
Via Instagram @gracecarrrr

As shown above, a Barbie costume can be extremely budget-friendly when you’re working with clothes you already own. Heat transfer vinyl is your DIY BFF!

college Barbie Halloween costume idea
Via Instagram @_abbyjohnson__

Matching bright pink lipstick will make your Halloween costume really POP.💋

I love the denim jacket here too–it really compliments the whole look!

pair of college girls in black, Barbie leotards for Halloween looking down at fake blood on floor
Via Instagram @stoolmerrimack

For the more macabre, a little fake blood can give the typical costume a spooky twist.

Are you serial killer Barbie, did you murder Ken, or maybe you’re from an alternate universe? There are so many ways to spin this take.

example of college girl Barbie Halloween costume idea
Via Instagram @sammdoll

“High maintenance” is a great way to make a woman who puts tons of effort into her own life sound like a burden on a man.💅

I don’t know about you, but I’m LIVING for this faux-fur-trimmed look!

girl in college dressed in pink as Barbie for Halloween
Via Instagram @styledbymckenz

This Kent State University girl made her fabulous outfit with a printed out Barbie logo. It’s easy to DIY and a smart way to save money at the same time.

Writing “Made in China” on her arm is creative and makes the Halloween costume all that more authentic.

Couples Costumes

college couple dressed fitness barbie and ken doll
Via Instagram @dylan__watson

A Toy Story inspired Barbie and Ken doll couples costume done right! 

Now’s your chance to play house IRL. 😉

college couple dressed up for Halloween as vacation Barbie and Ken
Via Pinterest @theadventurebabe

Vacation Barbie and Ken is the perfect Halloween costume idea for couples who love to travel and are always thinking about their next getaway. Get ready to break out the leis and your favorite Hawaiian shirt. 🤙😎

The name tags are such a great touch and really complete the whole look!

college girl dressed in pink barbie leotard and college guy dressed as superman
Via VSCO @madisonuzwy

If your college boyfriend doesn’t feel like Ken is his thing, Clark Kent is another great option!

Or perhaps he’ll like another superhero better…maybe Aquaman, Batman, or Deadpool?

smiling college girl in Barbie costume with boyfriend
Via Instagram @addieepaige

And of course, you can freestyle a couples costume however you want!

If you have a long, fun-filled evening planned you may be more comfortable with this cute outfit pairing. While I love the look of one piece costumes, basically getting naked every time I have to pee is a definite bummer.

Conclusions on different college Barbie Halloween costumes

So that wraps up this post with 12 types of Barbie Halloween costume ideas that are the perfect blend of cute and hot. Which makes them ideal for Halloweekend festivities at college and beyond!

Which of one did you like best?

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Barbie Halloween Costume College Ideas

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