Best Duo Costumes for Guys: 13 Funny AF Ideas for Halloween

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Two Guys Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Perfect for You & Your Partner in Crime

pair of dudes dressed as ghost for a fun Halloween night

Dressing up with a best friend or partner on Halloween is always a blast, but it’s even more fun when two dudes come together to create one hilariously epic team outfit.

If you want to go with a matching duo costume everyone will get a kick out of, we have a few particularly funny ideas for you. Here are 13 of the best duo costumes for guys to wear with their best friend on Halloween.

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Best Duo Costumes for Guys

Iconic Dynamic Duo Costumes for Friends & Couples

1. Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

two guys at gas pump dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle boy for Halloween
📷 BoootyBoyy / reddit

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Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy can only be described as the most iconic superhero duo in the sea. Patrolling the streets of Bikini Bottom in the Invisible Boatmobile and springing into action whenever there’s evil afoot, they’re the perfect pair of semi-retired friends.

The context makes for some hilarious photo opportunities like shown above!

And the best part of this costume is that it’s easy to put together fast when you’re short on time. All you need is an orange t-shirt, a red t-shirt, black shorts, green tights, heat transfer seashell bra (or hand painted), and kitchen gloves! You can iron out the rest of the details with a little creativity.

2. Chazz Michael Michaels & Jimmy MacElroy

two guys in Blades of Glory Halloween costumes
📷 sjbarracuda / twitter

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While Will Ferrell has no shortage of high-profile comedic film pairings, this Blades of Glory costume idea takes the gold for Halloween.

Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy put the BONE in Zamboni. Fierce rivals and begrudging figure skating partners, the awkward chemistry you can channel is a delight for all.

If you can dream it, you can do it! So grab a couple of sparkly bodysuits, some skates, and don’t forget to recreate some of the hilarious moments from on set.

3. Forrest Gump & Lieutenant Dan

men wearing Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan duo costume for Halloween
📷 Polana01 / reddit

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Based on a novel, Forrest Gump is one of the most loved films ever made. The interactions between Forrest and his life-long friend Lt. Dan are some of the most memorable. One of them has a glass half full outlook on life while the other is a glass half empty type.

All in all, it’s a classic costume idea for two guys. Just be sure to go out for ice cream, it’s Lt. Dan’s favorite!

4. Ted Lasso & Coach Beard

one man dressed as Ted Lasso, man on right dressed as Coach Beard for Halloween
📷 ngandt / reddit

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Earning rave reviews, Apple TV’s comedy Ted Lasso was a huge hit with viewers. And as such, Ted Lasso and his good friend Coach Beard are sure to be some of the most popular duo Halloween costumes for guys.

This idea is definitely a shoo-in for guys with beards and existing facial hair! It’s an easy outfit to put together (not to mention, comfy to wear) and you’ll have plenty of fun reminding people to “be a goldfish” all night long. 🏆🐟

5. Jules & Vincent

Pulp Fiction scene on left compared to guys matching duo costume on right
📷 InternationaIHov / reddit

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Effort level? Minimum.

Impact and social clout? MAXIMUM.

It’s no secret Pulp Fiction is more than a cult classic. Die-hard Tarantino fans goes as far to call it the best movie ever. While that’s a matter of personal taste, these two guys Halloween costume is certainly unmistakable.

Plus, does it get any cooler than dressing up as a Samuel L. Jackson character for Halloween? I think motherf****** not.

6. Turk & J.D.

pair of guys in Halloween costumes imitating scene from Scrubs TV show
📷 BobTheAutomator / reddit

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With too many funny best friend moments to count, J.D. and Turk’s friendship is stamped in the memory of many. Depicted as flawed and highly relatable, the connection they shared on the show Scrubs was palpable. It’s guy love between two guys.

This idea is perfect for men who share a mutual bromance and aren’t shy about. What’s more, this costume outfit is more than easy to pull off. Piggyback rides anyone?

7. Bedsheet Ghosts With Sunglasses

two guy best friends dressed in white bed sheets to look like ghosts for Halloween while also wearing camo hats and waders
📷 hogislandoysterco / instagram
funny group of male friends dressed up as matching ghosts for Halloween in colorful bed sheets with sun glasses
📷 saacrazyyt / instagram

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The ghost trend on social media has revitalized the most classic Halloween costume of all—bedsheet ghosts. Because hey, you’re never too old to catch the spirit with your boo crew.

The best duo costumes for guys are open-ended and that’s why bedsheet ghost costumes are so great. This idea leaves room for you and your best bud (or the whole guy group) to come up with your own interpretation. Will you stick with the tried-and-true white sheet ghost costume, or does your taste in style demand a more eye-catching pattern?

Consider accessorizing with items that enhance your backstory. Pickleball paddles, fishing nets, scuba gear—what unfortunate circumstances lead to these BFFs crossing over to the afterlife? You and your compadre can be as funny as you want with this highly DIY-able pair costume.

VIDEO: How to Make a Ghost Costume

Making a funny bedsheet ghost costume is as simple as cutting some eye holes in a flat sheet. (use at least a full size sheet or 2.5 yards of fabric)

And if you plan on wearing sunglasses, that’s honestly all you need to do. It’s a super low effort idea that’s perfect for dudes who leave things to the last minute.

However, if you want to step up your homemade Halloween costume game it’s extremely easy to do so. The video above 👆 will show you how to add mesh over the eyeholes and make it all that much more profesh.

8. Lloyd Christmas & Harry Dunne

two guys on scooter in Dumb & Dumber Halloween costumes
📷 Zondor1256 / reddit

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Nothing is better than peak Jim Carrey, and Dumb and Dumber in some of his finest work. With so many quotable lines dripping with slapstick humor, this idea is easily one of the best dynamic duo costume ideas for guys.

The dapper AF tuxedo choice is a distinctive reference that will earn you an abundance of turned heads. Go hang out by the bar with your bestie, pull out the vibe, and soak it all in.

Favorite Funny Duo Costumes

9. Birds of War

guys wearing camo shorts, eagle hats, and feathers on arms during Halloween in reference to birds of war from it's always sunny in Philadelphia
📷 brivera / reddit

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Stomp, clap, stomp stomp, clap. Don’t say it, just do it!

The wings let you know they’re eagles, the abs let you know they’re men. For fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Gang Wrestles for the Troops is a particularly noteworthy episode. Funny doesn’t even begin to cover it.

If you dress up as birds of war for Halloween, nobody will mess with your eggs, that’s a guarantee. It’s an ideal duo or trio costume for men of all kinds.

10. Damian & Janis

two guys wearing Mean Girls Halloween costumes
📷 aaronthewolfe / instagram

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Debuting in 2004, Mean Girls has since become woven into the fabric of our society. The cultural references and memes are nearly inescapable even to this day. And while Cady was the main protagonist, the movie just wouldn’t be the same without Janis and Damian.

This male duo Halloween costume idea is a uniquely funny nod to the teen comedy film we all hold so dear in our hearts. So when someone asks you what your wig is made of, you know what to fire back with – “your mom’s chest hair!”


duo costume idea for two guys
📷 idklolwat / reddit

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Proclaimed by GQ as one of TV’s greatest comedies, Halloween costumes based on Bob’s Burgers are sure to be a hit. Tina and her endearingly awkward sensibilities are an obvious choice.

However as far as duo costumes go, this Bob and Gene as Beefsquatch idea most definitely slaps. Bonus points if you can procure a megaphone to go along with the ensemble. Now all there’s left to do is channel the middle child energy and you and your pal will be going places.

12. Princess Leia & Jabba the Hutt

funny Star wars duo costume idea
📷 dillwillhill / reddit

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The Star Wars universe is expanding all the time. But who could forget the defining moment in the saga where Princess Leia was captured by the slug-like Jabba and the reveal of her infamous gold bikini?

You don’t need to be a science fiction enthusiast to recognize the reference. Don’t let gender norms define you, this is a downright hilarious best friend Halloween costume for 2 guys. Not to mention, hot.

Everyone will appreciate the humor, and hey, one of you gets to live out a lifelong dream of being a princess. Win-win.

13. Aladdin & His Magic Carpet

Disney-themed duo Halloween costume for guys
📷 chickscandrive / reddit

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Though if you want to go the prince route instead of princess, this next idea is a slam dunk. Creative is an understatement. It’s so obvious, but at the same time, not?

Whatever your perspective, as far as diy costumes go – this one rocks. Dressing up as Aladdin and his magic carpet will open up your eyes to a whole new world of Halloween fun. Everyone at the Halloween party will be impressed that’s for sure!

Conclusions on male duo Halloween costumes

So that wraps up this post with the best two guys Halloween costume ideas that are funny and not too terribly difficult to put together. I hope this helps make your October all the more fun!

Which pairing did you like best? Got a better idea you want to share? Drop a comment below to let us know!

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Duo Halloween Costumes for Guys

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