graduation caps decorated with funny Spongebob Squarepants quotes

61 Funny Spongebob Graduation Caps That Are 110% Relatable

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Spongebob Grad Cap Ideas

happy college grad holding her spongebob themed graduation cap
via Twenty20/@darinrmcclure

Graduation season is nearly upon us. Which means that it’s time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your cap.

From high school to college to grad school, one thing’s for sure: Spongebob graduation quotes are always pertinent.

So here are some of the best Spongebob graduation caps we found online. 

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57 Spongebob Graduation Caps

Tons of hilarious ideas to inspire your own Spongebob grad cap design.

Ight imma head out

spongebob wearing grad cap and gown ight imma head decoration
Credit: Twitter/@love__spongebob

The details on this cap are next level! The graduation robes are a nice touch.

ight imma head out graduation cap design
Credit: Instagram/@bisforbawsy

I love how Spongebob has his own little hat tassel on this one, too.

ight imma graduate grad cap idea
Credit: Twitter/@jaesleazy_

Instead of ight imma head out, you could do ight imma graduate. The colors really POP on this design.

example of graduation cap decoration with ight imma graduate
Credit: reddit/@Squircle_

The path to a degree is long one. Spongebob’s eyes capture how beat you feel by the end of it.


Ravioli ravioli give me the diplomioli

spongebob graduation quote cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@joannav502

Rhymes on grad caps are where it’s at!

ravioli ravioli give me the diplomioli graduation cap
Credit: reddit/@coleworlddbr

I like how each of these ravioli ravioli give me the diplomioli grad caps are a little different. Notice how the expressions of Spongebob and Robot Krabs change.

spongebob graduation cap idea example
Credit: Twitter/@queenjordan94

You don’t even need to include Robot Krabs if you don’t want to.

graduation cap design with ravioli ravioli give me the diplomioli
Credit: Twitter/@denbron18

This graduate added a hat to give Spongebob school spirit.


Can I be excused for the rest of my life?

can i be excused for the rest of my life graduation cap
Credit: reddit/@piratekittens

The tie-tye background gives this design a unique look.

spongebob grad cap decoration that reads, "can I be excused for the rest of my life?"
Credit: Instagram/@hashtagval

College in one sentence.

funny spongebob quote on graduation cap
Credit: Twitter/@deemalaree

The perfect quote for when you were ready to be done as soon as you started.

spongebob decorated graduation cap topper
Credit: Instagram/@kmarsh54

I love the Spongebob she choose!


Goodbye everyone. I’ll remember you all in therapy

grad cap that reads "goodbye everyone. I'll remember you in therapy"
Credit: Twitter/@ohhalioness

You can make a great design just by cutting and pasting. For example, this one!

goodbye everyone. I'll remember you therapy graduation cap plankton quote decoration
Credit: Twitter/@Soitshaley

If paint and glitter glue is your thing, you might try copying this idea.


What I learned in boating school is?!

what i learned in boating school is grad cap reference to spongebob
Credit: Twitter/@lyndseeynewton

After graduation is when the imposter syndrome really hits.

what i learned in nursing school is?! spongebob graduation cap idea
Credit: Instagram/@emsgemscreations

Boating school can always be replaced with your major!


Time Cards

1339 days later spongebob graduation cap example
Credit: Twitter/@Nancygodinez_

Because finishing college feels like an eternity.

funny $33,000 later spongebob grad cap design
Credit: Twitter/@LiveForLex_

And it isn’t cheap…

2000 beers later grad cap design with patrick and spongebob
Credit: reddit/@UltraSpoopy

An accurate depiction of your college years.

Not sure what decorating supplies to get? This is my top choice for what glue to use on a graduation cap and this is the best brand of paint for fabric. See all my other recommendations here.

graduation cap decorated with "thousands of tears later" spongebob reference
Credit: Twitter/@corbyhayley

Diplomas are earned with blood, sweat, and tears.

one eternity later graduation hat idea
Credit: Twitter/@pooolema

There were too many amazing time card cap toppers. I couldn’t choose just one, or two, or three…

5 years later spongebob inspired grad cap decoration
Credit: Instagram/

Spongebob may be weary, but this design is something I’ll never get tired of looking at.

graduation cap with spongebob squarepants tv show reference
Credit: Twitter/@theresa_cas

“Graduating as a super senior like”


Sweet, sweet victory

spongebob singing and it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory on graduation cap
Credit: Twitter/@vmwartwork

Still waiting for the day this song is played at the Super Bowl.


Victory screech!

victory screech grad cap design
Credit: reddit/@whats_it_such

A victory screech is an appropriate response to graduating.

spongebob tongue out pose - victory! graduation hat
Credit: reddit/@asianashsmash

Your big day deserves nothing less, so don’t hold back.


Me hoy minoy

spongebob me hoy minoy reference painted graduation cap
Credit: Twitter/@Call_me_joe4

A graduation cap decoration is your chance to memorialize your favorite episode.

can I quote you on that? doodlebob grad cap idea
Credit: Instagram/@mcabillo_

TBH, Doodlebob was kind of a frightening character when I was a child.


Spongebob graduation meme

what are you doing after graduation? mocking spongebob grad cap
Credit: Instagram/@alysecreations

This cap decoration flawlessly combines funny with pretty.

what are you doing after graduation decorated cap idea
Credit: reddit/@MightyMexiFry

And here is the low-effort approach that still completely nails it.


what do you mean 4 more years? spongebob graduation meme cap
Credit: Instagram/@nicolettestouch

Those of you who are heading to grad school can appreciate this Spongebob graduation meme.

spongebob squarepants holding diploma grad cap design
Credit: Twitter/@Karime835

Don’t forget to wear coral blue #2 semi gloss lipstick on your big day.

spongebob graduation meme design idea
Credit: reddit/@Trundle_KelIy

We’re all just making it up as we go along.


Other Spongebob graduation quotes

finally chocolate! grad cap decoration idea
Credit: Instagram/@simplieserendipity

This is my favorite Spongebob graduation cap, yet!

graduation rainbow spongebob squarepants grad cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@brendaaabutton

With imagination graduation, you can be anything you want.

I'm ready spongebob's face on graduation cap topper
Credit: Twitter/@djdeatley

I can practically hear Spongebob’s voice just from reading, “I’m ready!”.

planton grad cap design "I went to college"
Credit: Twitter/@litaisfearless

This Plankton quote doesn’t beat around the bush.

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funny spongebob graduation quote on grad hat
Credit: Twitter/@KarlieVilna

“Paying homage to an icon.” @KarlieVilna

food, water, a well-paying job spongebob inspired grad cap
Credit: reddit/@buffalo32

Can’t forget the atmosphere. 

this diploma is so coral graduation cap topper
Credit: Twitter/@kaylakoalas

No one says cool anymore.

the conch has spoken reference grad cap design
Credit: Twitter/@kam_taylorr

The conch has spoken ~

example of grad cap decoration idea
Credit: Twitter/@staziz1234

When you’re not *quite* finished with going to school.

fancy the grad cap decoration idea
Credit: Twitter/@ayeebreezus

This grad cap is truly a work of art.

grad with picture of scene from Spongebob where soup spells "get a job"
Credit: reddit/@Phantomisc

When I need a job done, I get someone with a job to do that job!


Squidward inspired

squidward saying "fuuuture" graduation cap decoration idea
Credit: Twitter/@daisease

Graduating can feel pretty surreal.

have you finished with that bachelor's degree? cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@jacq_dullea

That shade of blue and pink look beautiful together on this mortarboard.

I really wish I weren't here right now squidward graduation cap quote
Credit: Instagram/@vmwartwork

A graduation cap idea that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Squidward.

firmly grasp it decorated grad cap
Credit: Twitter/@KreherNicole

Make sure you get a firm grip on your diploma.


Patrick graduation caps

open mouth patrick star grad cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@megan_pena

An accurate representation of what it feels like to finally get your degree.

evil patrick "when you use quizlet to pass all your classes" grad cap design
Credit: Twitter/@andres_ar15

Quizlet has helped many a student survive school. Credit where credit is due.

example of funny spongebob themed graduation cap idea
Credit: Twitter/@kathylaaai

No! This is Patrick! is always a classic way to decorate your cap.

no this is patrick graduation cap
Credit: Twitter/@slayxmaya

I like how there’s a little diploma pasted over the phone on this one.

"Now what?" Patrick star grad cap decoration
Credit: reddit/@itsNOSAJ

Good question. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer.

associate degree in wumbology graduation hat decoration
Credit: Twitter/@puremagecosplay

I was disappointed my college didn’t offer any Wumbology classes.

"the higher you hold it the fancier you are" grad cap design
Credit: Twitter/@cassiebreannad

Remember: when in doubt, pinky out!

When in doubt... Pink out! Patrick Star graduation cap design
Credit: Pinterest/@liliannvizcaino1

Now that’s fancy.

may I take your cap sir? patrick squidward grad cap design
Credit: Twitter/@ShantPiramzyan

“I’ve peaked.”

firmly grasp it! spongebob graduation quote design
Credit: Instagram/@cloudy_jpg

Here’s another firmly grasp it graduation cap, this time feat. Patrick.

don't you have somewhere else to be? spongebob quote on grad cap
Credit: Twitter/@_laurennn015

I love how there’s an endless supply of Spongebob references that are perfect for graduation.

who you callin' graduate?? Pinhead Patrick grad hat idea
Credit: reddit/@austerbear


grad cap with gasping patrick star and "5 years later..."
Credit: Instagram/@sarah.wolff25

Keep in mind that you can merge any of these Spongebob inspired ideas. Like this cool design did!


How to Decorate Your Graduation Cap

Planning on making your own DIY Spongebob graduation cap? Check out this video for helpful painting tips.

YouTube video


Spongebob stickers for your grad cap:

Recommended decorating supplies:


Concluding thoughts on Spongebob graduation cap ideas

I hope you enjoyed those graduation cap ideas Spongebob would be proud of. Let us know which one was your favorite!  


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