This Free Bill Tracker Template Will Literally Change Your Life

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Grab my bill tracker template as a free printable in this post! It’s a great way to remind yourself of upcoming monthly due dates for the whole year.

bill tracker template on white background

There are times in my life when I meant to pay a bill on time but on the day it was due, it just slipped my mind.


In the past, I have simply forgotten about a bill that was on autopay and had my checking account overdrawn.

It wasn’t like I didn’t have the money to pay it – I just hadn’t moved the money over from my savings account yet.

And that is a pricey oops mistake to make with how much overdraft fees can cost!

Not to mention:

It doesn’t take many missed credit card or loan payments to do a number on your credit score.


If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, overdraft and late fees can be a BIG thorn in your side. Which isn’t an uncommon way to live in America, particularly when you’re younger.

On the bright side…

These occasional, yet annoying financial hiccups motivated me to use a better system for keeping track of my bills and their due dates.

That’s why:

I created a bill spreadsheet!

My Bill Tracker Template

monthly bills template

My bill tracker template is simple, yet effective.

It’s also easy to use. I only have to set it up once a year!


If a new bill crops up, it just takes a second to add in a reminder for it.

It didn’t even take me very long to design it – I don’t know why I didn’t start using a system like this sooner!

I really like how the template came out and I think the scripty font gives it a bit of a feminine touch.

free printable bills spreadsheet

The monthly bills template has a column for:

  • The name of the each bill
  • The due date for each bill
  • and the amount of each bill

Plus, on the right, there is a box for each month of the year. The intention is for each monthly box to be filled after the respective bill has been paid for.

An X or a checkmark is a suitable way to indicate a bill has been taken care, but I like to color in each square.

This gives the bill spreadsheet a nice pop of color and even helps it stand out more wherever it’s kept.

In my home:

I like to keep my monthly bills template on the side of the fridge, as it reinforces the memory pathways in my mind for when the next upcoming bill is.

I know my forgetful brain needs all the reminders it can get!

free printable bill tracker template

If you like the bill spreadsheet I made, it’s FREE for you to download, print and use.

Just follow the instructions below to get it for yourself right away!


You’ll also receive access to 25+ other printables I’ve created – like the popular Monthly Budget Template.

bill tracker template free printable

How to Get the Bill Spreadsheet for Free!

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Use my bill tracker template to say goodbye to paying overdraft and late fees. The spreadsheet helps you keep track of monthly bill due dates. Download the printable for free today by clicking through! #billtracker #printable #printables #freebies #frugal #budget #budgeting #college #collegelife #organization

Paying late fees is the worst when a due date for a bill passes just because you forgot! Fix that problem by using my FREE printable bill tracker spreadsheet! You'll never miss a monthly bill again with it! #billtracker #printable #printables #freebies #frugal #budget #budgeting #college #collegelife #organization Was this bill tracker template useful for you?

Do you have any ideas for what type of free printable I should make next?

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