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Book Launch + $500 College Bundle Giveaway

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The previous year was full of surprises and in an interesting turn of events I was offered, well, the opportunity of a lifetime!

So without further ado, let me share the project I’ve been working on (and keeping under wraps) since last summer…

Introducing my first book – 175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College, now available for preorder here.

white book cover with bright colored hand drawn graphicsInstead of pressuring you to try to “do it all,” this book helps you figure out what parts of the college experience are most important to you and how to make them happen.

Inside are 175+ unique activity ideas, plus journaling space to create your very own college bucket list.

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Now I’m not gonna lie here:

Being able to say, “I wrote a book,” feels unreal. Not to mention – it won’t be long until I can describe myself as a “published author”. The book is officially out on April 6th. 😳

And, as a side note…

I’m offering free gifts to anyone who preorders! 

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As a huge thank you for the support, I’ll send you a surprise magnetic houseplant bookmark and a mini magnet. 

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Simply send me an email with proof of preorder purchase to claim your cute freebies! See more details here.

Writing a book always seemed like it might be fun to do, but I never imagined myself actually doing it. But life is wild and somehow I did (with a lot of help)!

I’m truly thankful for the good fortune I’ve had to work with Adams Media, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, to publish this book.

And to celebrate the launch of my book I’m hosting a giveaway with bundle of favorite “must-have” college student items!

shown in picture are the items being offered in the giveaway
1. Lapdesk 2. Instax Mini Link smartphone printer 3. The Ultimate Student Planner by ClassTracker 4. Hydro Flask water bottle 5. HD Webcam with microphone 6. Memory Foam Backrest Pillow 7. Mink to Microfiber Weighted Blanket 8. Starbucks Via instant beverages

Pictured above are all the goodies up for grabs which will go to one lucky winner.

Enter to win by using the form below. The giveaway ends at 11:45pm PST on March 25th. Good luck!! 🤞

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  1. Every college student should take as many pictures as possible. You’ll want to look back on those when you’re older.

  2. I think every student should try to travel to a difference location, be that out of the country or simply a different state!

  3. A lot of others have said it, but I agree that if you can, you should study abroad at least part of the time in college, or do a Semester at Sea experience. There’s nothing like it to broaden your horizons and help you understand that the world’s both a big and small place.

  4. I believe every college student should study abroad or at least take an extended backpacking or other type extended trip to another country. I also think they should get involved in local community groups and not just treat the city they’re studying in as a means to an end.

    1. I love the college printables! I just wished I found them earlier to keep myself waaay organized!

  5. Keep a journal – something to look back at and see where we went right and where we went – well, you know

  6. Every college student should take the time to learn about foreign people and cultures through academic experiences, extracurricular, or socializing. We all have a responsibility to be aware of those who are different from us and college can be one of the most powerful places to do this.

  7. I think it’d be fun to try to go to at least one game for every sports team (not just football)!

  8. I think one experience that should be on every student’s bucket list is to study abroad. I only wish I had gotten the chance to do it when I was in college.

  9. Try to volunteer around the country or world! The experience of helping others and traveling to a new place is amazing

  10. Spend a weekend with the family of another student who is from a different background than you.

  11. Every college student should wait tables at least once in their life. Not only is the money decent & it is flexible but it will ensure that you always value & appreciate waitstaff.

  12. Start with a clean slate (leave HS baggage behind). Make new friends. Expand your horizons. Challenge yourself. But remember, you’re there to learn. Think of good grades are performance bonuses (that thinking will help you in the business world). Very important – keep your head on straight and don’t do anything stupid that will have lifelong repercussions or anything that you wouldn’t be proud to tell your parents or Pastor.

  13. I think studying abroad is something every college student should try to do! It’s an invaluable experience and teaches you so much about life. 🙂

  14. Explore and familiarize yourself with things outside of campus. Meeting locals, and getting the full experience inside and outside school grounds is for sure worth the memories.

  15. Every college student should have the opportunity of participating in some sort of a club, especially as a freshman to help you meet others.

  16. Carve out some time to volunteer with any organization you feel passionate about. Every college student should do this in order to get out of your own head, to get a break and to see things from a different perspective.

  17. Get to know some connections such as your librarian, counselors, and teachers. They WILL help guide you into what is the best job or university to get into that fits perfectly into what your career is. Also, don’t spend all your scholarship money because you WILL need it for later when desperate times occur.

  18. Every college student needs to know all the best local places by campus to take visiting family and friends too!

  19. Make emotional health number one, don’t be a loner, get out and meet new friends as they will become your away from home support, don’t stress, you got this.

  20. Time Management is a life saves especially to help balance work/freetime

    Also stay hydrated!

  21. I think it’s very important to have mental peace! And for that we as students have to organise certain events, college work and earning in a way that it doesn’t drain us! So we got to even spend some time for ourselves!

  22. Explore the local area, you never know you might go back to your old college town years later for vacation!

  23. My biggest student bucket list is probably learn to get organize quickly. Took me a year or two to figure out my way of not forgetting assignment or homework. Paying for the right planner is important, and after you find the right one, don’t change 🙂

  24. Definitely take care of your mental health! College can be stressful and it would only be worse if you don’t have yourself together. Remember to have fun but to also take care of yourself. You should be your #1 priority always.

  25. Create at least 1 novel while in college. Learning how to develop good writing skills improves self-esteem, learn how to create works that will help you throughout college. Working on a short story is a start. All that writing is what you will use during college and beyond.

  26. Join a few clubs and make new friends or take advantage of free shop classes to learn cool stuff.

  27. Take regular walks around campus in random directions! Just walk! You’ll find really cool places this way. Also try something new every week if you can! (especially food…!)

  28. Check out the area/region your college is in – get out side and find out what is unique about your community!

  29. Volunteer — give back to their community and see that be giving they are getting someting invaluable, i.e., senior home, speaking to groups about their life experiences, Habitat for Humanity — too many ideas to list them all for volunteer. My son (adult) chose to go to Senior Home and be their Bingo Caller, his 14 year old daughter chose to go with him and she found that she never wanted to miss a session to be around folks.

  30. Finding myself and my friend group has really helped me in college. It has made my experience so much fun and less stressful!

  31. Every college student should work at a pumpkin patch or at a farm for a couple months! The experience is fun and helps you learn so many important skills.

  32. I think one activity that should be on your college experience bucket list is SELF CARE! Do not forget to take care of yourself, college can be stressful but it can also be fun. So HAVE FUN! 🙂

  33. I think everyone should attend at least one frat party! Even if you aren’t into them, just go because it’s college !

  34. One of the things I believe a college student should experience is going on a trip with their friends. Like a road trip to a nice place like California just to slack off and have fun as a break from all the assignments.

  35. One of the best activities on your bucket list will be finding yourself. Building on your strengths and talents and accepting your weaknesses and trying to work round them. In short, becoming a better version of yourself and understanding you better. This will help you in the long run to become your own person and not follow crowds or live in someone else’s lifestyle. ♡

  36. Have a meeting with the immediate family and agree on the new life terms, including calls, allowance, visits, etc.

  37. I think self-care is extremely important in college but is definitely something many hardworking students tend to brush off. I highly recommend taking breaks once in a while to avoid burnout. Do something for yourself and try not to let stress overcome you!

  38. Every college student should definitely pull an all-nighter with a couple of friends, imagine all the things that would go down😂 it’d definitely be a time to remember

  39. I think that at least once a week or so you should cook on your own. Becasue when we leave and have to live on our own without a cafeteria to go to, knowing how to cook a couple of things is good to be able to know.

  40. Join clubs! It helps you meet new people and make new friends, while exploring a field that you are interested in! Highly recommend!!

  41. I think every college student should experience independence in college and time away from family to grow as person and meet new people outside your comfort zone

  42. I think every college student should take some time there freshman year to educate themselves on financially literacy and experience studying abroad and getting to know new people.

  43. Spend time with friends when you can, as much as possible, this time won’t be around forever.

  44. Every college student should at least dress up once and do a random photo shoot with their friends

  45. I think every college student should take some time there freshman year to educate themselves on financially literacy and how to be on the way to financial freedom while still attending college.

  46. I think every college student should take some time there freshman year to educate themselves on financially literacy and how to be on the way to financial freedom while still attending college.

  47. I think every college student should take a road trip for a day by themselves. Anywhere they want. But with the purpose to be alone

  48. I think that a road trip tour of the US should be on every college student’s bucket list.

  49. I highly suggest going on an affordable trip with friends to a foreign country, preferably a country with poverty or needs not typically seen here in the US. Experiencing such adventures will build memories for a lifetime and create a new understanding of the world from a fresh perspective. This will help build curiosity, empathy and fun!

  50. Taking at least one psychology, sociology, and/or philosophy class. Taking these classes allowed me to understand the world a little bit more.

  51. Sit in the middle of campus and PEOPLE WATCH for at least an hour. Feel the sunshine on your face, just unwind and recharge for a bit. It’s a great stress relief, and you can see some very interesting things…

  52. I think all college students should take the opportunity to study abroad in a country they have always wanted to visit.

  53. I think every college student should have a study abroad experience on their bucket list.

  54. I think students should definitely take a weekend road trip before graduating! Road trips are such amazing memory making opportunities 🙂

  55. An early morning sunrise with friends on the prettiest spot on campus! Nothing starts the day off better than an amazing view next to the people you care most about (and maybe some coffee).

  56. One experience that should be on every college bucket list is definitely taking a moment to sit in the center of it all and remember that you are real. It’s all real. Time is passing and this is your life. You’re truly living.

  57. Every student should learn about their college’s lore and history. You can learn about this by looking it up on your college website. And by going on a guided tour around campus for an immersive experience. (:

  58. Well every person should go to their Collage/University. I haven’t got a chance to go on campus because Covid.(minus the open house)

  59. I think every college student needs a good planner. It helps you organize your crazy life, and if you have a cute one, it will motivate you to use it. It also helps you prioritize your activities and work!

    1. Every college student should join a fun club that they are interested in to experience new things and make some new friends.

  60. Meet as many new people as possible! Surround yourself with people who will bring out the best in you!

  61. taking a big deep breath !
    one thing collage can be is overwhelming
    yoga and meditation can help and
    learning to breath !

  62. Balance academics and your personal life. Take time to relax and unwind. Get to know people and the area. Establish a study schedule, but be aware of burnout.

  63. I’m trying to dorm with my best friend, which I assume will be a ton of fun. That was a major make it break for my dorming experience this year and I feel like if you have the chance to, you should def try.

  64. Join a club or student group, and check out local shops! Many local shops, especially in college towns, will have student discounts.

  65. Find a cafe to meet with friends! My friends and I met at a boba shop every Friday and we made so many amazing memories

  66. I agree with many of the above comments – volunteering with the community should be a mandatory part of earning your degree. You learn so much more from those personal experiences than you will from a text book or sitting in a classroom.

  67. Just relish these moments. Life isn’t going to be in this sweet spot of freedom and responsibility for long

  68. I think every college student should try volunteering to help people in need and put things in perspective. As fun as college and parties are, it’s important to help make a difference as well.

  69. Self Care is essential. Take time during studies to plan some healthy meals (you can splurge every so often). Develop a fitness routine. Eating right and physical activity will help your energy and endurance!

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