47 Fantastic Box of Sunshine Ideas for Spreading Happiness

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Sunshine Box Ideas for Care Packages

pink roses and cherries on a happy yellow background

A box of sunshine is a thoughtful care package that typically includes only gifts that are yellow.

And, it’s perfect for lots of occasions!

A little themed box works like magic for cheering up low spirits and for sending well wishes to the sick. It’s a happy surprise when sent for a birthday or even just because.

In a nutshell:

It’s happy mail!

The goal is to simply make someone’s day. Whether it’s going to your mom, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend – a box of sunshine is sure to make a splash.

In today’s post, I have tons of great ideas to help you figure out what to put in your own unique care package.

47 Box of Sunshine Ideas

1) For the Gluten-Free Friend

care package filled with yellow gifts
Via Instagram @fathersworkshop

The saying that goes with this box is a cute way to add an extra touch.

2) Happy Snacks

yellow box with words "box of sunshine"
Via Instagram @theconfectionerynigeria

Let your creativity run wild when you’re decorating! The flaps with 6 things we miss about you are a genius idea.

3) Buzzin’ On By

cheerful gift basket with lots of yellow candies and a card
Via Instagram @eelizabethp

You’ll see that bees are always cute enough to include.

4) Sending You Some Sunshine ☀️

package with yellow thing that say sending you some sunshine
Via Instagram @sometimescreative

Box decorations don’t need to be over the top to impress the recipient. I love the simple design of this one!

5) Day Brightening Box

a gift box with a cute note and various yellow items
Via Instagram @kelsey_graves

At a loss for what to write? You can always use a box of sunshine printable like this one.

6) Rays of Happiness

fun little gift box stuffed with happy items
Via Pinterest @abbylajoice

How neat is the pop-out sun on the inside of this box? If you ask me, SUPER neat.

7) A Little Bit of Everything

gift idea for a friend
Via Instagram @theelementarydarling

See how many yellow things you can round up around your home before heading to the store. You may be surprised by how much you already have on-hand.

8) Cancer Patient Comfort for Baby & Family

girl in pink holding a wrapped sunshine gift
Via Instagram @thehardyproject

A box of sunshine for a cancer patient is a way to express love and support. It’s about the thought more than exactly what the gift is.

9) Here Comes The Sun

a yellow gift basket stuffed with yellow items and snacks
Via Instagram @thegiftingatelier

How many yellow items can you count in this picture?

10) Smile & Sparkle

black box with yellow things, outside says smile and sparkle
Via Instagram @angelsgramms

Cardboard box, basket, wooden box – they’re all great vehicles to use for a gift of sunshine!

11) For Those Not So Sunny Days

a box of sunshine for a friend
Via Instagram @_______coko_______

The right book can put long-term pep in your friends step!

12) A Tasty Surprise

co-worker sunshine in a box idea with food
Via Instagram @evilkenst

It really doesn’t take much to make someone’s day. Hand-picked snacks are always a hit.

13) Sunshine Gift for The Boyfriend

cute box of sunshine sent to a boyfriend
Via Instagram @amazonnjackk

I don’t know of any boyfriends/girlfriends or husbands/wives who wouldn’t be delighted to find this waiting for them.  

14) Little Box, Big Smiles

smiling woman holding a box of sunshine from her sister
Via Instagram @gabrielle_ks

The proof is in the pudding – sunshine boxes spread happiness!

15) Sending Love & Support

gift idea to send to a friend
Via Instagram @theroyalfamily2005

Being thoughtful comes in all different shapes and forms. We all have our “flavor” so to speak.

16) Sweet College Care Package Idea

yellow items to put in sunshine care package for a college student
Via Instagram @always_unique_creations

College students will for sure make good use out of anything you send.

17) Little Miss Sunshine Gift Basket

yellow themed gift box
Via Instagram @letsboxit

Little Miss Sunshine is the perfect mascot for boxes full of sunshine!

18) Only Rainbows After Rain

sunshine box ideas for a good friend
Via Instagram @messy_mama86

Rainbows can only come after rain, right?

19) Sent With Love

care package with hand drawn sun & "box of sunshine"
Via Instagram @sarahoutandaboutblog

Being artistically inclined is not a requirement for a care package – just do your best. I’m sure whoever you’re sending it to will love it all the same.

20) Tea-riffic Idea

box with a mug that say you're tea-riffic, yellow gifts, and sticky notes with nice messages
Via Twitter @bailey_estep2

If you want to find that exact mug (and I don’t blame you, it’s SO cute) try looking on eBay. From what I can tell, the original is no longer in production. 🙁

21) Super Sunshine in a Box

a handmade sunshiney box with yellow goodies to spread happiness
Via Instagram @_jennifer.salem_

Yellow is often linked to a positive mood, so the more the better!

22) Finals Care Package

finals care package for a college student. everything in it is yellow
Via Twitter @bailey_estep2

If I’d received something this nice during finals in college, I probably would have cried (tear of happiness). 

23) Co-Worker Well Wishes

happy care package to brighten your day
Via Instagram @paula.faye

Never forget that the smallest gestures can have the biggest impacts.

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24) Pineapple Happy Birthday

happy birthday gift using only items that're yellow
Via Instagram @allthingspretty2018

This box is truly an impressive birthday surprise!

25) Teacher Appreciation Gift

lay's chips' toffee pretzels, a candle and other yellow things in a box with
Via Instagram @thetreasuredteacherinc

I love the idea of making a box of sunshine for a teacher appreciation gift. Beats an apple any day!

26) Yellow Snack Attack

lots of yellow things in a box with a note that says "sending you a little box of sunshine"
Via VSCO @maddiieemoran

When in doubt – just fill the package with snacks. Trust me, no one will complain.

27) All the Yellow Things

card that says sending you a box of sunshine. box filled with different things that are yellow
Via Instagram @jennifoo127

The handmade card with this gift is extra adorable.

28) Happy Sunflowers

happy birthday sunshine care package with different yellow gifts inside
Via Instagram @personal_touch_creations19

I’m sure whoever got this on their birthday was floored!

29) Box of FUNshine

a box of "funshine" with gifts to make you feel happier
Via Instagram @jessdacunha

If puns are your strong suit, well then it’s your time to SHINE.

30) Graduation Basket Idea

orange box with cartoon suns and goodies
Via Instagram @moaashka

Teens and college students are especially keen on the idea of sunshine boxes. They’re definitely a winning choice for graduation gifts. 

31) Vivid, Yellow & Fun

yellow snacks in the mail to brighten your day
Via Instagram @arikakaydesigns

Can you sense a theme with the lemons, yet?

32) Happy Thoughts & Good Vibes

yellow candy, card, chips and other yellow goodies for a care package sent to a husband
Via Instagram @motherhoodluck

Snacks and face masks go together like peanut butter & jelly.

33) Best Friend Hugs

yellow themed care package for a friend
Via Instagram @i.get.to_

As you’re putting together the care package, think of it as a way to send a hug by mail.

34) Boom Chicka Yes

yellow cardboard box with blonde oreos, boom chicka pop, wheat thins & more for sunshine gift
Via Instagram @itsrubypedroza

This box uses just a handful of items but it appeals to all the senses.

35) Sunshine Box for a Birthday

DIY Happy birthday gift with a yellow theme. Inside are candles, pictures of friends and fake sunflowers
Via Instagram @diy_bybrianna

I think we all secretly hope to get surprise mail like this one day.

36) Emoji Theme

yellow lined care package that reads "Box of Sunshine". Tea, Starburst candy, an emoji stress ball and other items are what's in it
Via Instagram @sexychi_

Lean into the emoji trend, it won’t steer you wrong.

37) Happy Mail During Recovery

opened care package with sudoku, juicy fruit gum, candy, socks and a card on a coffee table
Via Instagram @takethemameal

Being cooped up in the house while recovering from surgery can get boring. A thoughtful gift is a welcome sight and they’ll adore you for it.

38) Circle of Happiness

round box of sunshine with shorts, smiley face shirt, yellow color packaged snacks
Via Instagram @oliviakathleeeen

Building a box full of sunshine is a great excuse to upcycle an old hat box you have laying around.

39) Ultimate Yellow Care Package

all the items that were put in a Sunshine box on a table and then how they look in the package
Via Instagram @ilove2planandcre8

I’m the type of person who loves giving gifts. So if you have the time and the means, I think that going ALL OUT would be pretty fun. 

40) Birthday Favorites for Mom

small cardboard box labeled "a box of sunshine". In it are yellow candies, a milkshake, a candle and a lemon
Via Instagram @ellisweets

Take note – sending a gift like this to your mom for her birthday is how you become the favorite child.

41) Supporting Self Care

fun ideas for what to put in a care package for a college students, boyfriend, mom, daughter
Via Instagram @thoughtboxkc

Nothing’s better than a little out of the blue pampering via mail.

42) DIY Christmas Gift

a cute little gift for a friend with different yellow gifts
Via Instagram @anastasia.today

Imagining unwrapping a sunshine box on Christmas morning!

43) You Are Amazing

a bright box with under eye masks, sugar babies, and a nice note
Via Instagram @carlysos

Affirmation is my life blood. If you appreciate someone, tell them!

44) Delightful Care Package

an example of a box of sunshine. it has lotion, nail polish, socks, a yellow mug and some other things
Via Instagram @bluvlee12

Part of the fun is suddenly noticing all the yellow things you encounter in everyday life.

45) Holler & Glow

sun drawn on tissue paper. holler and glow beauty items in a care package
Via Instagram @caitnremi

*Most* of the time everything in a box of sunshine is yellow. It certainly doesn’t need to be, though!

46) Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons

little miss sunshine care package idea
Via Instagram @fayefayetsui

You can go wrong with throwing in anything lemon or sunshine themed.

47) Thinking of You

yellow box with nice messages written on the flaps, inside are little gifts - all yellow
Via Instagram @meganmyrickphotography

Lastly, don’t forget to personalize your care package in some way! Little notes will really make it all the more special.


Final Thoughts on a Box of Sunshine Gift

Wow – there were so many inspiring sunshine box ideas! And I’m sure there are many more out there, as well.

Which ones did you like best? Have you put together a yellow themed care package like this before?



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