53 Fantastic Box of Sunshine Ideas for Spreading Happiness

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Sunshine Box Ideas for Care Packages

pink roses and cherries on a happy yellow background

A box of sunshine is a thoughtful care package that typically includes only gifts that are yellow.

And, it’s perfect for lots of occasions!

A little themed box works like magic for cheering up low spirits and for sending well wishes to the sick. It’s a happy surprise when sent for a birthday or even just because.

In a nutshell:

It’s happy mail!

The goal is to simply make someone’s day. Whether it’s going to your mom, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend – a box of sunshine is sure to make a splash.

In today’s post, I have tons of great ideas to help you figure out what to put in your own unique care package.


53 Box of Sunshine Ideas

1) For the Gluten-Free Friend

care package filled with yellow gifts
Via Instagram @fathersworkshop

The saying that goes with this box is a cute way to add an extra touch.

2) Happy Snacks

yellow box with words "box of sunshine"
Via Instagram @theconfectionerynigeria

Let your creativity run wild when you’re decorating! The flaps with 6 things we miss about you are a genius idea.

3) Buzzin’ On By

cheerful gift basket with lots of yellow candies and a card
Via Instagram @eelizabethp

You’ll see that bees are always cute enough to include.

4) Sending You Some Sunshine ☀️

package with yellow thing that say sending you some sunshine
Via Instagram @sometimescreative

Box decorations don’t need to be over the top to impress the recipient. I love the simple design of this one!

5) Day Brightening Box

a gift box with a cute note and various yellow items
Via Instagram @kelsey_graves

At a loss for what to write? You can always use a box of sunshine printable like this one.

6) Rays of Happiness

fun little gift box stuffed with happy items
Via Pinterest @abbylajoice

How neat is the pop-out sun on the inside of this box? If you ask me, SUPER neat.

7) A Little Bit of Everything

gift idea for a friend
Via Instagram @theelementarydarling

See how many yellow things you can round up around your home before heading to the store. You may be surprised by how much you already have on-hand.

8) Cancer Patient Comfort for Baby & Family

girl in pink holding a wrapped sunshine gift
Via Instagram @thehardyproject

A box of sunshine for a cancer patient is a way to express love and support. It’s about the thought more than exactly what the gift is.

9) Here Comes The Sun

a yellow gift basket stuffed with yellow items and snacks
Via Instagram @thegiftingatelier

How many yellow items can you count in this picture?

10) Smile & Sparkle

black box with yellow things, outside says smile and sparkle
Via Instagram @angelsgramms

Cardboard box, basket, wooden box – they’re all great vehicles to use for a gift of sunshine!

11) For Those Not So Sunny Days

a box of sunshine for a friend
Via Instagram @_______coko_______

The right book can put long-term pep in your friends step!

12) Just a Little Box of Sunshine

yellow themed care package for a friend
Via VSCO @emalynngaylord


You can always send someone a gift for no other reason than just because. (:

13) A Tasty Surprise

co-worker sunshine in a box idea with food
Via Instagram @evilkenst

It really doesn’t take much to make someone’s day. Hand-picked snacks are always a hit.


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  1. Hi, thanks a lot for sharing such a kind of article on thoughtful gifts. I like the “Just a Little Box of Sunshine”. My boyfriend once surprised me with this gift. I really liked getting this gift.