35 of the Best Box of Sunshine Ideas from VSCO

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The Cutest VSCO Birthday Gifts

Here are our favorite box of sunshine ideas in vsco girl style.

vsco girl in a yellow sweater close mouth smiling

Scrunchies, Hydro Flask water bottles, big sweatshirts, metal straws, crop tops, and Birkenstock sandals are all part of the VSCO girl aesthetic.

Thanks to the new popularity among teens, VSCO (a photo editing app) is having more than its minute in the limelight.

While not everyone is thrilled with the trend, it has revitalized some pretty cute and thoughtful gift ideas.

One, in particular, is what’s known as a box full of sunshine.


It’s not an original concept; this type of care package has been around for a while. But, the ones shared on the app have their own unique style.

Gifts (for friends birthdays or just ’cause) are carefully selected and arranged to create beautiful surprise mail. In a nutshell, VSCO box ideas have more of a focus on presentation.


I’m sure you’ll quickly notice what the most common thread is – besides just the color yellow.

In this post, I have a list of adorable box of sunshine ideas from VSCO.

Good karma starts with you! Use these as inspiration to send some good vibes out into the universe.


The Best Box of Sunshine VSCO Ideas

Idea #1:

cute box of sunshine vsco with a hydro flask, and yellow candy
Credit: @abigailttt

Good things, like this, come in small packages.

What’s in this box?


Idea #2:

birthday gift box with yellow things like a candle, lotion, and a bath bomb
Credit: @zoekenick – “box of sunshine for my best friend ?”

If you can find a yellow box to use – great! Really, though any kind will work.

It looks like this example re-used a FabFitFun box which is low-key genius.

What’s in this box?


Idea #3:

cute vsco box idea with yellow gifts and a shark
Credit: @carlybuchanan

This is the kind of birthday gift anyone can get excited about!

What’s in this box?


Idea #4:

gif of a round box of sunshine being opened
Credit: @hannahdrakeee

A box of sunshine is a great way to spread cheer by mail. It’s an instant mood boost for the recipient.

What’s in this box?


Idea #5:

gift box that says "may your day be filled with sunshine". inside is a hydro flask, face mask and other yellow items
Credit: @a-happy-place

May your birthday be filled with sunshine is such a sweet sentiment to send to a friend.

What’s in this box?


Idea #6:

care package idea with yellow crocks, lip balm, sunflowers
Credit: @rayce-s

Sunflowers and bees just go together!

Notice how a drink was slipped in the shoe here to make sure everything fit – smart!

What’s in this box?


Idea #7:

yellow gift box from vsco with yellow snacks and small gifts
Credit: @miaraemueller – “for my besss friennn”

In the words of Wassily Kandinsky, “Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.”

Mixing in orange items won’t detract from the theme when done right. See proof in the picture above!

What’s in this box?


Idea #8

birthday idea for a box of sunshine, no one likes you when're 23
Credit: @alouiseriley

Maybe nobody likes you when you’re 23, or maybe not…

One thing’s for sure, though – a best friend is there to help you celebrate no matter what age you’re turning.

What’s in this box?


Idea #9:

vsco box of sunshine ideas
Credit: @cedel1

It never hurts to let someone know just how much you appreciate them.

What’s in this box?


Idea #10:

birthday gift box with yellow vans being held by someone
Credit: @liviosborne

A box of sunshine gift VSCO girls and guys can both appreciate – shoes! Give something like this to your boyfriend or girlfriend and they’ll adore you forever.

What’s in this box?


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Idea #11:

care package filled with bright yellow items
Credit: @sageecole

Hello yellow! Just looking at this box is already brightening my day.

What’s in this box?


Idea #12:

white gift basket with yellow drinks and food - sunshine box example
Credit: @anyacole

Snacks and feel good things can go a long way to make someone feel special.

What’s in this box?


Idea #13:

care package with yellow items, note that reads "sending you a little box of sunshine"
Credit: @maddiieemoran

A little sunshine box VSCO girl style. Food is always a winning choice for what to put inside.

What’s in this box?


Idea #14:

short video panning over girl's birthday gift of sunshine
Credit: @haleypickering – “thank you to my lovely best friends for bringing me this adorable box of sunshine❤️☀️”

Pictures and handwritten notes can make a care package all the more memorable.

What’s in this box?


Idea #15:

cute box to brighten your day with a yellow loofah, cookies, and cozy chamomile tea
Credit: @isabellecola

Yellow is said to be the color of happiness. So, it’s no wonder these boxes work so well!

What’s in this box?


Idea #16:

yellow themed happy birthday sunshine box
Credit: @alexandra15w

Boxes of sunshine are where cute and thoughtful collide.

That’s what makes them perfect for birthdays!

What’s in this box?


Idea #17:

a box of gifts that reads "giving you a little box of sunshine"
Credit: @madisonnpagano

How many yellow snacks and treats can you think of off the top of your head?

What’s in this box?


Idea #18:

"a box of sunshine because your pretty soul is 21", inside is mini bottles of alcohol and other yellow things
Credit: @lilllsssss

Including mini-bottles of alcohol for a friend’s 21st is super fun!


Save this idea for when you can hand-deliver the gift because shipping booze is tricky.

What’s in this box?


Idea #19:

gift box with chips, sour patch kids, and lemonheads "box of sunshine" idea
Credit: @kristaschneider1

I can just FEEL the mellowness radiating from this care package.

What’s in this box?

  • Lay’s Classic Potato Chips
  • Theater Box Lemonheads
  • Theater Box Sour Patch Kids
  • Hubert’s Lemonade
  • Juicy Fruit Gum


Idea #20:

cute gift box for a vsco girl's birthday
Credit: @dancingkenzie22

When brainstorming ideas, put yourself in the giftee’s shoes. Think about what would make them smile the most!

What’s in this box?


Idea #21:

vsco birthday gift for him - yellow box with snacks
Credit: @danitower

As corny as it sounds, it really is the thought that counts. Don’t feel like you need to go all out to make a positive impact.

What’s in this box?


Idea #22:

yellow gift box with carmex, vans socks, swedish fish, burt's bees and a hydro flask
Credit: @litmoods

Celebrate your friends just because they deserve it!

What’s in this box?


Idea #23:

vsco girl sunshine box with cute yellow gifts and pictures
Credit: @mariahsantt

Like being artsy? A collage of meaningful pictures and quotes is an excellent way to decorate.

What’s in this box?


Idea #24:

yellow boy that says "you are my sunshine" + yellow gifts for boyfriend
Credit: @jaimeroche -“#sunshinebox Anniversary gift for my boy ❤️”

This sunshine box is simply stunning.

gif of a vsco girl showing off the box of sunshine she made
Credit: @jaimeroche – “First Anniversary Gift for my love❤️”

And from all angles!

the inside of the anniversary sunshine box
Credit: @jaimeroche

The mini clothespins make it all the more darling.

What’s in this box?


Idea #25:

yellow shirt, vans, stickers, scarf and candy on a bed
Credit: @morganperes

A vintage yellow tee is an awesome idea for a box of sunshine! Thrifting is only continuing to gain popularity.

What’s in this box?


Idea #26:

adorable vsco birthday gift in the form of little yellow gifts in a box
Credit: @caitymiller

VSCO birthday gift dreams are made of this. Sweet and simple wins every time.

What’s in this box?


Idea #27:

yellow themed gift box
Credit: @abbyjo2002

Be sure to throw in a reference to an inside joke to give your friend a laugh!

What’s in this box?


Idea #28:

gold wire basket with various yellow self care items
Credit: @jackiezelic

I love the gold wire basket used for this sunny gift!

What’s in this box?


Idea #29:

wicker gift basket with a book, sunglasses, rainbow pin and more yellow things
Credit: @graceregnierr

Want to find unique things to include? Check out local boutiques in your area for more yellow gifts.

What’s in this box?


Idea #30:

happy 19th birthday card + yellow box with yellow gifts
Credit: @sidneykadlic

I think soft yellows have the calmest vibes.

What’s in this box?


Idea #31:

box of sunshine idea from vsco with cute yellow things in it
Credit: @gracerexrode

I think it’s clear by now that Hydro Flask water bottles and box of sunshine ideas from VSCO go hand in hand.

Honestly though, who would be disappointed to get one??

What’s in this box?


Idea #32:

light yellow care package with different yellow gifts inside
Credit: @reemapatel46

Tissue paper is an easy way to dress up the presentation of a care package. Plus, it’s inexpensive!

What’s in this box?


Idea #33:

yellow california state sweatshirt and snacks on a bed
Credit: @sienagriffin

College sweatshirts and tees are always appreciated. Especially when the recipient is a sports fan.

What’s in this box?


Idea #34:

gift box with the words sunshine written on the inside
Credit: @bekah5601

This is a fun idea for the 21 and older crowd.

What’s in this box?


Idea #35:

"here's a box of sunshine to brighten your 15th birthday"
Credit: @mckenziewatkoski

Sunshine boxes are loved by all ages, though!

What’s in this box?



Final Thoughts on Sunshine Box VSCO

That concludes this list of the best box of sunshine ideas found on VSCO.

I hope these cute gifts gave you some good ideas for what to put in your own special care package.

Did any of these sunshine boxes really speak to you? Who are you sending one to?


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Best Box of Sunshine VSCO Girl Inspired Ideas

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