"it's a beautiful day to save lives" white t-shirt on woman posing with stethoscope

33 Incredibly Perfect BSN Graduation Cap Decorations

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Ideas You’ll Want to Steal for Your Nursing School Graduation Cap

nurse graduate wearing shirt that says, "it's a beautiful day to save lives." and holding stethoscope

Getting your BSN and looking for grad cap inspo? 


You’ve come to the right place! These BSN graduation cap ideas are so cute, true, funny, and inspirational that I’m sure you’ll find one you love. 

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is 4 years (or more) of hard work.

So why work hard when looking for ways to decorate your grad cap?

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33 BSN Grad Caps

These BSN graduation caps range from funny, cute, charming, and everything in-between! 

wonder woman BSN grad cap design
Credit: Twitter/@JonCGering

Marvel theme coming in hot! This Wonder Woman cap is straight fire.

BSN nursing graduation cap topper design with painted white flowers
Credit: Instagram/@craftsbysm

Hello Miss Daisy- or should I say, Nurse Daisy?

gold glitter BSN grad cap decorated with Baymax from Big Hero 6 movie wearing a nurse hat and words "hello I'm adrianne your personal healthcare companion"
Credit: Instagram/@luminous.media

The reference is everything! So cute and so true.

smiling BSN nurse graduate holding her grad cap
Credit: Twitter/@EmmyBoo_19

A pretty grad cap for a pretty grad.

Patrick Star on graduation cap and words that read, "may I take your vitals sir? BSN"
Credit: Twitter/@nic_coca_cola

Omg this one had me rolling! 

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BSN "nursing is a work of heart" grad cap design idea
Credit: Instagram/@danipugs_rn

I love the delicate look of this one. The lace is so very adorable paired with the flowers.

gold glitter BSN nurse graduation cap decoration with stickers
Credit: K’s Crafty Corner

Proof that you can never go wrong with glitter!

nursing school graduate showing off her painted cap
Credit: Instagram/@_andreeeeeaaa

Get artsy and paint your cap like this BSN grad did.

"Thanks Google BSN" grad posing to show off her cap design
Credit: Instagram/@toriharrison7

Google really is the big bank of knowledge.

grad cap decorated with flowers, nurse stickers, and words
Credit: Instagram/@nursemaegan

The stethoscope heart is such a great focal point on this cap. 

"I did it all for her BSN" nursing school grad cap with daughter wearing matching cap that says, "mommy did it!"
Credit: Instagram/@joyfuljourney1

Matching mommy & me nursing school graduation cap!

Joyful Journey makes the cutest custom designs.

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Nursing Puns

graduation cap topper with nursing pun that reads, "I got my BSn and that's not A-fib"
Credit: Pinterest/@suitelife6

Getting so pun-derful in here.

"you almost lost me there...but I pulled through" decorated nurse BSN graduation cap
Credit: Instagram/@littleredwaterbottle

Nursing school is hard, but you made it!

BSN grad cap topper with flowers, pictures of cats and a caption that says, "did it fur them"
Credit: Twitter/@larncat

All the fur babies and a pun, too? This design idea is a total win.

nursing school graduation cap decoration that reads, "BSN & BA - eaRned it - thanks mom & dad"
Credit: Pinterest/@nycbishop

Use your cap as a shout out op!

graduation cap decorated with painted on flowers and words that say, "finally done with this B.S.(N.) - CCU nurse"
Credit: Twitter/@JonCGering

Paint on the real tea of a BSN program, sis. 

Not sure what decorations to use? I love this glue for any kind of crafting and this paint works perfectly on graduation caps. Better yet, you can find all my other recommendations for decorating supplies on this page.

smiling graduating woman holding her grad cap decorated with a nurse school pun
Credit: Instagram/@mad.fit.rn

‘Cause the real fun begins AFTER graduation.

two nursing school graduation cap designs, one with a pun and the other with BSN
Credit: Instagram/@adelphiu

These caps are a wonderful blend of funny and cute.

All this BS for a B.S. graduation cap pun
Credit: Twitter/@_kc_dilla_

The truth!

Nurse Graduation Cap Quotes

grad cap decoration with white flowers and quote, "it's a beautiful day to save lives - Nurse Morgan"
Credit: Twitter/@morgmcintosh

Grey’s Anatomy quotes coming in clutch.

pink glitter graduation cap decorating with nurse quote, "be the light in someone's darkness" BSN ER
Credit: VSCO/@alyssabelmonte

There’s no truer quote when it comes to being a nurse!

light purple grad cap topper that says, "the one where I became a nurse. Rachel BSN"
Credit: Twitter/@AdelphiCNPH

Her name is Rachel- so it was a pretty obvious choice for this nursing school grad cap idea!

The one where I graduate cap decoration with nurse hat
Credit: Twitter/@SarahhhSchmittt

Using the nostalgic photo frame and all. 

"one person can make a difference and everyone should try" nurse quote graduation cap
Credit: Twitter/@morganl821

A perspective every nurse should have!

"wherever life plants you bloom wit grace" BSN nurse graduation cap quote
Credit: Instagram/@adelphiu

I love all of this – the flowers, doilies, and quote.

pink sparkle grad cap with quote that says, "she believed she could so she did"
Credit: Twitter/@RUCamdenNursing

Yeah she did! The pink hues are beautiful.

RN BSN Graduation Cap Designs

grad cap decorated with the words "BSN RN Nurse Rachel" and red roses on the corners
Credit: Twitter/@rachthompson02

Simple elegance on a grad cap.

I'm an RN BSN degree? Nurse Nikki grad cap topper with picture of Ron Burgundy
Credit: Twitter/@lycheegreen

A call for help?

Nurse decorated mortar board with flowers for BSN RN
Credit: Instagram/@joyfuljourney1

If you love this design ideal, the original creator sells custom caps here.

ICU nurse BSN graduation cap design with anatomical heart
Credit: Pinterest/@wamccubbin23

When a glittery anatomically correct heart makes sense.

red and white graduation cap decoration that says, "please get a flu shot BSN RN"
Credit: Twitter/@keelyclove

For the love of preventing another future pandemic, get your shots!

hand painted purple flowers bordering grad cap for RN, BSN nurse
Credit: Instagram/@natalie_mcmullin

Nurses are daughters, sisters, moms, wives, and so much more!

it's a beautiful day to save lives RN-BSN thank you mom & dad graduation hat decoration
Credit: Twitter/@RUCamdenNursing

Another beautiful shout out cap and quote.

Nurse Graduation Cap Stickers


Recommended decorating supplies:



Conclusions on BSN graduation cap ideas

That’s a wrap on BSN grad caps!

Thanks for stopping by to look at these ideas. I hope at least one of them inspired you to create your own design. 

Have any other grad cap ideas that I should include? Drop a comment below!

There are so many creative decorations and I can never get enough of them.


If your graduation ceremony is cancelled due to recent events, still decorate your cap! Do a little at home photo shoot.

With a nursing shortage going on in conjunction with the quarantine, obtaining your nursing degree is an even BIGGER accomplishment. So you really should celebrate you!


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