12 Bullet Journal Layout Design Ideas for Major Inspiration

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Bullet Journal Layout Template Ideas for Women

Greetings my fellow BUJO junkies –

As well, as you newly formed bullet journal enthusiasts! ?

AND for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about:

I’ve got great place for you start,  my beginners guide to bullet journaling. See what all the hype is about!


Are you guys having a hard time finding WHERE to start with your bullet journal layouts?

I totally get that!

Whenever I want to call upon my creative juices, that seems to be the time all my ideas seem to just jump ship. A blank mind always strikes at just the wrong times.

That’s why other people’s ideas can be so helpful. They get those gears in your brain turning, and before you know it:

Wham! Inspiration hits and you’re ready to put pen to paper.

After all:

There’s nothing like a good browse sesh’ of bullet journal layout ideas to fix a mental block.

What I absolutely LOVE about using a bullet journal:

Is that the layouts are SO versatile. You can have pages that keep track of your life in countless different ways.

BUJO spreads often include:

  • Daily pages
  • Weekly pages
  • Monthly pages
  • Yearly/Calendar pages
  • Birthdays trackers
  • Goals pages

And honestly whatever else you can think of!

The best part is:

You have complete control over which pages go in yours, because you’re the one putting it all together.

My best piece of advice when it comes to starting, is to NOT get hung up on perfection. Just have fun with it!

We all have to start somewhere, and you’ll only get better with practice!


Here are some ideas of bullet journal templates that I have found to be cute, helpful, and easy to use.

I’ve got a couple layouts to inspire you from each of the six categories I mentioned above!

Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Daily Layouts

bullet journal layout
@alukewarmmess via instagram

I love this clean, easy, and to the point look!


Did you know that you can use an iPad (such as the one pictured above) to create your daily bullet journal entry?

Even paper isn’t a constraint for this creative, organizing outlet! So many ways to create layouts, so little time…

bullet journal layout
via chic-studies.tumblr.com


Here’s one daily bullet journal idea made with pen and paper. This design focuses on having a healthy energy all day.

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Weekly Layouts

bullet journal layout
@artwwwera via instagram

Weekly bullet journaling done right!

This template is gorgeous, I thoroughly enjoy all the flower detailing.

bullet journal layout
@nohnoh.studies via instagram

You don’t have to use just black and white!

Adding some fun colors can make your bullet journal layout POP.

Monthly Layouts

bullet journal layout
@sissiheart via instagram

Some people like to theme their bullet journal.

This one has a monthly theme, and in May it’s bees!

bullet journal layout
@planyourplanner via instagram


Of course you could go the holiday themed route, as well. ?

Yearly/Calendar Layouts

bullet journal layout
@lifebywhitney via instagram

Those yearly bullet journal layouts, though! They have me all heart eyes. ?

Check this out!

Plain black and white background, buuuuut you can write in all your deets with colors. An easy way to make plans really stand out!

bullet journal layout
@claire.igraphy via instagram

I love the font on this one and how it’s personalized with a quote.

Birthdays Layouts 

bullet journal layout
@EbeeGbee via etsy.com

This is a very cute design idea to keep track of loved ones birthdays!

I know there’s always Facebook reminders…

…but I’ve found that writing them down helps me to remember better. Plus, you can flip to a birthday tracker page once a month to see who’s birthdays are coming up.

bullet journal layout
via justbrightideas.com

I completely adore how this page is done!

Presents for keeping tracking of birthdays – it’s just perfect.

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Goals Page Layouts 

bullet journal layout
@rhiobujo via instagram

Maybe one of your goals this year is to take care of yourself more?

Try adding your favorite things to do on a bullet journal layout like this.

bullet journal layout
@bonjournal_ via instagram

And, of course:

Your bullet journal goal layout page does not have to focus on one thing, it can focus on all your goals!

I hope these bullet journal layout ideas have helped you figure out what direction you want to go with yours.

There’s SO many fun, creative, new templates out there.

The point of bullet journaling is to personalize it to YOUR lifestyle.

So don’t be shy, and make it completely yours.

Which bullet journal layout idea from this list was your favorite?

Tell me down below! 

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