College Dorm Room

College dorm room related tips for college students and prospective ones!

Wondering what you should buy for your dorm room or bring to college?

I’ve got you covered with a pre-made packing list for your freshman year and posts about essentials you won’t want to go without.

How do you decorate a dorm room?

Carefully as to not damage the walls (don’t want to be losing that deposit now do we?), but aside from that, there are lots of options!

I’ve budget decor ideas, minimalist, preppy, boho and cozy ideas to inspire you. Really though, you can decorate it however you please!

Just don’t forget to organize your room for maximum living space! I’ve got college dorm room organization tips, too.

And when you’re ready to hit the stores, I’ve got money-saving tips for dorm room shopping.

Find all things dorm room here and get your student questions answered today.