Review: Centered Student Planner 2023-2024

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Everything You Want to Know About The Latest Version of This Student Agenda

floral cover student planner held up in front of blue agenda that says Centered Student 2023-2024

I’m a big fan of paper planners. I’ve tried digital planning, but it didn’t work out so well for my easily distracted self. Using a planner is about creating a system that you can rely on amidst the whirlwind of everyday life. It provides a sense of order and confidence because you know for certain that everything is under control.

My planner works like an extra brain, always there to help me stay on track with my schedule and daily tasks!

I use it to externalize all the things – commitments, appointments, intentions – so I never miss a beat. And what a relief it is to not have to keep all that information in my head! The simple act of putting it down on paper is such a huge weight off my shoulders.

Being organized is key to college success, especially if you want to avoid unnecessary stress. The right academic planner makes organizing your college life a source of satisfaction rather than a dreaded chore. Which is why in an endless sea of student agenda options, it’s important to find one that matches your needs.

This year the sweet people at the Centered Student sent me a couple of planners early so I could share the details with you right away.

This is a VERY THOROUGH review of the new Centered Student Planner for the 2023-2024 school year, from someone who:

  1. has reviewed the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 Centered Student Planners
  2. used and reviewed a great deal of academic planners for college students over the past 6+ years.

So let’s investigate what’s new with this college planner. Also, let’s not forget to explore and appreciate the interesting details that make it stand out!

In a rush? Here’s a quick summary:

The Centered Student Planner is a remarkable and top-notch planner for college students. I adore it and I think you’ll love it too! It’s easily one of BEST academic planners for college students. It has so much to offer (and at a great price too).
If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and like you’re barely keeping afloat – try this planner; it’s a real lifesaver! You won’t regret it. Buy it here or read about all the details below.


Centered Student Planner Review

Review of the Centered Student Planner - Pinterest infographic

Table of Contents:

VIDEO: See It Up Close

I made a video to capture the highlights of what you have to look forward to with this planner! Check out the video above (or watch it on Youtube here) for a condensed overview of the whole shebang.


The Look

4 different colored planners for students

The Centered Student Planner 2023-2024 is back in students favorite colors: Forest, Sailcloth, and Varsity Blue. Plus two new exciting cover options: Starling Blue and *Limited Edition* Floral Bleu.

cream colored student agenda with light blue flowers on desk with to-do list notepad

I can confirm they are every bit as gorgeous as they look in the pictures, if not more so. I really can’t understate how beautiful the Floral Bleu edition is, I’m absolutely smitten! This cover has a smooth to-the-touch matte finish instead of being linen-wrapped like the others.

I was so impressed with the upgraded linen covers last year, but somehow they’ve managed to level up the aesthetics, even more, this year. Pretty things make me happy, and, boy, do these options tickle the right part of my brain.


What’s New

Every year the Centered Student makes updates to the planner based on feedback from the real college students who use it.

The changes in the 2023-2024 version include:

  • 2 lovely new cover options – Starling Blue and *Limited Edition* Floral Bleu
  • MORE room to write
  • New To-Do List section on the weekly layout
  • Lighter and easier to carry
  • Daily times carry over the right hand side of the weekly layout for easier scheduling
  • Expanded tips to cover high school and college students


The Details

lifestyle photos of two college planners, one open and the other with a pretty cream and light blue floral cover

The Centered Student Planner was created by an award-winning college professor, Virginia Horan. And who would better understand the needs of college students than someone who’s been immersed in the world of academia for over 30 years?

In her own words –

“I could not find an existing paper planner that would teach time management with an effective layout while incorporating some simple happiness habits, so I created The Centered Student System for academic success, with the Centered Student Planner as its foundation.”

She launched the Centered Student Planner in 2021 and with great success. It’s made a real splash with students, they LOVE it. But you don’t have to take my word for it, read the reviews here.


How It’s Set Up

Let’s go through how the Centered Student Planner is set up, cover to cover. (The video above is really the best way to experience it if you haven’t watched it.)

The beginning of the planner has a few introduction pages. It explains what The Centered Student System is, how to use your planner, and 5 top college success tips from Professor Horan.

Next, is a summary of all the Centered Student support videos you have to look forward to for the academic year. You can access these with a scannable QR code located on the introduction pages as well as on the clip-in bookmark.

arrow pointing to the QR code located on bookmark in the centered student planner

The video content included with the Centered Student Planner provides targeted guidance to strengthen and hone your time management skills.

It doesn’t just tell you to “get organized”: it shows you HOW to get organized. Now THAT’S something you won’t find in any other planner!

academic year calendar for 2023-2024 with all the months on two pages inside the centered student planner

Following that is a year-at-a-glance calendar. These pages are great for circling important dates like birthdays and when finals are scheduled.

Monthly planning pages inside of the centered student planner

Flip the page, and you’ll find a place to write down your class schedule. This is a feature that’s unique to academic planners like this one! It goes to show how using a planner that’s designed with college students in mind makes all the difference.

You have space for both the fall and spring semesters. It’s best to use pencil on these pages until you know for sure that your schedule is set in stone.

pages for recording your college class schedule for fall 2023 semester and spring 2024 semester

The rest of the planner follows this format:

  • two-page monthly spread
  • two-page weekly spreads for the whole month
  • rinse and repeat
weekly planning pages in academic planner for college students

Now, of course, the weekly planning pages are the star of the show!

Featuring an intentional horizontal layout, it’s optimized for time blocking. Time blocking is an effective time management strategy. Utilizing it is simple – even if you’ve never used the method before.

This style of planner layout allows you to chunk up your day in blocks of time. This is amazing for visual learners as this method allows you to literally SEE where all your time is going.

close up view of weekly planning page in the centered student planner 2023-2024

Highlights of the weekly spreads include:

  • Time slots for Monday – Sunday
  • Tip of the Week w/ an emphasis on positive psychology
  • To-Do List for the WeeK
  • a section to write down What I’m Grateful For
  • a section to write down your Focus This Week
  • a section to write down What Worked This Week
  • a section to write down Next Week I Need To
  • a unique Motivational Quote
notepad of to-do lists in back pocket of the centered student planner after note pages

Finally, at the back of the planner are 10 lined pages for Notes. PLUS – a pocket on the back cover where you’ll find a notepad with 50 tear-off To-Do Lists! As you can imagine, to-do lists are majorly useful.

Review of the 2023-2024 Centered Student Planner - infographic for saving to Pinterest



Here are the specifications for the Centered Student Planner:

  • 7″x9″ (B5)
  • 180 pages, 12 months (August – July)
  • Sturdy linen cover in 5 chic colors – including limited edition Floral Bleu 😍
  • Wire-o binding
  • Heavyweight, highest quality 140 GSM paper
  • Pocket in the back cover
  • Elastic band closure


What Comes with the Centered Student Planner? 

The Centered Student Planner 2023-2024 comes with:

  • Tearpad with 50 To-Do Lists
  • 52 exclusive videos with expert college tips – easily accessible by QR Code
  • Clip in bookmark to mark your spot w/ QR code
  • Elastic closure/pen loop

The to-do list notepad is my favorite extra that comes with this agenda. I’m always organizing my thoughts with to-do lists and so I can never have enough places to write down my goals for the day. I love how you can tear one off the pad and take it with you anywhere.


Final Thoughts

The Centered Student Planner is something truly special! The design, quality, and overall value are superb.

You can tell it was carefully thought out by the creator – everything was placed there with a specific purpose in mind. It stands out for its practical and well-rounded approach tailored to the needs of college students. This academic planner keeps you efficient without getting bogged down by too many details

Not only does this product offer one-of-a-kind support, but it also keeps the full picture in mind. It helps you take the guesswork out of your future so you, in turn, can shift your focus to the present moment and more fully enjoy the college experience.

All in all:

The Centered Student Planner is a remarkable and top-notch planner for college students. I adore it, and I think you’ll love it too! It’s easily one of the top 5 BEST planners for university students. It has so much to offer (and at a great price too).

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and like you’re barely keeping afloat – try this planner; it’s a real lifesaver! You won’t regret it.

Editor’s Rating:


Where to Get the Centered Student Planner

The Centered Student Planner 2023-2024 is out and now available for order only on their website – If you have your eye on the Floral Bleu cover, I highly suggest pre-ordering it. It’s a limited edition and sure to sell out first. Floral Bleu has sold out, but there are still 4 lovely cover colors to choose from!

💡BUYING TIP: Don’t overlook the Back to School Bundle for the best deal!

It includes the Centered Student Planner and all their best accessories – monthly tabs, the Penultimate Pen, fine-tip markers, pencil pens, smarter stickies (my personal fave), and two sheets of stickers. All of which can double as school supplies for college classes.

Why the Centered Student Planner is Truly Amazing for college - Pinterest infographic



So that brings my review of the Centered Student Planner for the 2023-2024 academic school year to a close. I hope this information has helped you decide whether this planner is a good fit for you to use at college!

What are your thoughts on the Centered Student Planner? Is there anything missing you’d like to see added or changed?




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