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Must-Have Christmas Gifts For College Girls (50 Fail-Proof Ideas)

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College Girl Christmas Gifts You’ll Wish You Thought of First

These are the gifts for college girls that literally everyone LOVES to get.

college girl thinking about gifts she wants for Christmas

Thinking of gift ideas for college students can be a bit of a challenge…

…but finding the perfect gift for a college girl is in another league of it’s own. Guesswork is always the hardest part of holiday shopping!

I mean, what do you get a girl for Christmas in college?

That’s the million-dollar question when you’re not sure what to get. And especially so when you have no idea where to even begin.

To solve that problem:

I’ve rounded up all the best ideas into one ultimate list.

There’s a mixture of practical things that are always appreciated by struggling students and things she’ll just really enjoy. Not only that, but I also made sure to include ideas that fit every budget.

Here are 50 Christmas gifts ideas for college girls that you just can’t go wrong with this year.

Table of Contents


Best College Girl Gifts 2021

Cozy Ideas

Electric Sherpa Blanket With Fast-Heating

a college age girl using a red wine colored electric blanket to stay warm

Once winter hits, staying warm in the dorms can be a real challenge. The same can be true for students living in apartments, too.

Minimizing the energy bill becomes a priority when you don’t have a lot of wiggle room in your budget.

Solution: heated blanket!

Having one of these makes the colder months much more bearable. It’s comfy, cozy, and something she’s sure to love.

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Ultimate Warmth Alpaca Wool Socks

pink pair of warm alpaca wool socks, gift idea for girl in college

In the cold, layers are a college girl’s best friend. Socks may be the most clique Christmas gift ever, but kids in their 20’s always appreciate a new pair or two.

The obvious choice for keeping toes toasty is merino wool. It’s the best wool out there, right?

Wrong! It turns that alpaca wool is even better.

Alpaca socks offer more warmth and better moisture-wicking properties (meaning they breathe better). Plus they’re eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and just as soft as merino wool.

All around they’re pretty awesome. There are even socks with a cute alpaca on them!

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Supportive Memory Foam Backrest Pillow

gift idea for college girls - grey backrest pillow for reading

A supportive pillow goes a long way in college. Students can benefit from using one while reading, lounging, working on a laptop, and watching a movie in bed.

A nice backrest pillow makes relaxing more comfortable while supporting the spine.

Most importantly:

It helps improve posture which reduces strain on neck and back muscles.

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Calming Weighted Blanket

a college girl working on her laptop in bed with a pattern weighted blanket wrapped around her

Weighted blankets have become popular in recent years and for good reason.

People who use them enjoy a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • lower anxiety and stress levels
  • enhanced sleep quality
  • and improved mood

Any college girl could use more of that in her life! A weighted blanket is a no-brainer gift choice for anyone who doesn’t have one already.

Not sure which size to get? The general rule of thumb is to start with one that’s 10% of your body weight.

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Heating Pads that Melt Away Muscle Tension

woman using a laptop with a lilac colored heating pad on her back

My feet are cold all the time and I know I’m not the only girl who has this problem.

A pair of heating pads like this can keep feet and shoulders warm at this same time. They’re perfect for when it’s chilly out and you don’t want to carry a blanket around.

Additionally, heat is an excellent way to relax tight muscles and soothe period cramps. Win-win!

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Giant Chunky Knit Throw

happy girl hugging a pink chunky knit wool throw blanket

Chunky knit throw blankets are pretty popular right now.

Any college girl would be delighted to receive one as a gift. They’re beautiful to look at and of course, super cozy to wrap up in.

If you’re feeling crafty, you could even DIY this gift.

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Ideas for Her Self-Care Routine

Rechargeable Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrush in rose gold

An electric toothbrush is a massive upgrade from a manual one. Teeth feel and look cleaner because, well, they are.

It’s an investment worth making for long-term oral health, but most students can’t afford it. You can bet any college girl would use one in a heartbeat if they had the chance, though.

A rechargeable electric toothbrush is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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Delectably Scented Body Butter

cinnamon bun scented jar of shea body butter
SheaSheaBakery on Etsy

College students are ethical consumers so they really value gifts from small brands – like SheaSheaBakery. The Etsy shop is well-loved by the younger crowd for their fresh handmade skincare.

One of the most popular products is their Cinnamon Bun shea body butter (not to mention other yummy scents like banana pudding, watermelon, buttermilk pancakes, and more). Raving fans love how the products smell almost good enough to eat. 

A thoughtful skincare gift is something you can’t go wrong with!buy now at etsy.com

Mood-Elevating Light Therapy Lamp

compact light therapy lamp for the winter blues

A light therapy lamp, or a happy lamp, is a great way to combat the winter blues.

Sunlight is essential to our body’s wellbeing. Getting an optimal amount of sunlight in the winter can be a struggle, though.

A lightbox can help students who deal with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression as it eases the symptoms. It can also increase energy levels, and make you feel better in general.

This tablet-sized lamp is compact and portable enough to go anywhere.

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The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook

The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook: Your Guide for Everything from Hangovers to Homesickness

“College students facing their first illness, accident, or anxiety away from home often flip-flop between wanting to handle it themselves and wishing their parents could swoop in and fix everything. Advice from peers and ‘Dr. Google’ can be questionable.

The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook provides accurate, trustworthy, evidence-based medical information (served with a dose of humor) to reduce anxiety and stress and help set appropriate expectations for more than fifty common issues.”

Dr. Jill Grimes knocked out of the park with this book! It’s a must-have for every college girl, no matter if she’s just starting her college experience or preparing for her final year.

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Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker

college gilr wearing a mi band - Christmas gift idea

Girls in college are all about combating the dreaded “freshman 15”.


Fitness is a key part of feeling and doing your best at college. Regular exercise has been shown to improve memory and attention.

Don’t think you need to splurge on a Fitbit or Samsung Galaxy Fit, though. The Xiaomi Mi Band is a fantastic fitness tracker alternative at less than half the cost. It uses a military-grade sensor and has a battery life of up to 20 days.

Check out the video to see how it compares.

College Girl Gifts: Mi Band VS Galaxy Fit Video

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Organic Bath Bomb Gift Set

Variety Bath Bomb Gift Set , organic bath bombs
ButteryBathCo on Etsy

Bath bombs are a wonderful way to indulge without needing to go to a spa. They’re definitely on the wish list of a girl who has access to a tub!

When you’re going to school, stress is quite often part of the equation. Give a college student something she can use to chill out. After all, she’ll need to relax at least some of the time to be successful.

This handmade set is a perfect gift. It comes with 9 bath bombs all with different scents and they’re ethically made. There are also really CUTE succulent and bee bath bombs.buy now at etsy.com

Practical Ideas (Things She’ll Use ALL the Time)

Multi-Functional Lap Desk

a student using a lap desk while working on her laptop

College students spend a fair amount of time working on a laptop and doing homework by hand. And sometimes, you just wanna work in bed!

Make it easier for college girls to tackle homework by gifting them a lap desk. It’s a game-changer for productivity!

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Nearly Indestructible Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask straw top water bottle in the color "alpine"

Drinking water is in and Hydro Flask water bottles are majorly in.

A reusable water bottle is extremely useful when you’re all over campus. Kids in college love that it’s better for the environment and their wallets in the long run.

The durability of a Hydro Flask is what makes it stand out in a sea of water bottles. These bad boys can take a beating and live to tell the tale.

A Hydro Flask is a buy it once, have it for life thing. It comes in a huge variety of colors so there’s something for everyone. And the free shipping is nice, too.buy now at hydroflask.com

Coffee Mug Warmer

a stainless steel mug sitting on a flat mug warmer hot plate

I don’t know how many times I’ve made a cup of coffee only for it to get cold before I could finish it. Sometimes I’m so focused on the task at hand that I just forget about it.

Students who’ve been neck-deep in a project know what I’m talking about. That’s why a mug warming plate is a perfect gift for a college girl.

She’ll find lots of use for it on a regular basis even if she’s not a coffee drinker. It works for any type of hot beverage (like tea or hot cocoa).

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All-In-One Laptop Briefcase

college girl with a cute purple laptop briefcase on her shoulder

We’re living in a digital era, there’s no way around it.

A laptop is a must for most who are attending college nowadays. And of course, laptops aren’t cheap. Having a safe way to tote one around is a daily necessity.

A laptop bag such as this one is an ideal choice because it combines practical with fashionable. On light class load days, a student could even get away with just bringing this bag.


When it comes time to transition into the professional world, the bag/briefcase is classy enough for post-grad life.

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Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack

Fjallraven - Kanken Mini Classic Backpack in yellow

Fjallraven backpacks have a reputation for being amazing. The construction quality is meant to hold up to a lifetime of use.

The backpack comes in a HUGE selection of colors and part of why it’s so popular.

The classic size is great for everyday use but it is on the smaller side. Fjallraven makes laptop-sized bags, as well. Either option is a surefire pick for Christmas!

P.S. Yellow is a VERY trendy color with girls this year.

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Stylish Ideas

Southern Marsh Appalachian Pile Sherpa Pullover

example gift for college girls - sherpa pullover jacket

Here’s a winning gift for college girls: a sherpa pullover!

It’s cozy, cute, and warm. A nice, warm coat for winter is invaluable when you’re a college student.

Sherpa’s have been super popular lately and any college girl would be absolutely DELIGHTED to get one as a gift.

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Personalized State Necklace

silver necklace of the state of Oregon with small heart cut out
Silversmith925 on Etsy

College girl Christmas gifts that incorporate something that reminds them of home are sure to get a smile.

These personalized necklaces are beautiful and there’s one for every state. There are even ones with countries available, too!buy now at etsy.com

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots

Sperry Saltwater Duck boots in taupe

If the girl you’re shopping for is going to college in a wet climate, a quality pair of boots will come in handy!

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots are a top pick because they’re tried and true.

They’re everything a college student would want in a pair of duck boots: waterproof, warm (there’s that word again), long-lasting, comfortable and cute.

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Weekender Overnight Duffel Bag

stylish idea for what to give a college girl - blue striped weekender duffel bag

A weekender bag is the stylish version of a duffel bag. It’s just right for short trips or impromptu overnight getaways.

If you’re looking for a useful gift for a college student, this one hits the mark and she’ll love the look of it!

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Legendary Whitetails Flannel Shirt

berry plaid flannel t-shirt

Flannel is a never-ending trend. It always comes back into heavy rotation once the air gets colder.

A quality shirt is something she’ll enjoy wearing year after year.

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Ideas for Her Dorm/Apartment

Mini Terrarium Succulent Planters

Mini Glass Geometric Terrarium Container for succulent plants Set of 3

Small, cute plants make fabulous gift ideas for a 19 year old college girl. Or any age girl!

Succulents are everywhere on social media right now. Besides being downright adorable, they’re pretty easy to care for.

This makes them perfect for adding a little greenery to dorm rooms or small spaces. Beautiful mini terrarium planters is such a unique idea! These rosette succulents would go perfectly with them or you can grab a few from a local nursery. 

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Mini Felt Letter Board

square letter board with grey felt

Message boards are definitely in vogue right now.

They pop in pictures of dorm rooms everywhere. It’s one of those things every girl needs for Christmas, that is if she doesn’t have one already.

I like these mini letter boards because there are lots of colors to pick from. Bonus points if you spell out a cute message on the board before wrapping it!

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“Good Vibes Only” Neon Sign

Realwell Pink Good Vibes Only Neon Sign Wall Decor for Room

If you really want to WOW her this Christmas…

This “Treat Yourself” neon sign is one of the best Christmas gifts for college girls. I swear she will flip over it, it’s so cool!

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Flower Garland Hanging Wall Decor

silk sunflower garland hanging on a wall

The hip way to decorate your room in college right now is with hanging flowers and vines.

It’s simple and minimalist but trust me, it’ll be a hit. It’s simple to make something like this if you’re up for it!

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Popular Tech Ideas

Tile for Keeping Track of Important Stuff

Tile tracker stickers, mate and slim all make perfect Christmas gifts for a college girl

Have you ever misplaced something important and went into a panic while trying to find it? It’s not fun and sometimes it’s just lost forever!

The last thing a college student needs is for their laptop, backpack, or keys to go missing. The best way to prevent something like that is to have a tracking device on the important stuff.

Tile trackers come in a variety of sizes and styles. It makes it easy to keep track of almost anything.

Get more info on why Tile Trackers are useful for students.

buy from thetileapp.com

Echo Dot with Clock

the amazon echo dot with an alarm clock is another best gift idea

Amazon Echo devices are an all-in-one virtual assistant. They can be used to play music, listen to audiobooks, making to-do lists, send voice messages to other Echo devices, and more.

The new dot with a clock adds even more function. Any college student would be excited to receive one for Christmas this year!

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The Now Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

the waterproof kindle paperwhite e-reader

Kindles are popular with avid readers. An endless library is at your fingertips with one sleek device.

The newest model is now waterproof making it a slam-dunk gift idea.

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Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

a selfie ring light is one of the best gifts for college students at Christmas

Lighting is half the battle of taking a good picture.

A selfie ring with a tripod set up is a life-changing gift idea for college girls. It instantly improves the quality of cell phone pics and videos. She’ll wonder how she ever lived without one!

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Portable Power Bank for Device Charging

purple power bank charging multiple devices

More and more school work is being done digitally. Phone batteries just can’t keep up!

Running out of juice part way through the school day is a real pain for college students.

A portable power bank is extremely handy to have. I like this one because the battery is large enough to charge devices several times over before needing to be recharged itself.

This gift for college girls will get you a big THANK YOU!

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Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones

things every girl wants for Christmas - Bose Wireless Headphones in Rose Gold

Wires just get in the way! Bluetooth headphones allow for complete freedom of movement.

…or at least as far as the Bluetooth signal will reach.


Listening to music wire-free is SO nice for college girls who are working out, finishing school projects, or just cruising around campus.

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Google Chromecast Streaming Device

Must-Have Christmas Gifts For College Girls (50 Fail-Proof Ideas) 1

College kids are all about streaming their favorite shows when they want to watch TV.

A Chromecast is the easiest way to stream on a TV directly from a phone. It’s an affordable way to make a TV “smart” without upgrading.

Plus it’s small enough to take on-the-go, such as to a friend’s apartment or an Airbnb.

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Fun Ideas


What do you meme? part game gift idea for college girls

An excellent gift for a college girl is a party game she can play with her friends.

This one has been a huge hit!

It’s definitely for ages 17+, so careful if you want to break it out to play with the family on Christmas day.

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Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer - Dusky Pink

Maybe you’ve heard about the VSCO girl trend, maybe not.

All you need to know is that Polaroid pictures are a thing (again).

But not because scrap-booking made its way back into the mainstream. No, girls just like hang them on walls to create cute gallery walls.

A cute handheld device that prints Polaroids from any smartphone is sure to get a YAY!

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Allure Luxury Beauty and Make Up Box

Allure beauy subscription box - college girl gift idea

A beauty box is a fun way to try out different products you might not have otherwise tried. It’s often a great value compared to retail prices, too!

A gift like this is something you buy once or it could be a nice surprise every month.

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Great Gifts for College Students Under $25

Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Burt's Bees gift set, example of a cheap gift idea for college girl

When it doubt, go with something from Burt’s Bees!

It’s a gift idea that works for virtually all college girls. A little pampering gift set goes a long way without being expensive.

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175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College

hands holding book titled, "175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College"

Due to the rise of the FOMO phenomenon, students can feel pressured to “do it all” during the time they spend at college.

But this book understands that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition of college success. Instead of trying to cram every possible activity under the sun into these formative years, 175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College helps young adults figure out what’s most important to them and how to make it happen.

A good book one of the cheap gifts for college students that doesn’t seem cheap. It’s a bit of condensed wisdom that a student is sure to appreciate whenever they need guidance!

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Hands-Free Stand for Phones & Tablets 

rose gold tablet/phone holder

Here’s another little gadget a girl in college will find useful:

A stand to hold a cell phone or a tablet. Multi-tasking, while studying and doing homework, will become so much easier for her.

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Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Party Game

taco cat goat cheese pizza party game

Looking for a unique gift idea?

This party game is just what you’re looking for. It’s a party game that’s fun for people of all ages. A college student will get a kick out of it from the name alone.

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Honeybee Fairy String Lights

honeybee fairy lights - cheap Christmas gifts for college students

Everyone knows that fairy lights are popular decor in college girl dorms.

Honeybee fairy lights a different take on the trend. And they are so cute!

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Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

a "self painting" Bob Ross mug is a funny gift idea for college students

All college students agree that Bob Ross was a cool guy. Which is why this “self painting” mug is a guaranteed hit on Christmas day.

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All Natural Himalayan Salt Scrub

himalayan salt scrub gift idea for her

High-end beauty care items don’t really fit into your average college student’s budget.

A special body scrub is a thoughtful gift she’ll enjoy. It’s a luxe treat for her that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

buy on amazon

Ring Phone Grip/Kickstand/Car Mount

example of a great gift ideas for a college student

Move over Popsocket, there’s a new all-in-one phone grip in town!

It sounds crazy I know, but this little phone grip is one of the best gifts for college students under $25. It’ll come in handy multiple times a day, every day.

buy on amazon

Handpicked Korean Sheet Masks Box

a college girl holding a subscription box filled with Korean sheet masks

You can never go wrong with pampering gift ideas for college students.

Face masks are easy on the wallet and something any girl would love to get.

This box has an assortment so you don’t even have to worry about which ones to pick. It’s a subscription but it would be simple to order just one ahead of time to wrap for Christmas.

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Farting Animals Coloring Book

The farting animals coloring book is one small gift idea for college girls

Farting animals coloring book

I think this is a gift idea that speaks for itself. Like the cover says, farts are funny!

Just don’t forget to grab some colored pencils to go along with it.

buy on amazon

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Paint by Sticker Masterpieces

paint by sticker book gift idea

Everyone is all aboard the adult coloring book bandwagon. Its rise in popularity is due to evidence that it has health benefits.

A 2017 study found preliminary evidence that coloring reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety. Pretty cool for a childhood pastime.

This paint by sticker book is a unique take I’m loving. It makes coloring outside of the lines a thing of the past! The gift is a nice way for a college girl to unwind at the end of a long day.

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Cute Animals that Protect Charging Cables

cable chompers - a fun college girl gfit idea under $20

iPhone cables are infamous for fraying easily.

Cable Bites are a cute way to prevent that from happening. A college girl would be happy to get some of these tiny animals for Christmas. There lots of different ones to choose from!

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Elegant Leather Bullet Journal Notebook

leather bullet journal notebook - gift for college girl idea

Bullet journals are a popular way to get organized.

They’re like a more opened ended version of a planner. Because a BUJO is basically a notebook full of blank pages, so they can be used for just about anything.

They’re a great little gift for students!

Check out the best cheap bullet journals or my top college planner picks for more ideas.

buy on amazon

Good Days Start With Gratitude Journal

Good Days Start With Gratitude is a good cheap college girl gift for Christmas

A gratitude journal is a thoughtful Christmas gift for a college girl.

With the new year right around the corner, it might be just what she needs. It has daily prompts to inspire self-reflection.

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Socks Subscription – Surprise Pair Every Month

sock fancy package in a mail box

The last idea brings this list full circle:

Socks are a thing college students look forward to on Christmas day. Because hey, new socks without holes!

Spread cheer year ’round with a fun sock subscription.

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Gift for College Girl Final Thoughts

This concludes the list of 2021 Christmas gifts for college girls. Give one of these ideas this year and you’re sure to put Santa to shame.

Do you have any other great college girl gift ideas?

I’d love to hear what’s been the biggest hit in your experience!


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Fail-Proof Christmas Gifts for College Girls

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