Class Tracker Ultimate Student Planner Review: Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

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Here’s how the 2022-2023 Ultimate Student Planner by Class Tracker will help organize your life right now

Disclosure: Product for this post was provided by Class Tracker. All opinions are my own.

2022-2023 Class Tracker planner on purple binder in grass

Being a student can be a challenging balancing act. College life throws a lot at you, and from all angles. To successfully juggle priorities, students need an effective way manage their time.

Whether you’re in your in senior year or you’ll be packing for college this coming summer, an academic planner is a must-have survival tool.

And when it comes to school agendas, one of the most popular choices are Class Tracker planners. That’s why today I’m doing an updated review.

Here’s what you need to know about the 2022-2023 Ultimate Student Planner by Class Tracker.

Quick Note: I routinely review academic planners to determine the best student agendas for college. This is my 3rd time reviewing the Ultimate Student Planner. You can find my 2020-2021 review here and my 2018-2019 review here.

Class Tracker Planner Review

The Look

Returning this year with 16 fun designs and colors, the College Edition of the Ultimate Student Planner is better than ever.

One thing I really like about this planner is the selection of covers (a handful are pictured above) it offers. The options range from brightly colored to neutral and don’t feel particularly gendered one way or another, making them a good fit for both college girls and college guys.

Without a doubt, the covers are a step up from when I last reviewed this planner in 2020. They’re now made of a soft-touch poly material. What that’s like IRL is a matte finish paired with a velvety texture that feels oh so nice to brush your hand up against.

While everyone knows that it’s what’s on the inside that counts an aesthetically pleasing exterior certainly doesn’t hurt. Now let’s move on to the main attraction and take a peek inside the planner.

The Details

the ultimate student planner college edition with colorful circles on cover, sitting on top of purple binder with midliner highlighters

Based on science and built with care, Class Tracker planners are a tried and true favorite among students of every academic level.

Founder Lesley Martin, who has 20+ years of hands-on classroom experience, recognizes that structure is a key component of success in the academic world. A strong structure allows students to get things done efficiently without the stress of worrying that they’re forgetting anything.

Yet most young adults aren’t shown how to prioritize and get organized in the first place. Without this knowledge college kids are often left to tread water, struggling with managing their day to day school responsibilities in order to avoid burning out.

This is why the Ultimate Student Planner was created.

Based on the understated power of monotasking, this college class planner understands your needs and provides a straightforward solution. It will help you plan effectively, get everything done on time, and decide which tasks are more important than others.

Inside the Planner: Overview of Each Page

For this review I took a look at the Ultimate Student Planner College Edition 2022-2023 in the color cream with grey and butter.

The undated version of this planner is nearly identical, but there are some slight differences which I will note.

overhead view of class schedule page and gol setting page in the class tracker college edition planner

Pages to record your class schedule per semester or trimester are the first thing you’ll find in a Class Tracker planner.

These pages (3 in total) have time hourly time slots between 6am – 12pm for each day of the week. This format allows you to utilize time blocking, a productivity technique for managing your time and keeping track of your schedule.

Next to those pages is a goal setting page. Here you’re encouraged to set a few long term and short term goals which are classified as either habits or achievements.

monthly spread pages in the ultimate student planner by classtracker

Following that is a two-page spread with a monthly overview. Other than major holidays marked, it’s a blank canvas to use however you wish! Decorate it with stickers, washi tape, and markers or go the complete opposite direction and embrace the joys of minimalism.

There’s space on the right to write down goals, to-do’s, or other reminders to yourself. I use monthly planning pages like this to jot down birthdays, events, and appointments.

These pages are also a great place to write down the assignment due dates from your class syllabi! Then you’ll be able to plan your weekly schedule based on your most pressing deadlines.

An overview of each month is placed before the corresponding weekly planning pages for the entire month. So it goes: monthly pages, weekly pages, monthly pages, weekly pages, and repeat.

👉 NOTE: In the undated Class Tracker planners, all of the monthly overview pages are grouped together. All of the weekly planning pages follow this section instead of alternating.

overview of weekly planning pages in class tracker planner

That brings us to where this planner really shines — the weekly planning pages.

Showcasing a horizontal design (click the picture for a better look!), the layout is simple but highly intuitive. The weekly view is what I love most about Class Tracker planners.

close up view of weekly spread page layout

For each week, days Monday – Friday include four distinct sections titled:

  • Remember to
  • Quizzes/Exams/Papers/Projects
  • Assignments
  • Daily Plan

Saturday and Sunday are more open-ended with 8 lines of planning space each.

close up view of weekly planning pages, self care corner

And in the bottom right corner of the weekly spread, you’ll find the “self care corner”.

This area includes a habit tracker of sorts for socializing, moving your body, and practicing mindfulness — activities that help you prioritize your own personal well-being. Plus there’s even a spot to write down something you’re thankful for and something looking forward to each week.

lined note pages in the ultimate student planner by class tracker, dated colleged edition

Lastly, a couple of lined note pages are found at the tail end to complete the Ultimate Student Planner. While there are not enough of these pages to replace your notebook, it is nice to have some spare paper handy!


Here’s an overview of the specifications for the 2022-2023 college edition planner:

  • 7″ x 8.5″
  • 12 months (July – June)
  • Options for dated and undated
  • Sturdy soft-touch poly cover with rounded corners
  • 16 cover design and color options
  • Coil bound
  • Monthly planning pages
  • Weekly planning pages w/ self care tracker
  • Designed & made in the USA

Video: Class Tracker College Planner in Action

Check out this short video to get a better idea of how you might use this planner as a college student.

Stickers & Accessories

The right planner accessories don’t overcomplicate your planning practice – but instead, enhance it.

Here are some of my favorite planner accessories from Class Tracker that I find myself reaching for again and again.

Zebra Mildliner Set

Zebra Mildliner Highlighter next to Class Tracker Student Planner

If you think traditional highlighter colors are kind of obnoxious, then these pens will freshen up your collection.

For those who are uninformed – mildliners are like the pale cousin of highlighters. The color hues are softer and milder compared to the in-your-face fluorescent tones of a highlighter.

And as a result, text stands out more readily because gentle colors are easier on the eyes than harsh ones. Personally, the pastel hues give me so much joy!

With milder colors, you can highlight text, color-code different subjects, or add a splash of color to your planner without making your eyes hurt. These mildliners are also dual tip pens; you can highlight with the chisel tip and write or draw with the fine tip. A set of mildliners are definitely a must-have for me when it comes to planning.

Instant Happy Stickers

Instant Happy Planner Sticker pack from Class Tracker

Not only are stickers a great way to accessorize, but they also make your planning more fun and functional. By using stickers you can transform a simple layout into something creative and personalized to you.

I love the Instant Happy Planner Stickers, they practically radiate positivity. The graphics are adorable and bright — you won’t be able to miss ‘em wherever you stick ‘em which helps with staying organized amidst a hectic schedule.

Plus, with 12 pages of stickers included, I only have to worry about buying stickers once a year!

Essential Page Marker

clear insertable page marker planner accessory

Unless your planner has a permanent home spread open on your desk, a page marker of some kind is a necessity.

Hence the name of this next Class Tracker planner accessory – the Essential Page Marker. It’s just the thing you need to avoid flipping through your planner in a continual panic.

While it seems like such a simple thing, it’s honestly a huge time saver! The fact that it snaps on and off of the spiral binding is a standout feature for me. This makes it super easily to move it with you throughout the planner from week to week.

Colorful Sticky Tabs

colorful sticky tabs marking months in the ultimate student planner

Last but not least, are the Colorful Sticky Tabs. They make getting to the right page effortless!

I think they’re a wonderful alternative to the Monthly Tab Stickers, but it might just be my love of pastel colors talking here. Besides the monthly overview pages, you can use them to mark any key pages you need to be easily accessible.

Even better, 2/3rds of the sticky tabs are transparent. Which means you can add additional notes to your planner without covering up everything you’ve already written.

Final Thoughts on Class Tracker’s College Class Planner

All things considered, the Ultimate Student Planner fully lives up to the name. Its layout is clean and simple, but at the same time so intuitive.

It helps you focus on one task at a time, ensures that your work is complete before the deadline, and helps you understand what needs to be done first. The Ultimate Student Planner has truly been designed with you (college students!) in mind.

To summarize:

The Ultimate Student Planner will help you solve all your organization problems using a simple plan of attack. With its science-backed structure and prioritizing technique, you’ll be diligently meeting deadlines and feeling much more accomplished — minus all the stress — in no time.

Taking into account the utility and price, my opinion is that the Ultimate Student Planner is THE best planner for college students.

The user-friendly weekly layout is what makes it such a stand out choice. So while many claim to be the “ultimate” planner for college students, this one actually has the bite to back up the bark!

Editor’s Rating:

Where to Get The Ultimate Student Planner

You can get the Ultimate Student Planner by Class Tracker (both dated and undated) from: or on

💡 NOTE: You’ll find the most current selection of cover options and colors on the Class Tracker website.


Alright this concludes my review of the 2022-2023 Ultimate Student Planner College Edition by Class Tracker.

I’ve shared my honest thoughts and impressions, however, which planner boils down to be the overall best one for you is completely subjective. Different features hold different weight for different people, and what’s important to me might not be as important to you.

If you’re on the fence, be sure to explore your options and check out this year’s 5 best academic year planners for college students.

Now I’m super curious to know what YOU think of it. Is this college planner the bees knees or does it leave it, mmmm, something to be desired?

Drop a comment below to share your thoughts with me!

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