undated ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner in Coral

Why Class Tracker Planners are Really Good Planners for College

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Good planners for college students of all types

good planner for college with coral cover that says, "be your best you"

There are a lot of good planners for college.

But why settle for just “good”? Wouldn’t you rather use the best weekly planner for college students?

Here’s the thing:

Time-management and organization are crucial skills in college. They have a direct impact on your success, not to mention your stress load too.

In a sink or swim environment, having the right tool (like an agenda) can make all the difference.


That tool is even more useful when it’s designed specifically for a college schedule. Which is exactly what a Class Tracker planner is.

⚠️ This review is old and outdated! See my 2022-2023 Class Tracker Planner review for the most up-to-date info and details.

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Class Tracker Ultimate Student Planner Overview

The Class Tracker Ultimate Student Planner is lesser-known than some others. So this might the first time you’re even hearing about it.


It’s an undeniably good planner for college students. Better than that actually.

Let me clue you in on the details…


Why they make GREAT planners for college students

Time management – it’s one of those things you’ve been told is important a thousand times by now.

But did you know that its importance extends beyond campus life?

According to research, even the ability to manage free time significantly increases your quality of life.

Ultimate Student Planner College Edition by ClassTracker in Coral
in this picture: Class Tracker Ultimate Student Planner in Coral (Undated College Edition)

When it comes to developing lifelong organization skills, simplicity is the name of the game.

And Class Tracker academic planners nail it.

Without unnecessary fluff to distract you, it’s easy to focus on what needs to be done.

But enough talk – let me SHOW you what I mean…

inside look at a good planner for college, left side goal page and right side semester schedule page
in this picture: goals page on left & class schedule page on right

I was provided with a free sample so we can really take a good look at what’s inside.

Right at the beginning:

closer view of the goals page in the ClassTracker planner
in this picture: a closer look at the goal planning page

There’s a goals page and a page for writing down your class schedule. Already that’s a super useful feature you won’t find in other planners.

semester class schedule page in classtracker college planner
in this picture: a closer look at the class schedule page
another angle of the Classtracker college schedule planning page
in this picture: the class schedule page has hourly slots for each day of the week

Next are the month-at-a-glance pages.

All of the month pages are grouped together. It’s laid out slightly differently depending on which version you choose.

overview of the monthly calendar pages in this great planner for college students
in this picture: the monthly calendar pages

The planner is available in both a semester and quarter/trimester format.

The semester option has 2 sections of:

  • 4 monthly pages
  • followed by 16 weekly planning pages

And the quarter/trimester version has 3 sections of:

  • 3 monthly pages
  • followed by 12 weekly planning pages
2-page weekly planning spread in the Class tracker academic planner
in this picture: weekly planning pages

I really like the layout because it’s so quick and easy to find those month pages when you need them.

You know, as opposed to flipping around a bunch to find that ONE date on your calendar.

Fun Fact: Class Tracker is a woman-owned business that designs and produces all of its products in the United States.

closer view of weekly planning pages in this really good planner for college
in this picture: close up view of the weekly page layout

Now for the meat of the planner – the weekly spread pages!

The layout for each day is broken up into 4 sections:

  1. Remember to
  2. Quizzes/Exams/Papers/Projects
  3. Assignments
  4. and Daily Plan

Those are all the planning bases students need to cover on a daily basis.

classtracker planner weekly page corner shot showing small to-do list
in this picture: close up of the weekly spread to-do list


Off to the right below Saturday and Sunday, there’s even an area to jot down a weekly to-do list. For those tasks that don’t have to be completed on any particular day.

Personally, I know that the more reminders I have the better!


Class Tracker Planner Review

To recap, here’s what’s all included in a Class Tracker Academic Planner:

  • Goal pages for habits & achievements
  • Class schedule pages (per semester or quarter/trimester)
  • Monthly spread pages (grouped by semester or quarter/trimester)
  • 2-page weekly spreads
  • 10 pages of notes in the back

In summary:

The overall Class Tracker design is concise, yet effective.

It provides a structured system for keeping track of assignments and reminders. Everything is straight to the point.

It looks and feels like a custom college student planner because it is.

Which is no accident…

undated ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner in Coral

The founder, Lesley Martin, put years of thought into the Ultimate Student Planner.

She used a combination of her 20-year background in education, research, and feedback from real students to perfect it.

“Simply put, the USP is designed to organize each week the way students experience it. We collaborated with high school and college students to come up with a clean, clear design that helps you stay organized without having to think about it.”

The layout has even been tweaked a bit since I lasted reviewed it in 2018. I have to say that I love it even more now!

And for you paper-quality junkies:

Upon my testing, I found that the paper holds up well to various pen inks without any bleed through.

The only ghosting I noticed was from using a sharpie. I’ve never been one to use sharpies in a planner, but I know some people like to.

Need a pen recommendation? Pilot Acroball Ballpoint Pen and V5 Grip Pen are Class Tracker’s top choices.



How big is the Class Tracker Planner?

The planner measures 7″ x 8.5″.

I think it’s the perfect size for students. It’s lightweight and small so it’s easy to carry around or slip into a backpack.

But it’s not so small that your handwriting needs to be teeny-tiny.


Where to buy Class Tracker Academic Planner

MyClass Tracker.com

You can grab your own Ultimate Student Planner and planner accessories online here.

The College Edition is available in both dated (August 1 to June 30) and undated versions.

The undated one is great if you decided to start using a planner in the middle of the school year!



OR if you love shopping on Amazon (which I totally get):

You can order a Class Tracker planner with FREE shipping right here.



Final thoughts on the best weekly planner for college students…

That wraps up this post about why Class Tracker planners make really good planners for college students.


Have you used one before? What do you look for in a college planner?


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