College Bucket List: 55 Must Do Things Before You Graduate

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College Bucket List, 55 ideas for things to do as a college freshman and before senior year

Sometimes attending college can seem like all work and no play. Going to class, studying and passing exams with flying colors are important, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for having fun.

College is about more than just academics, it’s also about experiencing new things and getting to know who you really are. Enjoy yourself while in college to make it a memorable time you can look back on fondly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your final year of college or if it’s your freshman year, there’s still time to make the most of it. Check off a thing or two (or all 55) off this college bucket list to help strike a healthy balance between school and other more enjoyable aspects of your life.


55 Must Do Things for Your College Bucket List

1. Go to a party.

2. Pull an all-nighter, stay up for 24 hours!

3. Do a tarot card reading with friends outside on the night of a full moon (bonus points if its Friday the 13th).

4. Meets lots of new people and make lifelong friends.

5. Try at least one club.

6. Make the first move and talk to your crush.

7. Get 100% on an exam or big project.

8. Take a nap in the library or somewhere else on campus.

9. Go on a road trip with friends.

10. Eat at every local restaurant in town.

11. Use your student ID to get a discount.

12. Go skinny dipping.

13. Attend a sporting event and show your school spirit.

14. Befriend a professor (helpful for recommendations and references for jobs/internships).

15. Go to at least one concert or music festival.

16. Study or volunteer abroad.

17. Use the campus gym consistently.

18. Live in the dorms for at least one semester.

19. Move into your first apartment.

20. Take a class that really interests you, even if it doesn’t help you work towards your major.

21. Go to a play or a musical, on campus or off.

22. Have an epic spring break vacation.

23. Go to an amusement park (Disney Land/World, Busch Gardens, etc.).

24. Get a piercing or a tattoo.

25. Play beer pong.

26. Lose the Freshman 15 or avoid it all together.

27. Get familiar with all the buildings on campus.

28. Spend a day visiting a friend at a different college.

29. Participate in a school wide event.

30. Eat out or order take out every night for a week.

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31. Get to know a foreign exchange student.

32. Figure out your own personal fashion style.

33. Be able to do at least one pull up.

34. Write a letter to your senior year self.

35. Avoid procrastinating too much.

36. Dye your hair, even if it’s only temporary.

37. Go hiking.

38. Pass a note in class.

39. Learn a new language.

40. Go bar hopping one night.

41. Go night sledding.

42. Take a break from all electronics for one day.

43. Go home for the holidays.

44. Take a plane ride by yourself.

45. Skip class, but just once.

46. Have an all day movie marathon.

47. Donate your time with community service.

48. Dress up for a Halloween party.

49. Be able to run a mile without stopping.

50. Create your own alcoholic drink.

51. Take TONS of pictures.

52. Go on a picnic.

53. Have a girls/guys weekend.

54. Make a trip to the ocean.

55. Hit up the farmers market.


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So that wraps up this post on college bucket list ideas. What are some things on your bucket list? 🙂


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