18 College Care Packages for Guys That Will Instantly Light Up His Day

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Knock-His-Socks-Off College Care Package Ideas for Guys

What do you put in a care package for a college guy? 

My advice – don’t overthink it.

guy college student excitedly opening a care package gift

Sending a care package is thoughtful and fun. Especially so when the recipient is a college student.

It’s amazing what a little surprise mail can do!

What might not seem like much to you can mean the world to a guy at college.

Whether it’s for his birthday or just because:

It’s always a good feeling to know that someone thinks of you.


Here are 18 terrific college care packages for guys.


College Care Packages Guys Will Love

1. Finals College Care Package

college care package filled with snacks and card that reads "I love studying for finals." - said no one ever

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If there was ever a time a college student could use a care package – it’s during finals.

Easy to make food and caffeine are a winning combo. Any guy in college will appreciate the humor with this one too!

2. Football Gift Basket

gift basket for guys with football, snacks, and beer

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Beer, tailgating, and college guys just go together.

So why not send him everything he needs to bond over a good football game with friends?

This care package has it all. And the best part is the unique football flask.

3. S’mores Hot Cocoa Gift Box

care package with all the things needed to make fresh hot cocoa including crushed candy canes and mini chocolate chips

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When the weather’s chilly out, there’s nothing like a cup of hot cocoa!

This is a great care package idea for those hard to shop for guys.

4. High Protein Snack Pack

assortment of goodies guys like in care packages at college

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If the guy you have in mind is big into fitness:

He’ll absolutely appreciate some high protein snacks!

This box has a nice variety which will give him the opportunity to try something new. He could even find a new favorite high protein snack.

5. Marvel Inspired Mystery Box

marvel themed college care package with instructions and gifts wrapped in shiny red gift wrap

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Any superhero fan is sure to love a care package decorated like this. The mystery gifts add to the fun in a big way!


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6. Something Out of The Blue Care Package

college care package with all blue things

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Everyone loves a good pun — especially when it’s accompanied by food.

Send your guy in college a thoughtfully put together good box like this where everything is blue!

This gift box idea is the perfect thing to send to any young man to let him know how special he is to you. And when it comes to freshman year blues, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

7. Sending You A Bear Hug Care Package

care package for college student filled with homemade cookies and treats

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Birthdays and other holidays away from home can be lonely.


Homemade goodies can change his mood! I like how this one includes a big ol’ bear hug.

8. Manly Care Package for Him

care package for him with different many things and card that says for the best boyfriend

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Wanting to send a care package to your boyfriend at college?

This Manly Care Package for Him is the perfect thing to surprise him with! All the handmade items are a fun and unique way to brighten his day.

9. Mini Mental Health Care Package

small crocheted lemon in small gift box with tag that reads when life gives you lemons

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College is a time for testing limits…

and learning from mistakes.

A little gift of a mental health care package is just the thing when he’s feeling beaten down by college life. The cute little lemon and it’s meaning will help put the pep back in his step.

10. Vegan Snack Jackpot

college guy examining care package filled with 18+ Vegan Snacks and Drinks

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Unless you’re well versed on the subject:

It’s not always clear which foods are vegan and which are not.


This snack box makes it easy! It’s a go-to choice for guys who are passionate about following a vegan diet.

11. Caliente BroBox

spicy snacks care package - great for college guys!

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Get spicy with college care packages for boys!

Because the treats you send don’t have to be sweet. Mix it up by delighting his senses with a selection of mouth-burning treats.

12. Little Box of Sunshine

care package with a variety of yellow snacks and items to bright a college kids day

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Nothing will lift his spirits and brighten his day more than a gift of sunshine!

Backed by science, yellow is proven to be the color most associated with happiness. So it’s easy to see why your college guy will greet a variety of hand-selected yellow goodies with excitement!

13. Just Add Water College Care Package

care package with flaps decorated to say just add water, care package items include instant noodles and drinks

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I love this college care package idea! It’s so creative.

You can include any instant food or drinks. Hence, the just add water bit.

14. Healthy Snack Package

gift basket for college boy filled with an assortment of health snacks which includes popcorn and peanut butter

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Healthy is a theme both he, and you, can appreciate.

Make his day in the best of ways:

Mail him a bunch of convenient food that’ll give him the energy he needs! He’ll get to try something new, save money on snacks, and have fuel to tackle all his class assignments.

15. Beer & Beef Jerky Men’s Gift Basket

care package gift with kettle corn, jerky, beer, chips, and bottle opener

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Here’s another idea for the over 21 crowd:

Guys love beef jerky. They also love beer. Combine both for a kickass care package.

16. You’re One Smart Cookie Care Package

care package with decorations that reads you're one smart cookie

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A care package is a nice way to send a college guy some much needed encouragement.

This idea is super sweet. Homemade cookies are a must with these decorations!

17. Custom Movie Night Box

movie snack themed college care package

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College can be busy and stressful. Give him a reason to kick back and relax with this Custom Movie Night Box. The personalization makes it all the more meaningful.

This is a more than perfect idea for college boys who are movie buffs!

18. I’m Your Biggest Fan Care Package

care package box decorated with green paper like a football field as well as with words and football symbols

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If it involves a pun:

It’s a college care package guys will get a kick out of!

cute black cat sitting inside of a college care package

Wrapping up with college care packages for boys

This concludes the list of college care package ideas for guys. I hope these inspire you to send happy mail to a boy you know!

Which care package do you think is best?

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Best College Care Packages for Guys

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