college success tips

College Success: A Step by Step Guide With 9 Simple Tips

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College success is not as out of reach as you may think!

college success tips

How can a college student be successful?

That’s something every student has thought to themselves at least once!

So in today’s post, I’m going to show you HOW you can have a successful college experience. 

In fact: 

It can be achieved with just a handful of steps that aren’t too hard to follow.

And honestly – 

It’s all mostly common sense stuff. 


If you’ve been scared by your high school teachers into thinking that college is SO much more difficult and rigorous than any high school class – don’t trip. 

Yes, some things are a bit more difficult than others. For the most part though, college is dependant on your attitude and the effort you put in. 

Which is why college success is a step by step process.  

So let’s get into these steps and find out ways to be/keep your college life successful!

Steps to College Sucess

For Starters – Go to Class

I know that this one can be difficult, and trust me as a current college student I’m right there with you on this struggle.


Simply GOING to class will not only ensure that you get those attendance points, but it also comes with getting first-hand experience on the course subjects taught that day.  

That’s not all –

Participating in class will help you to better understand the subject and have a chance to ask the professor any questions you may have. 

Don’t worry if you DO have to miss a day or two, though. 

Just talk to or email your professor beforehand and they will come up with a plan that works for both of you. 

Many professors are understanding – you just have to talk to them! Communication is key when it comes to your professors & missing class. 

Ask Questions

As stated above, asking questions will help you help on the path to college success! 

Even if you’re shy about asking a professor a question, there are fellow classmates you can ask! 

They might know the answer or, they’ll ask the professor for you. 


If you’re still completely confused during class, then go see your professor one on one. 

Many professors have office hours where they can meet with you personally. They’ll discuss any questions you have and try to help you figure it all out.

Now, another question you may have is:

What skills do you need to be successful in college?

The skills needed are actually dead simple and part of the steps to your college success. 

Let’s go over them…

Be Prepared

I’ve witnessed some classmates roll into class without even a pencil.  

college success

Which is definitely not the way to college success! Being prepared for class starts the night before.

  • Set your alarm (make sure the volume is ALL the way up).
  • Lay out your outfit options.
  • Double check that your backpack has everything you need for the next day. 
  • Make sure you have all your due assignments DONE.
  • If you can, meal prep your breakfast and lunch if you haven’t already done so. 

Another key to being prepared for class is making sure to check your email and class announcements the morning before class.

If there’s a classroom change or class is cancelled – those are where those memos are usually shared.

Be Financially Aware

One big difference between high school and college is the money aspect. 

Whether you’ve taken out a loan, are paying for it all out of pocket, or are using your free FAFSA financial aid to your advantage:

Making sure you’re on top of your finances is certainly a VITAL step for college success.


Not only are you paying for your college education…

You’re now paying for housing, food, clothes, going out with friends, textbooks, class supplies; and if you’re living off campus, you’re going to be paying for utilities.  

That’s A LOT to be responsible for!

So if you haven’t already, start by setting a budget.

Making a livable budget and keeping track of where your money is going can be made simple with this FREE monthly budget template

Utilize Tutoring Center/Study Groups

If you’re still struggling on a subject, go see your tutors! 

Most colleges have a place where tutors will meet with students and help with any subject. Just make sure to check the schedule beforehand.

Many general subjects like Writing and Math, will have a tutor from 9-5. But sometimes the Science and Computer tutor schedules will vary.  

You may even have a favorite tutor after a while. I know I do! 

Another thing that can help you with a tough subject is a study group

Look into them! Whether there’s one already formed or you make your own – 

A group of peers you can rely on are super beneficial, especially when you have a test coming up or you’re just having a problem comprehending a certain topic.

Talking with fellow classmates could also give you a different point of view on the subject that makes more sense to you. 



Another no-brainer tip.

But sometimes we all need a little reminder. Studying is definitely a key ingredient to the recipe of college success.  

Use any chance you get as a time to study. During your work break, on public transportation, at lunch, if you have a gap between classes…

There’s always time! You just have to make it.

Use a Planner or Bullet Journal

Having one of these will make about EVERYTHING 10x easier! 

From writing down your class times to making study dates, planners really help with, well, planning out your life

I personally use a bullet journal and find mine to be very useful.

There’s just so much going on during college! Keeping track of it all makes everything go so much more smoothly for me.


There are a TON of options out there when it comes to picking a planner or bullet journal.

So to help you with the selection process, I already have two lists with the best options for students:

Now we’ve covered 7 steps, but you may also be wondering:

How can I be the best college student?

These last two steps will really help round you out into the BEST student you can be!

Catch Those Zzz’s (Get Enough Sleep, Regularly!)

Sleep! Without it, we’d all be zombies.

Seriously though, sleep is so, so advantageous in gaining that college success. 

I know from personal experience that when I haven’t slept well the night before – I am a mess the next day! 

And, get this:

A study on college students’ sleep patterns found out that not getting enough slumber time negatively affects memory, attention, as well as mental health and academic achievement. 

Oof. Big oof. 

Of course, there will be times that staying up late is your only option.

Like when you need to finish forgotten homework, tweak a project into perfection, and maybe the only time your study group could meet that week was at 11 pm. 

There will always be exceptions, but try to not make getting minimal sleep a daily habit! Because that’s when it starts to really affect your health.

And your health is way more important than any school work.  


Join a Club & Have Fun!

When you first think of college success you may just focus on the academic aspect of it all.

But really – 

SOCIALLY EXPANDING is a big part of having a fulfilling college experience!

Finding yourself and your passions are actually just a part of being a young adult.

So get out there and see what interests you. Also, have fun while doing it!

Some of these things may even turn into lifelong joys and you could even find your best buds through it all. 

college success tips

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Well, those are the steps! Doesn’t seem so hard when it’s all laid out, huh?

Try them out for yourself and let me know how they’ve helped.

Good luck & I wish nothing but college success for all of you! 

Have any more college success tips?

Leave me a comment and let me know what’s been crucial to your own personal college journey!


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