Coupon Lingo: Learn What it All Means!

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Couponing For Beginners | 101 Guide | Coupon Lingo

If you’ve ended up here, you’re probably wondering:

Is coupon lingo a secret language that only extreme couponers know?

The good news is, it’s not!

You don’t even need to be an extreme couponer to unlock the meaning of it all; anyone can learn the coupon lingo.

When you first start reading coupon deals online, it can seem like a jumble of random letters that don’t make any sense.

OOP, RRs, EB….

…what do they all mean??

In today’s post, I’m going to decipher it all for you. I even have a cheat sheet you can download for free.

Want to know the best part?

Learning couponing terms is easy. In fact, its easy for even the most casual coupon user to pick the meaning of the abbreviations.

With a little time, and referencing back to this page a few times, you’ll be able to remember what the all coupon lingo means.

Start here to learn what each coupon abbreviation represents.

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Coupon Lingo Meanings:

  • $1/1, $1/3: One dollar off one item or $1 off 3 items, etc.
  • B1G1: Buy One Get One (could be followed by FREE or 50% off, etc).
  • B2G1: Buy Two Get One (could be followed by FREE or 50% off, etc).
  • BOGO: Buy One Get One (could be followed by FREE or 50% off, etc).
  • Blinkies: Coupon Dispensers at the store that have blinking lights.
  • Catalina: A coupon that prints at the store usually from a separate machine when your receipt prints out.
  • CRT: Cash Register Receipt.
  • DND: Do Not Double, this is from the manufacturer. Some stores offer double coupons where they will pay the “doubling” part and you can still use coupons that say DND on them.
  • EB: ExtraBucks (CVS store only).
  • ETS: Excludes Travel Size.
  • EXP: Expires.
  • IP: Internet printable.
  • IVC: Instant Value Coupons (Walgreen’s store only).
  • MCM: Magic coupon machine, same as the big red coupon machine at CVS.
  • MFR: Manufacturer.
  • MIR: Mail in Rebate.
  • NLA: No Longer Available.
  • One Coupon Per Purchase: Means you can use one coupon per item purchased. So you can buy multiple items if you have at least one coupon for each item.
  • One coupon per transaction: Means you can only use one coupon for each transaction even if you have more of the same coupon. Tip: You can break up your purchases in different transactions.
  • OYNO: On your next order.
  • OOP: Out of pocket.
  • OOS: Out of stock.
  • Peelie: Coupon found right on a product that you peel off to use.
  • PSA: Prices Starting at.
  • Q: coupon.
  • R: Regional
  • RRs: Register Rewards (Walgreen’s store only).
  • Stacking: When you use a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon.
  • Tearpad:  A pad of coupons in a store near a product (usually a display).
  • Plenti Points: Reward Points earned at Rite Aid.
  • Wags: Walgreen’s Drugstore.
  • WYB: When you buy.
  • YMMV: Your mileage (or manager) may vary, this means you may OR may not be able to get this deal.

Sunday Coupon Inserts:

  • P&G: Proctor & Gamble Sunday Coupon Insert.
  • RP: Red Plum Sunday Coupon Insert.
  • SS: Smart Source Sunday Coupon Insert.
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Get my Coupon Lingo Cheat Sheet for free here!

Learn everything you need to know about couponing here, with my complete beginners guide for couponing.


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