Credit Karma Tax Return Review: Worth Using in 2019?

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Looking for the best way to file taxes online for free?

My Credit Karma Tax Return Review will help you figure out if it’s the right or wrong tax software option for you.

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Credit Karma is a free way to monitor your credit score, but did you know that they have another useful online service?

It’s called Credit Karma Tax.


It does exactly what it sounds like it does. Credit Karma for taxes lets you file your return online and it’s free to use.


Unlike some other tax filing alternatives, this one isn’t going to try to upsell you on anything. It’s truly free tax filing for state and federal.

Credit Karma for Taxes

Credit Karma Tax is a newer player to the world of tax preparation software and as of 2019, it’s in its third year of operation.

During previous years some users ran across hiccups and glitches. Though those issues have since been fixed, it’s understandable to have a wary mindset about trying it out.

Which is why:

I put together this Credit Karma Tax return review.

Filing taxes can be a big deal!

Avoiding IRS penalties due to errors is a priority, but so is getting the best return possible. No one wants to miss out on money that the government rightfully owes them.

Personally, I know that I want to get back every little bit down to the last dollar.

With that in mind:

My goal with this post is to help you make an informed decision when it comes to filing your taxes in 2019.

Now let’s explore what Credit Karma Tax has to offer.

Table of Contents:

What’s Different about Credit Karma Tax this year?

This year they’ve rolled out some new features, like upgraded customer support and mobile filing, to improve the overall experience.

Other improvements include:

  • Personalized Guidance
  • A Maximum Refund Guarantee
  • Free Audit Defense – an add on that starts at $39.99 with other online preparation tools.
  • Jumpstart – this feature fills in some info for you to give you a head start. It’s available to those who have filed with Credit Karma last year and to those who can import a previous return from H&R Block, TurboTax or TacAct.
  • Error Double-Check
  • Accurate Calculations Guarantee – if the IRS imposes penalties and/or interest on you due to a Credit Karma Tax calculation error, they will reimburse you up to a maximum of $1,000 in the form of gift card.

In addition:

Credit Karma Tax has an entire library of articles that provide assistance for any tax-related questions you might have.

credit karma tax help center

The articles not only cover how their software works but also provide information about forms, deductions and more. The Tax Help Center is quite extensive and a big plus when it comes to navigating the often confusing landscape of filing taxes.

Credit Karma Tax has made great strides compared to what they’ve offered in previous years.

Is This Software Easy to Use?


In my experience, Credit Karma Tax is a very user-friendly way to file taxes online.

The software asks you questions to help guide the tax filing process, but it also allows users to explore each section on their own. It’s quite similar to the way TurboTax works.

There’s even:

A handy search tool that makes it easy to find anything that you want to locate on the forms.

Credit Karma Tax return review, navigatio

Whether you’re filing taxes for the first time on your own or you’ve got some experience to go off of, it’s an intuitive program to use.

Is it Really Free to File Taxes with Credit Karma?

Yes, it really is 100% free to use.

This is the main draw for their software! It includes:

Free tax filing for state and federal – there are no fees to transmit either online. That’s not always the case when it comes to using other tax software.

To use Credit Karma Tax:

You’ll just need to be a member on their website, which is also devoid of any charges or catches.

Who Can Use Credit Karma Tax in 2019?

In 2019 Credit Karma Tax supports filing for more forms/schedules than they did in previous years.

Which is great news!

The software is now an option for a larger pool of the tax filing population. If you make money with side hustles throughout the year you’ll be glad to know that self-employed 1099 forms are now available for use.


All of the Federally recognized filing statues, such as joint filing, are supported, as well.

In essence – they support most common tax forms, see the full list here.


Credit Karma Tax doesn’t offer tax filing services for everyone or everything quite yet.

The only reason you wouldn’t be able to use their online services would be if you fall into one of the unsupported situations, like having multiple state returns.

Check out which forms and situations Credit Karma Tax does not support by visiting this page.

Credit Karma Vs TurboTax

Credit Karma Vs TurboTax – how do they stack up against each other?

When putting together my Credit Karma Tax review I knew that this question would be on a lot of minds.

Both offer free filing at some level, but out of the two TurboTax has been around for much longer.

While TurboTax is one of the most commonly used softwares for filing taxes, if not THE most popular one, it’s also the most expensive one.

The TurboTax free edition really only works for those with the simplest returns. Anything beyond that and you’ll need to pay for upgrades.


If you’re looking to avoid tax filing costs that can be an important deciding factor between the two.

These are the requirements to qualify for the TurboTax Free File program:

  • Your 2018 household AGI is $34,000 or less;
  • You qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC); or
  • In 2018, you served as active duty military (including Reservists and National Guard) with a maximum AGI of $66,000, and you have a military-issued W-2.

On the other hand:

Credit Karma Tax offers free online filing for a broader variety of tax return situations. And as far as the navigation and usability of their software, they rival TurboTax.

It’s clear that:

TurboTax boasts the most features and the credibility of being in the business for a long time. You’ll just have to pay a pretty penny if you need to access any of their more complicated services.


If you want to file taxes online for free and have an uncomplicated return, either would make a great choice.


For those who have more than W-2s to file, Credit Karma is the option that won’t charge you an extra dime.

Should You File Your Taxes with Credit Karma?

In conclusion:

My Credit Karma Tax Return Review gives it a thumbs up – it’s worth trying in 2019.

I think that all of the leaps and bounds Credit Karma for taxes has made (concerning their software improvements and customer support) makes it a solid option in 2019. They have a few years under their belt now and they’ve learned from past programming flaws.

It’s not perfect for everyone, but I can only see what they offer getting better and more expansive in the future.

As long as the forms you’ll be filing for your return are supported:

It’s the best online tax filing service if you want a free experience from start to finish.

–>> File for free this year by trying Credit Karma Tax <<–

Have you used Credit Karma Tax for online filing?
What’s your review of the software?

pin it for later This online tax filing software has made big strides and may be worth trying this year depending on your situation. It's FREE to file your state and federal return with no matter how big or small your income is. Check out the full review with informational tips by clicking through! #finance #tax #taxes #taxseason #taxtips #college #collegelife #money You can file your taxes for FREE online (that includes federal & state) with Credit Karma Tax, but should you? How good is their tax filing software and is it worth trying in 2019? Find out all the important details and if it's right for you in this review by clicking through. (tax tips) #finance #tax #taxes #taxseason #taxtips #college #collegelife #money

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