18 Ridiculously Cute Dorm Room Ideas We’re Crushing on BIG Time

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Cute Dorms That’ll Leave You Feeling Majorly Inspired

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college girl with bed head in her cute room

With so many dorm decor options out there, back to school shopping can feel a bit overwhelming.

Even the decisions that are supposed to be simple (like picking out bedding) can be a paralyzing experience.


Creating the cute dorm room of your dreams is the end goal. So, it’s no wonder that you’re experiencing a little FOMO.


It’s more than just a bedroom, right?

At college your dorm becomes your home away from home. It’s your sanctuary to get away from it all and your most frequent chill spot with friends.

Most importantly:

It needs to be an environment that fits into your self- care routine.

A dorm room is like a blank canvas and you should personalize it a way that speaks to you. Tropical, preppy, boho, everything pink, extra cozy – you can choose to decorate the space (or at least half of it) however you want.


Here are 18 cute dorm room ideas to help you decide on your own perfect blend of decor.

18 Cute Dorm Rooms We’re Loving in 2019

Enjoy customizing your new space at college by trying one of these fabulous ideas!

#1: Jungle Vibes College Dorm

cute bedroom with palm leaf tapestry
Source: VSCO @thruthehaze

If taking care of plants isn’t your thing, then botanical-inspired decor is the next best thing.

The light maroon blanket used in this room compliments the leafy tapestry perfectly!

Similar Decor:

tropical jungle leaf dorm tapestry
cute pineapple string lights

#2: Comfy & Dreamy Look

white dorm room theme, letter board, lights, & macrame
Source: HomeSpunStyle

If you’re going for a dreamy vibe, fairy lights are a must. This easy decor will quickly improve ambiance of your dorm.

TIP: You can avoid damaging the walls by using command strips.

Similar Decor:

pink decorative pillow
white satin bedding set
bulb string lights hanging in dorm

#3: Cute Dorm Idea w/ Plants

boho dorm room decor
Source: Instagram @maryleafmakes
cream colored dorm bedding and wall tapestry
Source: Instagram @maryleafmakes

Now if having plant babies to care for is your thing – this next idea is for you.

It’s hard to believe this is even really a dorm room! The college girl who decorated it went all out in the best of ways.

Similar Decor:

houseplants in wicker baskets
round mirror with tassels
soft white throw blanket

#4: Simply Chic College Room

cute dorm bed with throw pillows, photo grid
Source: VSCO @megnnnicole

Check out this simple chic theme which uses only uses a few pieces.

It’s proof that less can definitely be more. A room like this would feel uncluttered and that’s such a good thing.

Similar Decor:

adorable wall lights on a string
geometric pattern throw pillow
wall grid for hanging pictures

#5: Tropical Getaway Dorm Theme

cute college dorm room with a tropical theme
Source: Pinterest

Always have traveling and beach trips on the mind?

Turn your dorm into a tropical getaway to stave off cravings until your next adventure.

Similar Decor:

fairy lights with photo clips
palm leaves tropical bedding

#6: Happy Yellow Dorm

girl standing in her decorated dorm room
Source: Twitter @Jadebradley24

How you react to a color is very individualistic. Yellow can evoke energetic and cheerful feelings in some people.

If you get a positive response from this hue, a yellow theme might be calling your name.

Similar Decor:

yellow eyelash duvet & sheet set
mandala wall tapestry
faux fur oval rug

#7: Cool Earthy Room Feels

white and yellow, palm frond adorable dorm decor
Source: Instagram @interior24k

Earthy decor is great way to help you feel more grounded when school gets stressful. It’s easier to chill when your environment feels inviting.

Use more natural materials to pull off this look.

Similar Decor:

tropical jungle leaf dorm tapestry
grey storage cube
string lights

#8: Decor Ideas Galore

room with lots of wall decor
Source: Instagram @_ella__moore_

When deciding on just one theme for your dorm room feels impossible – don’t!

Combine all your favorite picks for a room bursting with great ideas. Like this room, which has a little bit of everything.

Similar Decor:

gold pen holder for desk
LED message box

#9: Adorably Styled Dorm Room Corner

little corner with string lights, neon light, makeup mirror
Source: VSCO @meghanelizabeth23

The desk in your room is another spot that has lots of potential for personalization.

Pictures and a neon light will liven up the space with ease. And a make up mirror is majorly helpful to have if you’ll be using a communal bathroom.

Similar Decor:

cute neon light signs for a bedroom
rectangular light up make up mirror
photo clip string lights

#10: Orange Print Dream Dorm Room

cute dorm rooms idea using orange print bedding
Source: Instagram @deecampling

Achieve the quintessential cute dorm look by opting for cute prints. Such as an orange bed spread.

Pair that with some string lights and you’re on the right path!

Similar Decor:

orange print sheet set
grey geometric woven accent rug
hanging fairy lights

#11: Refreshingly Bright Room

dorm room with white bedding and wall art
Source: Instagram @valveak

Opting for light and bright decor is a sure fire way to give your room an overall positive feeling.

Gold accents all the white perfectly. Even add a pop of color in there if it suits you.

Similar Decor:

white satin bedding set
beautiful set of string lights
hexagon wall shelf for plants

#12: Cute Dorm Room Makeup Station

college desk with organized makeup
Source: VSCO @thedailynoir

Keeping your battle station organized and neat will help clear your mind when you need to focus. It’s one of the benefits of a clean room.

Plus, having it all put together only adds to the effect of your cute dorm!

Similar Decor:

blackboard wall sticker
triangle storage rack

#13: White Dorm Gold Accents

Source: VSCO @carolinehardie

Gold is in and I’m all for this trend. It just looks so pretty!

A killer neutral combination like this is sure to feel pristine at all time.

Similar Decor:

beige tassel throw for bed
gold foil throw pillow
white desk organizer for college students

#14: Stylish & Tidy Girl Dorm

cute tidy girls dorm room
Source: Instagram @lilacxdreamer

Cute dorm room ideas that work in functionality to their looks are total winners.

Because, being organized is cute!

Similar Decor:

wall grid for hanging pictures
shoe organizing rack
decorative plants

#15: Rustic Meets Girly Dorm Theme

pastel pink girl's dorm room
Source: Instagram @outrageousinteriors
college room with adorable bohemian decor
Source: Instagram @outrageousinteriors

The total transformation of this dorm room is next level!

This is the type of space that I could easily see myself spending a lot of time in. Everything about is just so visually pleasing.

Similar Decor:

beige and pink throw pillows
white mesh sheer curtains
abstract face decorative sculpture

#16: Soft Neutrals College Room

neutral themed college dorm room
Source: Pinterest

I honestly love the color grey. It’s a very calming color for me.

All my fellow gray enthusiasts can appreciate the theme of cute dorms like the one pictured above!

Similar Decor:

beautiful white satin twin xl bedding
hexan shaped decor for walls
cute rectangular dorm room rug

#17: Pretty Patterns Dorm Room

pink and grey room with wall decor
Source: Twitter @princess_meyah

There are solid color bedding sets and then there are patterned ones.

Keeps things fun by going with a choice that looks prettiest to you!

Similar Decor:

white framed
Tahiti Tie Dye Flower Sheet Set
pink & gold color block cushion

#18: Grey & Orange Boho Vibes

college dorm decorated with grey & orange
Source: Instagram @nadialouisethomas

It’s not often that I feel like the color orange is the best decorating option.

In this case however, it more than works. This last idea gives me a whole new perspective!

Similar Decor:

reversible grey and orange bedding
furry grey rug
geometric throw pillow

Conclusions on Cute Ideas for Dorm Rooms

There are a lot of great great decorating ideas for college students, but I think those were some of the best cute dorms.

How are you going to style your room?

What type of decor elements support your self-care routine?

More decorating ideas for college:

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girl smiling because the dorm room ideas are so cute
college girl smiling down
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