4 Cute Outfits With Leggings | Perfect for Lazy Days at School

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Lazy Day Outfits…

…for those days when it’s a miracle you even made it to class.

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maroon SO brand top with lavender in the pocket

You know what kind of days I’m talking about.

Days where you didn’t get nearly enough sleep because you were up all night finishing an assignment at the last minute.

And days when your period just started, getting out of bed feels impossible, and the last thing you want to do is go to an early morning lecture. (But you really can’t miss anymore days in that class.)

Days like that call for your most comfortable clothing. Not only that, but a low fuss look that can easily be thrown together in minutes.

When life is calling for a lazy day, cute outfits with leggings are your best friend.

Of course:

Sweatpants and PJ’s are tempting to reach for. But for the same amount of effort, you can avoid looking like a slob by having one of these looks ready in your arsenal.

So, just in time for back to school season:

I put together 4 ideas for lazy day outfits using the latest fashion pieces from SO (found exclusively at Kohl’s).

These crazy comfy school outfits will always have your back. Especially when you roll out of bed only 15 minutes before class.

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Comfy Outfits for School

4 cute outfits with leggings that I love to wear.

Quick and easy ideas that you can put on heavy repeat during the school year.

Idea #1: Athleisure Outfit With a Side of Secret Happy

comfy outfit for school: grey sweatshirt, side stripe leggings, lace bralette

The pieces I included in this comfy outfit:

Side Stripe Leggings | Asphalt Gray Bralette | Gray Burnout Sweatshirt
*TIP: Save $10 Off a $50 BTS purchase at Kohl’s during 8/2 – 8/18/19!

When you’re running around campus, you might as well look sporty!

Pulling off a stylish athleisure outfit is super easy and it’s one of my favorite things to wear. Because when it comes to clothing, comfort is my top priority. 

To get this look:

Start with a pair of knit type leggings. You’ll want a pair that definitely aren’t see through, but still feel like you’re wearing – well, nothing.

Personally, I’m a fan of the SO Side Stripe Capri Leggings because they FOR SURE fit that description. I’m even wearing them as I type this. Because I could easily live in a pair for weeks on end (you know, if that was an acceptable thing to do).

Put on a pair of your favorite white sneakers and you’re golden from the waist down.

On top:

Go with a super soft sweatshirt, ideally one that’s a light to medium weight. While the weather is cooling off during the fall semester, those unexpectedly warm days always seem to pop up. 

This SO Fleece Half-Zip Sweatshirt is right in the sweet spot for versatility. A quick zip and I can let off some body heat or keep it in (frigid classrooms, need I say more?) as needed. 

And, for the finishing touch:

A fancy bralette underneath will boost your mood (yay for the cute underwear effect!) and complete the look.


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Idea #2: A Sophisticated Outfit That Doesn’t Skimp Comfort

outfit: white halter top, green cardigan, folded leggings and sparkly sandals

closer up view of the green cardigan/halter top look

Everything I used for this cute outfit with leggings:

White Halter Top | Olive Boyfriend Cardigan | Pewter Sandals | Ankle Leggings
*TIP: Save $10 Off a $50 BTS purchase at Kohl’s during 8/2 – 8/18/19!

Cute outfits with leggings are a must when you’re a student. This next low effort look will keep you comfortable with ease during long days on campus. 

Pieces to put together for this outfit:

I love how everything just works with this lazy day idea. For how trendy the payoff is, this outfit is deceptively comfy.

Which is something I’m certainly not complaining about it. It’s a look that I’m happy to wear at school and out on the town.


Idea #3: Chic School Outfit With Endless Possibilities

lazy outfit with maroon button-down top, cropped tank, black leggings

SO button-down top and cropped tank with lavender in packet

What I used for this chic, lazy day style:

Ankle Leggings | Magma Button-Down Top | Cropped Tank Top
*TIP: Save $10 Off a $50 BTS purchase at Kohl’s during 8/2 – 8/18/19!

When you’re brainstorming comfy outfits for school at the last minute, just remember this:

Layers are your friend.

What’s always a great base:

Black leggings and an adorable white cropped tank top. Lots of (maybe even endless) back to school outfits can start with this winning combo.

One idea:

Take an outfit from meh to yes with just the help of a button-down front shirt. I chose a maroon SO top for the look above.

Red hues go well with my skin tone so it’s something I’m leaning into right now.

That’s just one of many color options, though. Knowing your season type can help with selecting the best color for you.

And, on days where you’re feeling lazy and whimsical:

Try putting a little sprig of lavender in the pocket. It’s extra and uber cute. 


Idea #4: An Outfit That Goes Back to the Basics

college outfit: white shirt, black bra, two strap sandals

closer angle of this cute outfit with leggings

My clothing picks for this cozy look:

White Favorite Tee | Black “Love” Seamless Bra | Side Stripe Leggings
*TIP: Save $10 Off a $50 BTS purchase at Kohl’s during 8/2 – 8/18/19!

Lazy school outfits like this last one prove that you don’t need to go all out to look good.

There’s really no need to overthink it.

An everyday tee (casual v-necks are always a yes in my book) accompanied by cozy leggings and blingin’ Jerusalem Cruisers will have you class ready in a jif. 

A look like this one is simple AF, but still miles better than showing up to class in a pair of sweats.

And, as aforementioned: 

Cute bras (I recommend this style from SO for cuteness and comfort) have powers. Wear one to give yourself a little something to smile about to yourself.

Seriously, this is an outfit you can’t go wrong with. Classics are classics for a reason, right?

I know I’ll be relying on this relaxed clothing combo for years to come. 



Final Thoughts on Cute but Lazy Outfits for School

sprig of lavender in front of SO clothing

I hope those comfy outfits for school ideas are of some help the next time you’re just not feeling it. 

We all have those days. And dressing well is one little step you can take to help shake off a funk.


Pulling off cute outfits with leggings is a total breeze. 

What’s your go-to style when it comes to lazy outfits for school?

P.S. Don’t forget to take advantage of nice savings at Kohl’s from August 2nd – August 18th. They’re offering $10 off all $50 back to school purchases!




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cute & comfy lazy day outfits for school

  1. These all look like super comfy outfits! I’m not at school or college anymore but when I was we had to wear a uniform. But now that I work from home, I’m big on leggings. I basically live in them!

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