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Cute Printable Weekly Planner That Will Help You Tackle Your To Do List

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Get organized and supercharge your productivity with this cute weekly planner printable

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed just by everyday life?

Between appointments, events, impending deadlines, and a never-ending to do list–it’s no wonder! There’s a lot to keep track of. And you probably have even more going than I just mentioned.

Trying to remember it all by relying on memory alone is like herding cats–it’s just not practical.

That’s where my cute printable weekly planner comes in.


Cute Printable Weekly Planner

cute printable weekly planner exampleThis printable planner with a weekly layout will help you declutter your mind and simplify your life.

Planners are easily one of my favorite organization tools. I can’t count how many times I’ve told myself, “I’ll keep that at the back of my mind,” only to let it completely slip my mind…

Sometimes for good, never to be recalled again! RIP to all the things I wanted to look up or do because they seemed interesting, but never did because I forgot.

Which is why I love using a planner–it’s like my second brain.

A cute weekly planner printable is helpful not only for organization, but also for relieving stress.

Each reminder I write down on the planner is like having one less ball to juggle. And it’s such a relief to ease my mental load even when it’s just one little thing.


Get the cute weekly planner template for free

cute printable weekly planner being used digitally on a tablet

Are you ready to organize your week and tackle your to-do list?

Snag a FREE download of this printable weekly planner and get started today! Access the downloadable PDF when you fill out the short form below.

*Printing tip: the printable planner is sized to fit 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

Choose ACTUAL SIZE to ensure it prints in the correct size. Choosing FIT TO PAGE will make it smaller than intended.


This weekly planner printable is for your personal use only. Do not sell, redistribute, or use for commercial purposes.

Sharing is appreciated and encouraged, but please link back to this post instead of to the file itself.

How to plan digitally on your iphone, ipad, tablet, or any device

If you’d rather use this template to plan your week digitally (instead of the old fashioned way) –

It’s easy to import the PDF file into a note-taking app, like Goodnotes or OneNote.

Here’s a quick video that shows exactly how with step-by-step instructions.

Video: Adding PDF Files to Your Digital Planner


overhead view of the cute weekly planner printable on a digital device

Weekly planner printable cute design conclusion

Alright, that wraps up this post featuring my adorable weekly planner printable. I hope it helps you fight the overwhelm and organize your life one week at a time.

I know I think it’s cute, but as the creator, I’m at least a little bit biased. What your thoughts?

Share with me in the comments below! And feel free to suggest a printable you want me to make in the future.


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