DIY Devil Halloween Costumes for Women: 19 Perfectly Wicked Ideas

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The best easy devil Halloween costume ideas to try this year

Below you’ll find a variety of devil costumes college girls and women will love.

college girl dressed as a devil smiling with pumpkin at a Halloween party

When you’re in college, Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year. Festivities extend beyond just the day of All Hallow’s Eve — it’s usually an entire weekend or a whole week of fun!

Which means:

Not only can you can wear more than one costume, but also you have every reason to. In this post we’ll cover some wicked cool ideas you can easily DIY and add to your Halloween costume rotation!

Here are 19 of the best DIY devil costumes for women.

19 Devil Costumes for Women

college girl wearing DIY devil costume and sticking out tongue
Via Instagram @pollymariiee

The beauty of dressing up as a devil is that there are so many ways to do it. Horns, tail, pitchfork, wings or no wings, the choice is yours! 

P.S. If you have knee high boots now is the perfect time to break them out. And if you don’t…

Now is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a pair. 😈

college girl in devil Halloween costume (dark red top and skirt + horns headband)
Via Instagram @partyka_ash

I love the deep red, velvety skirt and top paired with the unique metal horns here!

woman posing in her cute devil costume for Halloween (back lace dress, fishnet tights, & horn headband)
Via Instagram @leilamsilva_

An all black outfit will really make your red accessories POP.

female wearing red leotard, red fishnets, and devil horns to make a devil costume
Via Instagram @emily.heinen

And of course all red everything is a great choice, too!

example of devil costume college girls can copy (group of friends in Halloween outfits)
Via Twitter @maddyanello

“Sins allowed this Halloweekend.”

A leotard works for both a devil costume and a nun costume. In fact, they’re kind of a match made in heaven.

two college girls posing in their devil costumes at Arizona State University
Via Instagram @allieechurch

These devil costumes may have been thrown together at the last minute, but damn do they absolutely slay!

college woman dressed as a devil for Halloween holding her dog in a matching costume
Via VSCO @ariyvonne

You can’t go wrong with a ghoulish red cape and a matching outfit for your pet. Talk about devilishly cute!

woman wearing red dress and devil horns for Halloween
Via Instagram @sandraaa.zelca

A devil costume is always a perfect last minute idea because you build off of what you already have in your closet.

As shown in this example, a red dress, heels, and horns are all you need to look red hot on Halloween night.

example devil costume female group dressed up for Halloween with one college girl dressed as an angel
Via Instagram @christinachmielewski

Friends who dress up for Halloween together, stay together.

Angel and Devil Costumes for Best Friends

two college girl best friends, one in devil halloween costume and one in angel costume
Via Twitter @xospence24

“Black as the devil, hot as hell. Pure as an angel, sweet as love.”

If you and your bestie dress up like this, you’ll easily be the cutest pair at any party.

college girls dressed as angel (left) and a devil (right) for Halloween
Via VSCO @hannnwebb

They’ve got sugar, spice, and everything nice. If you feel like your outfit could use a little more flair, try adding a feather boa!

group of college girls wearing devil and angel costumes for Halloween
Via Instagram @ashley.berman

Not all angels are as angelic as you think. 😜

This take breaks the mold with a fun twist on the classic devil and angel costume. Switching the usual white angel getup with black wings and an all black outfit makes this idea wicked cool.

Serious or smiling, you’ve gotta admit these adorable best friends have got it going on.

Another shining example of how black and red are actually the perfect duo.

example of college girl best friends angel and devil Halloween costumes
Via Instagram @annieporrter

“Lookin at the devil and the angel on my shoulder.”

This devil costume idea for women is not only super cute, but also super simple. I love how this pair is totally rocking the look!

college girls dressed as a devil and an angel
Via Twitter @izsll

Instead of an angel your friend could even dress up as a unicorn!

girl BFFs smiling and sticking out tongue in Halloween costumes
Via VSCo @darianka

Not only is this coordinating BFF devil and angel costume idea cute, but it’s also a cinch to DIY.

If you’re short on time and need something to wear quick, working with the clothes you already own can work out beautifully. Case and point above!

Devil Couples Costumes

college couples halloween costume, boyfriend dressed as priest and girlfriend dressed as devil in red dress
Via VSCO @meganlydic

I love the satirical spin this college couple went with for their costumes. Big exorcist vibes – only no terror and just fun.

college couple wearing devil Halloween costumes
Via Instagram @ajshipit

How foxy is this couples costume?! I adore how they each have their own unique devilish look.

VIDEO: DIY Devil Costume Makeup Tutorial

As you’ve seen from the pictures above, it’s really easy to put together a devil Halloween costume. You can use red or black clothing and work with accessories you already own.


Here’s a video to give you one more cute outfit idea, plus a makeup look!

Final thoughts on woman devil costume examples

That wraps up this post with DIY devil costumes for women and college girls to wear on Halloween. Which one was your favorite?

And remember:

If you’re going to parties and drinking this year – don’t drive! It’s not worth the risk. Call an uber, a sober friend, or even your mom.

I hope you have a very fun and safe Halloween!

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Best Womens DIY Devil Costume Ideas for Halloween

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