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Disney Graduation Gifts: 15 Unique Ideas for Disney Lovers

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The Graduation Gifts Disney Fans Will Be Excited to Open

joyful young woman in graduation cap and gown with diploma in hand being hugged by mother on graduation day

Do you know a big Disney lover who’ll be graduating soon? Are you looking for the perfect gift to surprise them with?

No matter whether they’re an old school Mickey Mouse fan, all about those 3D Pixar films, or a lifelong princess enthusiast – we’ve got you covered!

We handpicked the best Disney gift ideas for the special graduate in your life. In our list, we included some customizable gift ideas too, so they can be personalized especially for the person you’re thinking of (which makes it totally unique and adds so much sentimental value!)

Here are 15 amazing Disney graduation gifts to celebrate your new grad’s success and make the occasion all the more magical.

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Disney Graduation Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Disney Blankets

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Give the gift of cozy by choosing a customized blanket with the graduate’s favorite Disney characters! I love these as gift ideas for Disney lovers of all ages – because who couldn’t use another blanket?

Any young adult who watched Disney movies as a kid will adore the sentiment behind this kind of graduation gift.

Not only are these personalized Disney themed blankets exquisitely crafted, but they are also incredibly soft due to the Minky material. From Lion King to the Little Mermaid, to Toy Story and even Hocus Pocus – SewBeautifulBlankets has a GREAT selection of personalized blankets with all of the most popular Disney characters.

💡 NOTE: Though some are labeled as baby blankets, you can order any of these blankets in teen/adult sizes!

2. Disney Graduation Pin

2023 Disney graduation pin featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

View on Shop Disney

Nothing commemorates a special occasion like a limited release pin! This cute pin shows Mickey and Donald celebrating graduation by throwing their caps in the air.

Since they make a new one each year, the official 2023 Disney graduation pin is a unique collectible and something your graduate can treasure forever. It’s easy to see why this makes an excellent Disney graduation gift idea.

3. Disney Bag Charm

View on BaubleBar

If you want to give a Disney graduation gift for a girl that’ll be something she uses every day, BaubleBar’s Disney bag charms are an idea that will WOW! I mean, how cute is that Alien charm cute?? BaubleBar has ,a super nice selection of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney Villains, Toy Story charms and more.

She can keep the charm on her keychain or clipped to her favorite purse. It’s like a bit of portable magic that’s guaranteed to make her smile! Disney graduation gift ideas for her don’t get much better than this. Trust me, she will be OBSESSED.

4. Disney Graduation Ears 2023

blue headband with mickey mouse ear and graduation cap with gold tassel, class of 2023 embroidered on the side

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You can’t go wrong with a classic set of Mickey ears – talk about the perfect keepsake graduation gift for Disney lovers! This is definitely a must-have if you know the grad will be making a graduation trip to Disneyland or Disney World.

Disney releases a special set of Disney Graduation Ears every year. This headband features a graduation cap between the ears, complete with a golden tassel and matching gold text that reads “Class of 2023.” They also offer a cute graduation hat with mouse ears!

5. Plush Toy Bouquet

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Flowers are nice, but this bouquet will never wilt or die. Next, we have this incredibly cute graduation bouquet made out of alien plushies!

There are bunch of bouquet arrangement styles to choose from. If you know your graduate loves stuffed toys, this is a one-of-a-kind graduation gift they won’t soon forget!

6. Pineapple Dole Whip Candle

yellow candle in glass jar, label reads Dream Whip Pineapple
SHOP: ReliveTheMagicAtHome on Etsy

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When you’re at a magical Disney Park, there’s no better snack than a delicious Dole Whip! Disney’s legendary treat is celebrated by fans worldwide and has earned iconic status.

While it’s not really something you can take home with you, this Pineapple Dole Whip candle is the next best thing!

Not only is this candle loaded with fragrance (scent so strong you can smell it through the box!), but it also looks like Dole Whip. All in all, these unique candles make for super graduation gifts Disney fans will be over the moon about!

7. Disney Graduation Shirt

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Graduation is a special milestone that deserves to be celebrated with a meaningful and memorable gift. One of these cool Disney shirts is the perfect way to do just that!

I included some of my favorite Disney graduate shirt gift ideas above – but there are sooo many more to choose from. I love Etsy for grad gifts, there’s really something for everyone.

Not only are these shirts stylish and unique, but they also represent an accomplishment that will be remembered for years to come. Give the gift of Disney this graduation season and make sure that your loved one has something special to commemorate their big day!

8. Disney Graduation Ornaments

Ornaments are a fun, collectible, and sentimental graduation gift idea that a lifelong Disney fan will appreciate, no matter the time of year. It’s a little something to serve as a reminder of their achievement and all the memories leading up to graduation day.

There are two official Disney graduation ornaments to choose from: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Both characters are dressed in a sparkling graduation cap and gown, which is sure to make a stand-out Disney graduation gift!

View on ShopDisney

These Mickey and Minnie Mouse Light-Up Ornaments for Disney World and Disneyland also make wonderful keepsake gifts for the class of 2023. I own a light-up ornament from the 90’s that still works!

9. Personalized Charm Bracelet

View on Etsy

These bangle bracelets are the cutest thing! As far as Disney graduation gift ideas go, you can’t go wrong with this one.

cornercraftshop has a wonderful selection of Disney inspired charm bracelets to choose from in both silver and gold finishes – you’ll find everything from Beauty & the Beast to Moana, famous Disney park, attractions, Maleficent and more. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Some include an initial rhinestone charm of your choice so you can personalize the gift for the graduate. You can even choose to engrave their name, graduation date, or a short message on the back of a charm.

10. Stitch Graduation Plush

View on ShopDisney

This completely adorable Stitch doll shows him in tropical Hawaiian-style swim trunks under his satin graduation gown. And with “Class of 2023” written on his graduation cap, who could resist this lovable Disney classic?

This little guy was designed to be the perfect Disney graduation gift. This Stitch plush will be the perfect companion for wherever your graduate is headed next!

11. Disney Croc Clogs

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All things Crocs have become VERY popular in recent years. Especially with young adults, Crocs are the “it” shoe!

Teens and college students love expressing their personality and Crocs shoes make it so easy with limitless accessory options. Which is why I had to include these as gift ideas for Disney lovers!

Give the gift of fun and utility all in one, with an awesome pair of Disney Crocs Clogs! Or you might opt to gift an assortment of Disney character Crocs Jibbitz. Either way, this Disney graduation gift will be a big hit!

12. Disney Inspired Memory Locket

stainless steel locket with mickey mouse ears, glove, shoe, graduation cap, and graduation year charms inside
SHOP: memorylocketsandmore on Etsy

View on Etsy

This darling memory locket necklace makes a perfect graduation present for a daughter graduating from high school or college.

This Disney graduation gift is a timeless keepsake that’ll be cherished for years to come. With its beautiful design and unique arrangement of charms, this piece of jewelry is sure to have your graduate feeling extra smiley on her big day!

13. Princess Shadow Box

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What better way to celebrate your graduate than with a graduation silhouette shadow box personalized with her favorite Disney Princess?

The hand-rolled flowers to form each Princesses’s dress make this grad gift idea really pop! You can customize the dimensions and which Princess you want in the showbox. This is such a unique Disney graduation gift idea. She’ll be absolutely amazed and will have no words to express her gratitude!

14. Class Year Mickey Mouse Baseball Cap

Class of 2023 Graduation Mickey Mouse Baseball Cap with Tassel
SHOP: CharmingShoppe on Etsy

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This cute Mickey Mouse Baseball Cap customized with the graduate’s class year is sure to be a hit!

You can even have your grad’s name embroidered on the back for added personalization. Better yet, you have a choice of stitching color and 18 standard tassel colors! This Disney graduation gift is a great pick for graduating guys and girls.

15. Disney-Themed Graduation Gift Box

mickey mouse shaped box with clear lid showing red roses and chocolate inside
SHOP: ShopSpotLA on Etsy

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Graduation is an occasion where flowers and chocolate make perfect sense. The combination is a classy way to say congrats.

ShopSpotLA has a few fabulous Disney-themed graduation gift boxes to choose from, like the one shown above. The instantly recognizable Mickey Mouse box is a nice touch that makes the present all the more special.


Do they sell graduation ears at Disney World?

Yes, they do! At Disney’s Magic Kingdom, stop by the Emporium shop to get the grad gift idea we linked to above (spot #4 on our list of ideas).

Does Disney give graduation buttons?

Yes! You can stop by one of the guest relations locations or one of the merchandise shops at any of the Disney parks and ask for a (free) celebration button.

Are there any graduation-themed Disney movies or shows to watch?

Although High School graduation themed, and not College graduation themed, there are a few classic, memorable Disney graduation moments. The most well known is probably the popular 2008 film High School Musical 3: Senior Year, in which the students perform their last musical together as they prepare to go off to college.

Other memorable Disney graduation moments include the S5E24 episode of Boy Meets world, where the main characters graduate, and a very special proposal goes down. I won’t spoil the outcome, but it’s a must-see moment in Disney TV history!

And who could forget the conclusion to Kim Possible, where in the final two-part episode she graduates middle school?

Do Disney parks offer any discounts for graduates or graduation groups?

Disneyland offers special Grad Nite packages for high school seniors. Find more information here.

Disney offers other discounts for groups of 10+. But at the time of writing, the pricing isn’t published on their website, so you’ll have to contact them directly at (714) 520-7079 for the details.

Are there any special Disney graduation celebrations or events?

In California, Disneyland Resort Grad Nite is an event to celebrate high school seniors, it has the park staying open extra late until 2 am. However, there are no special celebrations dedicated to college graduates.

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Final thoughts on graduation gifts for Disney lovers

Alright, so that wraps up this post on the best Disney graduation gifts. I thought this list was pretty thorough, but if you have any other ideas that would make great gifts, well, I’m all EARS! Let me know in the comments!

What gift idea do you think it the cutest? (It was the Stitch doll, wasn’t it?!)

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Disney Graduation Gifts

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