Halloween Dorm Decorations: 16 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cozy & Spooky

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The Best Dorm Room Halloween Decorations & Ideas

A collection of the best Halloween dorm decorations / Halloween bedroom decorations to get you ready for everyone’s favorite ghostly season.

Autumn starts slowly, but once it gets going there’s no stopping it. With pumpkin scents and clovey aromas erupting in every store and leaves changing colors, so rings in my favorite holiday–


And I love all the activities that go with it. Like going to the pumpkin patch, getting those perfect pictures, picking up a pumpkin-spice latte, and jumping on crunchy leaves.

Even if COVID puts a damper on the fun of trick-or-treating and parties that go all Halloween night, at least we can still have fun decorating.

In this post you’ll find Halloween dorm decorations ranging from cute to scary to help you capture the Halloween spirit aesthetic.

Now, let’s get witchy!

16 Halloween Bedroom Decorations for Dorms

1. Tarot Card Tapestry

Unleash your mystical side with a cool tarot card tapestry.

Tapestries are the perfect opportunity to redecorate for any holiday. They’re a popular staple in college dorms for a reason!

2. Dark Romantic Art Prints

Cottagecore, but make it paranormal.

This gothic art print is other-worldly in the best of ways! And if a Halloween gallery wall is the goal, well, I for one, can’t think of a better addition.

Tim Burton fans I think will agree this beautiful piece has very similar vibes to the Corpse Bride. It’s the perfect little something something to add a macabre aura of romanticism to your bedroom.


3. Stained Glass Spider Web

Make a statement with a unique spider web garden stake – stick it in one of the houseplants in your room!

Now is the time to embrace all things creepy and crawly. But maybe, not literally (unless that’s your jam)?

Thankfully a faux spider will work beautifully as a substitute for a real tarantula.


4. Macramé Ghosts

It’s October, so spooky apparitions are a must.

These handmade macramé ghosts are a cute addition to your Halloween decor with a unique twist! The level of detail on these little guys is truly superb.


5. Cute Ghost & Bat Throw Pillows

If you’re looking for cozy Halloween bedroom décor, it doesn’t get much better than this!

This cute ghost pillow and velvet bat cushion will give your bed the spooky vibes you’ve been searching for.

Place them all together or throughout your dorm for all to enjoy. 


6. Shadow Casting Tea Light Lantern

 How neat is this wooden tea light lantern? It’s like a hands free shadow puppet!

And the atmosphere it creates just feels oh-so-right for reading scary stories in the dark and giggling over jump scares with friends.


7. The Perfect Skull Throw Blanket

The fall season brings colder days and nights. And that of course, calls for cozy blankets.

Bundle up and stay warm with this exquisitely made skull pattern throw. From the crisp design to the material and overall feel, something about just tickles the funny bone.

But if occult is more your aesthetic, this Ouija board blanket has the right witchy vibes!


8. Moon Phase Garland

Moon phase garland is the ideal wall decor for those who love a modern boho look.

Subtly festive, it’s the kind of thing you can style your bedroom with all year long. Double win!


9. Spooktacular String Lights

What dorm couldn’t use a good set of LED string lights??

There are so many festive options that’re spooky and adorable all at the same time. It can be hard to pick just one.

Hang them around your desk or along your wall for Halloween greatness! 


10. Scary Bat 3D Wall Stickers

Decorative Scary Bats Wall Decal

A flock of removable 3D bat stickers are just what you need to transform those bland, boring walls into something more.

Peel and stick to your heart’s content!


11. Unique Stained Glass Suncatchers

Although the view from your dorm room may not be what you imagined before you moved in, you can still transform it into a sight for sore eyes.

Check out these awesome stained glass suncatchers. Not only are they charming and festive, but they also sparkle and shine in the sunlight!


12. Mini Decorative Pumpkins

12 Pack artificial Assorted Pumpkins, white

Artificial pumpkins are a must when it comes to fall decorations.

I like these white ones because you can create your own custom designs with just a sharpie!

13. Flying Bat Hanging Plant Holder

Show off your love of plants and embrace the vampire aesthetic with this insanely cute ceramic bat planter! Get a few to make a flock or let it fly solo perfectly all on it’s own.

But be warned – everyone who sees it will demand to know where you got it.

14. Ghoulish Neon Sign Lighting

Give your college roommates the cutest fright ever with a little ghost neon sign like this.

There are so many fun options that make perfect Halloween bedroom decorations. Custom neon signs are very in right now and I’m loving this trend!


For those of you who appreciate things that go bump in the night, horror movie posters are the way to go.

Add some sinister flavor to your Halloween bedroom decorations by displaying the theater poster art from your favorite movies.


16. Flickering Flameless Candles

Flameless Decorative Candle, Battery Operated

These candles won’t burn you, but they still add to the ambiance of a thrilling All Hallows’ Eve night!

These are battery operated and dorm-room-friendly; perfect for busy, and sometimes forgetful, college students. 😜 Set the right mood for your Halloween room decor, no fire hazard necessary.


How to Decorate Your Room for Halloween

11 Dorm Halloween Decor Examples That Totally Nail the Aesthetic

Below are 11 styled ideas to inspire you while decorating your dorm room for Halloween.

Mood lighting and pumpkin patterns galore! All the little details pull together so well in first this college bedroom.


college dorm bedroom decorated for Halloween
Via VSCO @caitymiller

Never underestimate the power of orange! The right tapestry pairing is the ticket to bringing the Halloween spirit to your dorm.


black and white witch aesthetic college dorm
Via Instagram @ghostlyanni

If a witch aesthetic is more your vibe you might try a more minimal approach like this. Tarot inspired decorations will set the right style mood.


Halloween decorated orange and ghost shaped pillow on bedroom
Via Instagram @kalynnicholson13

If you don’t have the money to splurge on a seasonable duvet, it’s just as easy to work with what you’ve got!

A few ghoulish throw pillows will capture the spirit of Halloween without draining your bank account.


college girl adjusting her dorm room fall/Halloween decoration by her bed
Via Instagram @coisasdaca_52

I love this take on dorm Halloween decorations.

The autumn leaf garland and “boo!” on the letter board are subtle, but SO cute. 

ghost shaped string lights
Via Instagram @coisasdaca_52

Upon closer inspection, the string lights are even tiny ghosts!


corner of bedroom with pumpkins, ghost, and witch decorations
Via Instagram @littlehauntedhome

You may not be able to paint the walls in your dorm (or college apartment), but you can take some style notes from this impeccably decorated corner. 

Though if you really want to go for it, temporary wallpaper is a great alternative to painting. And thrift stores are a goldmine for unique Halloween knick knacks to display.

Out of all these Halloween decorated rooms, this one has to be my fave!


dorm room halloween decorations
Instagram via @chloflores

Here’s proof that pink goes with everything! The curated bookshelf of Halloween titles is an excellent touch. 


dorm room halloween decorations
Instagram via @_allisonhudspeth

Have some shelf space?

Spookify your room with a Halloween mug or two, plus a stylish no-carve pumpkin. Check out the video below for some easy ideas!

DIY Video: Craft Your Own Personalized Pumpkin

YouTube video


bedroom with spooky Halloween pillows and horror movie posters
Via Instagram @mrs_betelgeuse_

This room is legitness–Halloween scream team to the max! 


bed with Halloween haunted horseman comforter and throw pillows
Via Instagram @autumnfirstbabe

This last bedroom combines sugar, spice, and everything nice. The cozy Halloween bedroom decor feels so inviting for a study session or an impromptu nap.


Final thoughts on Halloween decor for a dorm room

I hope these dorm-friendly options help you strike the right balance of macabre and a love of everything Halloween! Go with your feels and get into the supernatural sentiment of the season.

So get your comfy slippers on, put on seasonal films like Halloweentown or Hocus Pocus, sip your favorite festive drinks (apple cider is my go-to), and get to decorating.

Happy Haunting! 👻



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Halloween Dorm Decor: The Top 16 Cozy Ideas for Your Bedroom

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