14 Dorm Room Ideas for Girls That Are Melting Our Minds

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If you weren’t already dying to makeover your room, these dorm layout ideas will do the trick.

14 dorm room ideas girls will fall in love with.

college girl with head turned looking at string lights decorating dorm bed headboard

When making your home away from home at college, it’s imperative that it’s perfect for you.

We all need a sanctuary where we can get away from it all sometimes. And your dorm room becomes just that – an oasis for me time.


Coming up with dorm layout ideas that really nail your own personal vibe can leave your mind drawing a blank! I mean, unless you have the interior designer part of your mind already honed.


I know I don’t have much of an eye for it. That is without checking out other dorm room pictures for ideas. So, if you’re like me…

No worries!

Because I’ve rounded up a list of 14 dorm room ideas for girls that are MELTING my mind right now.

14 Dorm Room Ideas for Girls

Below you’ll find major inspiration for creating your own #insta worthy room with chic decor & more.

1. Achieve A Night & Day Transformation With Temporary Wallpaper

This dorm room before and after is totally mind blowing!

Temporary wall paper can do WONDERS. It can make your room feel like you’re not even in a dorm. I love how this college girl went all out!


bare, undecorated dorm
Via Twitter @madisyn_blayne

And after…

2. Get Cozy With Macrame, Plants, & String Lights

Cozy always = winning when it comes to bedrooms.

Envision a place where you would want to curl up with a good book and you’re on the right track.

Blankets, dorm plants, & nature themed decor really make this room a WOW in my books!

3. Express Yourself With Wordy Decor

Or, if you don’t want to bother with wallpaper:

Lean in to what a dorm room already offers – white walls.

These decorations with cute sayings compliment the theme without going overboard.



4. Turn Bland Into Wow With a Tapestry

Out of all of these ideas, this one is perfect for almost anyone! Because who doesn’t have at least a little bit of a wanderlust spirit in them?

Adding a world map looks beautiful all by itself. But, you can kick it up a notch and make it look magical with string lights hung over it.

Big props for this before and after transformation!

Dorm Room Before and After…

5. Channel Subtle Desert Vibes With The Right Accent Pieces

Cacti are a pretty HOT commodity, so why not go with a subtle desert look for your room?


Frameless photo walls, hand stitched embroidery, southwest style patterns and you’re golden!

6. Think Pink!

You can’t really go wrong with pink themed dorm room ideas girls!

Grey, pink, and white are a winning combination for this lovely layout.

7. Use Touches of Gold For A Low Key Luxe Look

Sticking with the same-ish colors here:

This next dorm room before and after is a must-see!

These pics really showcase how pretty and feminine light, blush pink can be. I LOVE the gold details too; they just give the room that extra touch of a luxury feel.


girl's lofted dorm room bed before the decor
Via Instagram @makeupbysheila

And after…

8. Don’t Be Shy About The Girly Throw Pillows

Ruffles, furry accents, and decorative pillows – oh my!

Embrace your girly side and let it shine for an ultra cute college room flow.

9. Go For A Spa Aesthetic With An All White Theme

What’s more relaxing than a trip to the spa?

Channel those feel good vibes all the time by going with a clean, pristine theme.

Simple decor is GREAT – especially if you embrace a more minimalist lifestyle.

girl dorm with all white decor
Via Instagram @maysproper

10. Choose Unique, Vintage Patterns for Boho Living

Get ready for tapestries, fun patterns, and plants galore!

If free spirited, hippie vibes are your thing – I say that boho living is the way to go.

I could SO envision myself living in this unbelievable dorm.

11. A Little Animal Print Goes A Long Way

Animal prints are IN!

Include them in your room plans for an ultra trendy look that screams chic. I’m getting a cute jungle feel from this layout!

12. When in Doubt, Decorate With Soft Things

Extra plush comforter, soft to touch seating, fluffy pillows…

Yeah, that’s the type of room I could really enjoy spending some time in!

Channel your love of everything soft by creating the best dorm room on your floor.

college girl posing in her dorm room with her arm up. Room decorated with grey, soft looking things
Via Instagram @carringtonwilkes

13. Pair Neutrals With A Pop of Color

Keeping it simple has never looked better!

A big tapestry to cover the wall with neutral colors just looks great.

You don’t have to overthink it when creating the perfect space!

Belmont university dorm room with letterboard & cactus tapestry
Via Instagram @misshannahashton

Bonus: Video Tour!

14. Stand Out With Purple Patterns

Is it just me, or is purple one of the most chill colors out there?

That’s why I think this dorm room is so awesome! It makes for an ideal place to unwind after a long day of classes.

Conclusions on dorm room layout ideas

Which of these girls dorm room ideas was your favorite?

It’s hard to pic, but my faves are #1 and #5. I can totally channel those vibes.

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