32 Easy Dorm Storage Ideas to Help Organize Clutter in Your Room

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The Best Organization Hacks & Storage Ideas for Dorms

Starting college and residing in a dorm room can be quite challenging for students, especially when it comes to the issue of limited space. It can be puzzling to find enough room for all your belongings while adjusting to a new living arrangement away from home.

But with some creativity and clever organization tricks, you’d be surprised how much you can fit in such a small space! This post will show you all the best dorm storage ideas to try this year.

Dorm Storage Ideas

Dorm Under Bed Storage

In most college dorms, beds are what take up the most real estate in the room. But before we dive into ideas for dorm storage under bed, first and foremost you’ll want to consider—

1. Bed Risers

organized college dorm room with bed on risers for extra storage space under the bed
Via Pinterest/@leecyabow

If the dorm room you’re living in doesn’t have a lofted bed, bed risers are a quick and easy way to get create more under bed storage.


  • Make full use of storage space underneath your bed by inserting risers under each leg, increasing the height of your bed between 3-8 inches.
  • Some risers have features like electrical outlets or USB ports.
  • If you have an older or lesser-quality bed frame, good risers can create extra support to stop your bed from creaking and wobbling.
  • Many college students consider sleeping higher from the ground an added benefit.

Make sure to note the weight capacity when choosing your risers, as they can range from only a few hundred pounds to over 1000. Also, some bed frames may require specific types of risers, so check that the ones you’re planning to use are compatible with your bed.

While not all college dorms need bed risers, those that do really benefit from the additional vertical height when it comes to organization.

2. Mesh Drawer Units

guys college dorm room organized with drawer unit under bed for storing clothes
Via Pinterest/@caymusjordan

Whether you need more storage space for clothing, shoes, personal items, or school supplies, a mesh drawer unit is the perfect dorm under bed storage solution.

Available as stationary units or on castors, this style of portable drawers is very visually appealing. It’s not hard to imagine how extra drawers will keep your dorm room organized and neat.

Wondering what the exact mesh drawer units are shown in the inspo pics?

That would be the Elfa Medium Drawer Solution from The Container Store. If it’s within your dorm shopping budget, it’s definitely worth the investment. Being made of high quality steel, these units are sturdy, versatile, and will last you long past your days living on campus.

3. Plastic Chest of Drawers

college dorm room with organized under the bed storage
Via Instagram/@doublebfamily
organized college girls' dorm with drawer storage below lofted bed
Via Instagram/@abby.gearhart

If you’re in need of cheap ideas for dorm room storage, look no further than the tried-and-true plastic chest of drawers. They’re one of the most common ways college students maximize their space while living in student housing.

Plastic storage chests like these come in a variety of heights, widths, and styles. Portable and affordable, these are an easy way to fully utilize under-the-bed storage for dorm rooms.

While the previous idea is “prettier”, you really can’t go wrong with this type of dorm room storage drawers!

4. Underbed Storage Containers

college boy dorm room organized with containers under the bed for clothing storage
Via Pinterest/@mythreeas

Copy This Idea:

Stackable and foldable, these containers are already designed to fit underneath bed frames. They’re good for stuff college students might not need on a daily basis, like extra bedding and shoes.

Underbed storage bins come in materials like plastic and fabric, so think about whether you need durability or water-resistance (plastic), or if it’s more important to have a softer aesthetic.

Make sure you do the math of how much room you have under your bed, as you’ll probably want to get as large of containers as possible. Also consider whether or not it’s important to you that your containers have handles for carrying, as most don’t.

5. Cube Organizer + Fabric Bins

sophomore college dorm room with items organized under bed
Via Pinterest/@janinamatsikas

Cube organizers deserve a place in the dorm room storage ideas hall of fame.

There are so many great organizational uses for this kind of furniture! Including, functional dorm under bed storage.

With the individual cubbies, all your stuff can have a place—clothing, books, shoes, you name it! You can elevate the look of this storage idea by incorporating some cube fabric bins in a color that matches your dorm decor.

6. Lidded Baskets

college girl sitting on dorm bed which has wicker baskets for additional storage beneath the bed
Via VSCO/@dtc01

Depending on the decor theme of your college bedroom, lidded rattan baskets might be more your style. These are a good storage solution for dorm beds of all heights.

Simply sorting your things into baskets does wonders! It eliminates eye clutter and makes your dorm room feel tidy and cozy.

Lidded baskets like this are available in a variety of sizes and even shapes (rectangular, square, or circle). They’re certainly a beautiful way to stash and organize your stuff at college.

7. Rolling Underbed Organizers

grey themed dorm room with rolling storage drawers located below the bed to keep the room organized and tidy
Via Instagram/@dormco

Looking for dorm bed storage ideas that can easily slide in and out from underneath your dorm bed?

Rolling carts and drawers will do the trick. This type of extra storage can be really handy; I mean, talk about convenient!

The only caveat: these may not work as well if the floor in your dorm room is carpeted. So make sure you know what kind of flooring you’re dealing with before you decide.

Closet & Dorm Clothes Storage

8. Hanging Closet Organizer

college dorm room closet organized with space saving hacks
Via Pinterest/@MiamiOHParents

If your dorm room has a closet, a hanging closet organizer can help you maximize the use of that space. They’re lightweight and designed to be hung from a closet rod.

Hanging closet organizers comes in a variety of sizes and sub types. This makes them useful for a range of organizing goals that college students have for their dorms.

And yes, as shown in the inspo pic above, your closet is another spot where a drawer tower comes in handy!

9. Closet Rod Extender

DecoBros Adjustable Hanging Closet Rod, Chrome

A closet rod extender is a simple way to increase dorm clothes storage. It helps by doubling the hanging space inside of a closet. It’s placed on the existing closet rod and simply provides an additional rod a few feet below the top one.

This is a great dorm storage solution if you’re in need of more hanging space. Love that it’s easy to install and doesn’t need to permanently attach to anything!

10. Command Hooks

dorm room closet using hooks to organize closet and add extra hanging storage
Via Pinterest/@klhubbard71

Command Hooks are the best way to decorate and organize your dorm room without putting your deposit in jeopardy. You can use these bad boys to hang purses, hats, scarves, jewelry, bags, jackets, and other accessories. They’re one of the most versatile storage ideas for dorms.

Whatever your goal is, just be sure to pick Command Hooks that are rated for the correct weight. They use adhesive strips to stick to your walls (or other surfaces like closet doors) so they won’t leave holes and they don’t require any tools to set up.

However, it’s important to take into account the surfaces you’re planning to adhere to—adhesive utility hooks don’t work well on brick or concrete, for example. Many of my friends’ dorm rooms had brick walls.

11. Garment Rack

college girls dorm room, clothing organized on garment rack for extra storage
Via Pinterest/@gigid1120
college guys clothing organized on rack storage in dorm room
Via Reddit/@nswj3

Add a freestanding garment rack to the corner of your college room (or where ever makes the most sense) to instantly increase your clothes storage space. Not to mention, shoe storage too if you choose one with shelves!

Most dorm rooms have a closet, but not all do. So if that’s your student housing situation, this dorm storage hack will work as a makeshift closet.

The look is very modern and minimalist, making it an especially appealing dorm storage idea for guys. Plus, a clothing rack is something you can utilize in your first apartment when you move out.

12. Wardrobe Trunk

Elevate your storage solutions with a touch of modern elegance and functionality! One of the top dorm storage ideas this year has to be a wardrobe trunk. Unlike standard trunks, this type of trunk has an upright design with built-in compartments.

It’s quite an investment, however, a wardrobe trunk does accomplish multiple things. You can use it as a nightstand, plus as extra seating and a footrest when placed on it’s side. Pottery Barn quality is top-notch so you can be sure this wardrobe trunk will hold up to the test of time.

13. Drawer Dividers

Kootek 16 Pack Drawer Organizers for Clothing, Dresser Drawer Organizer Clothes Fabric Foldable Dividers, Cabinet Closet Organizers and Storage Boxes for Baby Clothes, Underwear, Bras, Socks

You don’t need to be a neat freak to appreciate the satisfaction of a well organized drawer!

Whether you want to straighten out things in the dresser your college dorm came furnished with or an added chest of drawers, drawer dividers are a go-to storage idea.

Drawer dividers are used to create separate compartments within a drawer to keep clothes, socks, and underwear organized and easy to find. They couldn’t be simpler to set up so you have no excuse for not utilizing them! They come in a variety of materials and styles.

14. Over-the-Door Organizers

college dorm room closet organized with over-the-door pockets holding shoes
Via Pinterest/@wbyars

As far as the best ideas for dorm room storage go, over-the-door organizers are incredibly handy. There are a ton of ways you can use one of these to organize the stuff in your room—including clothing.

Over-the-door organizers are most often used for shoes or toiletries but can be used for any small items like accessories, cleaning supplies, and even snacks. They’re great because they don’t take up any floor space and can be hung on your main door or the door of your closet.

This storage idea for small spaces is available in a variety of styles to fit all your dorm storage needs. Some have pockets, and others have more of a shelf.

Desk Organization

15. Dorm Desk Hutch

college dorm room desk with wooden bookshelf on top to create additional storage space
Via Dormify
college dorm desk hutch organizing school supplies in student girl bedroom
Via Amazon

A dorm desk hutch is a cubby shelf that sits on top of a desk. Great for college, you’ll appreciate having the added storage space this shelving unit provides.

The nice part about a dorm hutch is it’s already designed to fit perfectly on the desk that comes furnished in your dorm room. So you don’t need to worry about measuring the dimensions beforehand.

These are the perfect dorm room storage idea to save space and keep your study area tidy!

16. Desk Organizer

The best dorm storage ideas are straightforward and uncomplicated, just like good ol’ desk organizers. These can organize school supplies (pens, pencils, paperclips, sticky notes, etc.), papers, jewelry, or any other small accessories.

This is important to free up valuable and limited desk space so you can focus on your studies. Some organizers have multiple compartments for storing different types of items, while others have built-in file holders or shelves for storing books or paperwork.

17. Over the Chair Pocket Organizer

dorm room desk with pocket caddy organizing things on back of chair
Via Dormify

Keeping a small space organized is all about seeing everything as an opportunity for more storage.

Use the back of your dorm desk chair to store electronics, school supplies, and other study session must-haves with an over-the-chair pocket organizer. It even doubles as cushioning to make the chair more comfortable.

18. Mini Storage Crates

Mini storage crates are one of the trendiest storage ideas for dorm rooms this year! I included some in the college survival kit care package I sent to my brother who’s starting his freshman year.

These colorful plastic bins are stackable and collapsible, and just fabulous for desk organization. They’re useful for storing sticky notes, pens, makeup, and other small items creating clutter on your dorm room desk.

19. Magazine Holders

A magazine holder doesn’t need to be used only for magazines; these are great for storing your notebooks and textbooks too!

Something like this is a more flexible option for organizing your dorm room desk. Each file organizer is a separate compartment so they don’t have to be grouped next together.

20. Vertical File Rack

Elevate your desktop organization game (and stay under budget) with a sleek and minimalist vertical file rack. This storage idea for dorm rooms is the perfect solution for sorting all your class papers, folders, and notebooks. It keeps your workspace tidy while still keeping everything within easy reach.

There are many different kinds of file organizers for desks. I’m a big fan of this triangle-shaped one! It’s cute and goes beautifully with nearly all dorm decor themes.

Dorm Room Food Storage

21. Mini Fridge Shelves

mint green dorm room mini fridge with wire shelf above storing food and matching microwave
Via Pinterest/@bestbuy

If you’re looking for dorm food storage ideas, a mini fridge shelf stand is one of the most popular choices. It’s a straightforward, no-fuss organization for college guys and girls.

With a tall dorm fridge shelf you can take advantage of the vertical space in your room for storing food. Adjustable shelves make it easy for you to customize it to your personal needs and preferences.

Mini fridge shelves are perfect for setting up a little dorm kitchen of sorts. There’s plenty of space for a microwave, coffee maker, snacks, cutlery, and even a TV on top. Make use of a few storage baskets to keep everything visually organized.

22. Mini Fridge Storage Hutch

college dorm room with mini fridge and microwave organized in a white over-the-fridge shelf unit
Via Pinterest/@vodo1

Copy This Idea:

A hutch that goes over a mini fridge is another ideal storage idea for dorms and small spaces. Because while extremely utilitarian, metal shelving isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! Some college students prefer the look of wooden dorm furniture.

So if you’re not a huge fan of the whole open shelf look, then you might want to go with a mini fridge storage hutch.

It’s very similar to the previous dorm room storage idea. It centralizes all your food and appliances which can make your college room feel more put together.

23. Dorm Fridge Cabinet

cutely decorated college girl dorm room with white storage cabinet in between beds hiding mini fridge and food storage
Via Instagram/@afterfivedesigns

Copy This Idea:

A hidden mini fridge cabinet is easily the most stylish dorm room storage hack for organizing food. It goes wonderfully with most dorm decorations, and you get to keep all your snacks close by.

I’ll be upfront—this dorm fridge cabinet is not cheap. But it is one of the most sought after cabinets for dorm refrigerators.

Dorm room decor inspo pics like the one shown above always garner a ton of comments. Everyone wants to know what it’s called and where they can get it. And no wonder, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture!

I was able to find the EXACT same dorm mini fridge cabinet on Wayfair. So if it’s calling your name and you absolutely need it, you don’t have to wonder where you can get one!

**IKEA Dorm Room Storage Hack**

Want a cabinet to hide the mini fridge in your dorm room, but don’t want to pay the high price for a designer piece?

I don’t blame ya! So I came up with a solution for this dorm storage idea. Fortunately, there is a way to make a similar cabinet for 1/4th of the cost (or less).

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Start with a storage cabinet from IKEA.

Looking at the dimensions of the 5 best dorm refrigerators—there are two storage options from IKEA that will work. For mini fridges with a depth of 19 inches or less, the IDANÄS cabinet is your best option.

Cabinet with bi-folding doors, white

For mini fridges with a depth over 19 inches and up to 24 inches, you’ll want to go with the KNOXHULT base cabinet.

Base cabinet with doors and drawer, white

Step 2: Assemble your storage cabinet, but don’t install the shelves on one side.

The mini fridge will fit on the side without shelves. To be able to plug in the mini fridge, you’ll want to either A) don’t install the back panel on the same side or B) cut a hole in the back panel.

Step 3: Replace/install the handles of your choice. And that’s it!

That’s all there is to this IKEA hack for a dorm fridge cabinet!

24. Rolling Dorm Kitchen

rolling kitchenette cabinet with two drawers and storage space on top for microwave
Via Wayfair

Copy This Idea:

A rolling kitchen cart is a great way to organize food and cooking appliances in your dorm room. Shelves and drawers provide much needed storage space for college students while also not taking up much floor room.

A microwave fits nicely on top or a Keurig if you want to have a cute coffee station. It’s honestly a perfect storage idea for keeping all of your dorm kitchen essentials neat and tidy!

25. Mini Fridge Dorm Station

cheerful college girls in their college dorm room with mini fridge and shelf unit between beds for extra storage
Via Instagram/@megannkelleher

Copy This Idea:

A “DIY” mini fridge dorm station is one of the more budget-friendly food storage ideas for dorms. And it’s easier than it looks to accomplish—no power tools needed for this idea!

These college girls used a pair of cube organizers and some collapsible storage bins to create the mini fridge station between their beds. So simple, but so smart!

If you want to have a top drawer, use this Yak About It extra tall nightstand instead of the cube organizers. With a microwave stacked on top of a mini fridge it looks like a custom storage unit.

Dorm Storage Furniture

26. Bedside Cart

college girls in decorated and organized dorm room at university of alabama
Via Instagram/@gfbenz
college dorm room with dorm storage cart next to bed
Via Instagram/@emily.c.whitworth
orange boho decorated college girls dorm room with nightstand with extra storage drawers on left
Via Dormify/review from Shona

Beside carts with drawers are a popular piece of storage furniture on college campuses. There are a variety of color options which makes them fitting for girls preppy dorms, minimalist guy dorm rooms, and everything in between.

The height is just right for lofted dorm beds making it the perfect nightstand for college students. Some bedside carts have wheels, others are stationary, and some even have outlets. Which means it doubles as an ultra convenient charging station!

27. Storage Ottoman

white decorated college girl dorm beautifully organized with storage ottoman next to bed
Via Pinterest/@sophiescott907
rustic grey and orange dorm room neatly organized with dorm storage furniture
Via Pinterest/@kdage6

Store ottomans are well loved by college kids. It’s an easy way to add extra storage space and seating all at the same time.

These come in a range of styles and price points. Storage ottomans are one of the more versatile storage ideas for dorm rooms. They go great with all kinds of decor themes!

28. Shoe Rack Bench

bench with 2 shelves for shoes
Via Dormify

Looking for dorm shoe storage ideas?

A shoe rack bench is the perfect solution. When considering how to make the most of a small space, furniture that has multiple uses is a big win.

29. Trunk

college dorm room with under bed storage including a trunk
Via Pottery Barn/Standard Dorm Trunk

A trunk or a chest is another useful dorm storage solution to consider. You can use it stash away clothing, blankets, and valuables you might want to keep locked up.

This dorm storage idea is more often favored by college guys as the look can skew more utilitarian. However, this storage idea comes in a variety of colors for those who want to organize with a vintage inspired look. A trunk also doubles as a footrest and extra seating for friends, too!

30. Multi-Tier Utility Cart

utlity cart organized with snacks for college dorm room extra storage space
Via Amazon

Michaels is the store that originally launched the 3-tier cart into popularity, and it’s never looked back. Multi-tier utility carts are a staple dorm room storage hack. There are so many ways to use one to maximize your space!

Many college students use a utility cart to create a coffee bar, to keep food organized, or as portable under bed storage. Slim utility carts are particularly useful for creating additional bathroom storage in dorm rooms with a private bathroom.

31. Stackable Milk Crates

Copy This Idea:

Baskets and crates are a must for dorm room organization. Stack a few large crates, and you have unique bedside storage!

I adore the creativity of this dorm storage idea. These stackable milk crates come in a range of colors so you can really have fun customizing how you want it to look.

32. IKEA Alex Drawer Unit

college girl preppy dorm room with extra storage drawers at the bedside
Via Pinterest/@shelbymccurdyy

Copy This Idea:

Last but not least is IKEA’s Alex Drawer Unit. It’s a super popular choice for dorm storage furniture. Lots of college students like using these because of the value it offers for the price point.

This style of drawer unit work perfectly for making the most out of a small space. This piece of furniture has plenty of drawer space to store clothing, extra bedding, school supplies, and more. It comes in different widths, heights, and colors to suit your needs. Amazon even carries similar drawer units now for those who don’t live near an IKEA.

You can use it as a convenient nightstand, or you can even create a mini fridge dorm station. To do so, start with a pair of Alex Drawer units. Then take a laminate countertop from IKEA or Amazon and simply place it on top. And voila, your mini fridge will fit underneath the table top and between the drawer units!

Final thoughts on storage ideas for dorm rooms

That concludes this post on the ultimate guide to dorm storage ideas. I hope this has helped you discover new ways to organize your dorm room and what the best solutions are for your living situation.

Which storage ideas for dorm rooms do you like best? Is there anything I didn’t cover that you think should be added to this post?

Drop a comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts!

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