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Dorms in UCLA: 19 Gorgeous Rooms (+ Video Tours!)

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UCLA Dorm Rooms

Get ready to explore the dorms in UCLA!

students walking on campus at UCLA

The University of California, Los Angeles has housing for over 10,000 students. Which translates to a lot of dorms.

If you applied (or have already been accepted!) you may have questions about the housing options. Like – which UCLA dorm is best?

So to give you a taste of what to expect:

Rounded up in this post are pictures of cute UCLA dorms. Additionally, I included some of the best UCLA dorms tour videos.

You’ll also find more details about the campus, so you can get a good feel for the university housing as a whole.

Take a virtual look inside, plus find great decorating ideas down below!

UCLA Dorms Map

UCLA campus map with circle indicating where the dorms are
Campus Map of the University of California, Los Angeles


Let’s get an overview look with the UCLA campus map.

All of the undergraduate dormitories are located in the northwest part of the campus, which is known as “the Hill.”

UCLA dorms map
UCLA Dorms Map

(Here’s a closer view. )

Within the Hill are 6 main residential complexes:

  • De Neve Plaza
  • Dykstra Hall
  • Hedrick Court
  • Reiber Court
  • Sproul Plaza
  • and Sunset Village

Dykstra was built in 1959, making the oldest dorm at UCLA. However, it did undergo renovations in 2012-13.

The newest student housing buildings are Holly Ridge, Gardenia Way, Sproul Cove, and Sproul Landing. They were completed in 2012 and 2013.


In light of the increased demand for student housing, UCLA has long-term plans for the construction of additional buildings.

Want more info?

Check out an interactive campus map, download a printable PDF, and get directions here.

UCLA Dorms Pictures

palm leaf and white themed dorm room at UCLA Rieber Hall
Rieber Hall Dorm | credit: @chloeqpan

And now the fun part:

Pictures of lovely dorm rooms!

college girl at UCLA smiling, holding pillows and posing in her dorm
De Neve Towers | credit: @shaineb

You may not be able to paint the walls, but you can liven them up with a nice wall hanging.

female UCLA students sitting in pink and white decorated dorm bunk bed
De Neve Towers | credit: @mamajulesesq

Bunking while dorming is pretty normal…

but these bunks are above average!

happy college girl sitting on her dorm room bed with tapestry and pictures behind her
Hedrick Hall UCLA | credit: @laurenkimmyy

This is such an adorable idea.

Clipping pics onto a tapestry like this is genius. A little creativity goes a long way.

cozy college dorm room with grey decor and string lights
credit: @blueeyedbiblio

Pink is great and grey is, too. I love the calming vibe of this color theme.

college girl posing next to her bunk bed in the UCLA dorms
De Neve Towers | credit: @monchikponchikk

Friends are the BEST dorm room decor! That and fluffy, faux fur pillows. This bunk bed setup is so festive.

dorm room at UCLA with blue and orange bedspread. Orange words tapestry behind smiling female student posing on bed
credit: @rachspadt

The orange in the bedspread pattern and the tapestry makes this college room POP.

UCLA double dorm room layout
De Neve Towers | credit: @victoriapelmann

The view is a factor to consider when you’re deciding on which UCLA dorm you want to live in. Sunlight gives this room a light and airy feel.

happy college girl posing in her pink decorated dorm room in UCLA
Hitch Suites | credit @brianna.rose.h

This room is like a trip to the candy aisle:

So many things to look at and want!

light and bright dorm decorated with pictures on the wall
credit: @laurenkimmyy

This picture? Perfect! That bed set? Perfect!

happy female UCLA student sitting on her dorm bed. room decorated with photos on wall, tapestry and string lights
Hedrick Hall | credit: @annadickson10

This one is giving me major blanket fort FOMO.

Decorating with vines and polaroids is super in right now.

college girl standing next to her bed at the UCLA dorms
Hitch Suites | credit: @dawnzanagar
female college student in her blue accent decorated dorm at UCLA with a big smile
UCLA Hedrick Summit | credit: @chandlercoon

I’m loving the shades of blue with this dorm room bunk bed.

dorm room at UCLA with gold tapestry on wall and pink decor
Hedrick Hall | credit: @mklchc

A golden tapestry + pink hues = one dreamy UCLA dorm!

college girl wearing UCLA tshirt sitting on her dorm room bed

I’m kind of obsessing over the flamingo pillow right now.

college girl sitting crossed legged on her dorms bed at UCLA
Hedrick Hall | credit: @alisonbrooklyn

Featured here: A fuzzy blanket, a world map, and all the pictures to remember the homies!

UCLA dorm with white bedspread and orange decor accents
De Neve Plaza | credit: @paulina.panas

This orange color scheme gives it a Halloween feel all year long.

example of dorms at UCLA with smiling college girl posing on top bunk
De Neve Commons | credit: @morganjnelson

Are you detecting a pattern yet? You can’t go wrong with pictures and a world map for dorm room decor.

UCLA Dorms Tour Videos

UCLA dorms inside – these tours can give you an even better idea of what it’s like to live in one.

UCLA Housing Options Explained

Confused about the types of UCLA dorms?

I don’t blame you!

Thankfully, Cindy does a great job of breaking it all down in the video above.


Classic Residential Hall

Dorm Type: Classic Triple

Building: Hedrick Hall


Dorm Type: Classic Double

Building: Dykstra Hall


Dorm Type: Classic Double

Building: Sproul Hall UCLA


Deluxe Residential Hall

Dorm Type: Triple with private bathroom

Building: De Neve Dogwood


Dorm Type: Triple with communal bathrooms

Building: De Neve Holly (transfer housing)


Dorm Type: Triple with private bathroom

Building: De Neve Evergreen


Dorm Type: Double with shared bathroom

Building: De Neve Gardenia


Residential Plazas

Dorm Type: Single with shared bathroom

Building: Hedrick Summit


Dorm Type: Triple with shared bathroom

Building: Rieber Vista


Dorm Type: Single with shared bathroom

Building: Hedrick Summit


Classic VS Plaza

Dorm Type: Classic Triple & Plaza Triple

Building: Hedrick Hall & De Neve Plaza


Residential Suites

Dorm Type: Triple with private bathroom and living space

Building: Saxton


What percentage of UCLA students are living on campus?

Based on enrollment and available housing (10,000 for undergrads and 2,900 for graduate), about 29% of UCLA students live on campus.

In contrast:

97% of freshmen live in university housing.

How much does it cost to dorm at UCLA?

Listed below are the housing rates for the 2020-2021 full academic year.

Costs include a meal plan and vary depending on the chosen meal plan. Note that a meal plan is required for on-campus housing.

Classic residences halls (communal bathrooms):

  • Triple: $12,556 – $13,808
  • Double: $15,315 – $16,566
  • Single: $18,719 – $19,971

Deluxe Residence Halls (communal bathrooms):

  • Triple: $13,436 – $14,688
  • Double: $16,227 – $17,478

Residential Suites & Residential Plazas (shared bathroom per two rooms):

  • Triple: $15,283 – $16,534
  • Double: $17,923 – $19, 175

Residential Plazas (private bathroom each room):

  • Triple: $15,575 – $16,826
  • Double: $$18,288 – $19,540

Residential Plaza Suites (shared bathroom per five rooms):

  • Single: $20,588 – $21,840

⟶ Get more info about UCLA student housing costs here.

Royce Hall on campus at UCLA with fountain spraying water in front

Final Thoughts on UCLA Dorms

So that wraps this post all about UCLA dorm life.

I hope this helped you get a better understanding of what’s it’s like to live on campus, as well as inspired you to amp up your own dorm room style! 


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  1. You did an excellent job in picking d most helpful video/ vlogs that explains the different dorms. I give you an A+. I wish I could have seen this earlier. I highly recommend this to everyone who wants an in depth information on the living accommodations offered in UCLA

  2. This is so helpful, thanks! I think it’s awesome that almost all freshmen live on campus for their first year—must be great for community building! + UCLA is great go bruins 🙂

  3. This is so helpful, thanks! I think it’s awesome that almost all freshmen live on campus for their first year—must be great for community building! + UCLA is great go bears 🙂

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