29 Really Easy Duo Costumes You’ll Want to Share With Your Best Friend

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Easy Duo Halloween Costumes: The Best Low Effort, High Reward Ideas

No matter your age, Halloween presents an opportunity for a night (or a whole Halloweekend) of fun. Especially when you spend the holiday with friends.

Some years you might have the energy to go all out with your costume. And other years, something easy and not overly complicated more than does the trick. You know how it is.


Here are 29 easy duo costumes for friends that are honestly really, really good.

Easy Best Friend Costumes

Kuzco and Yzma Emperor’s New Groove Costume

female best friends in kuzco and yzma costume consisting of red dress + yellow accessories and black dress + headdress

The opposing forces of Kuzco and Yzma in the Emperor’s New Groove are the stuff of meme addicts dreams.

This 2 person Halloween costume opens up a lot of doors for you to make references to your favorite movie moments. Think about it…you’ll have the perfect excuse to say “no touchy” and “wrong lever” as often as you see fit.

Easy duo costume ideas that make use of normal clothing you already own are truly the best. Recreate this look by getting crafty with construction paper, scissors, markers, and some tape perhaps.

Kuddly Krab Costume

boy and girl dressed on pink one-piece bodysuits decorated with purple splats, uniform inspired by Spongebob Squarepants episode

Patrick and Spongebob are an obvious pair costume idea. But how about something a smidge more obscure, like going dressed as Mr. Krabs and Spongebob in Kuddly Krab uniforms?

If you want a hot duo Halloween costume best friends everywhere will recognize instantly, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are the perfect outfit inspiration.

I, for one, adore this unique duo Halloween costume for friends. These matching outfits are a masterpiece, and also pretty easy to DIY.

The recipe:

Alright, maybe easy was the wrong word choice. Let’s just say the process to make these costumes is straightforward as long as you have the patience. The handmade menus are an excellent touch for context.

The popularity of Spongebob memes all but confirms we all lived the same childhood lives. Which is why silly ideas like this will always be a hit at parties.

Angel and Devil Costume

angel and devil best friend duo Halloween costume, one girl dressed in white dress and the other in red dress

The clear easy duo costume choice for when one of you is the spicy friend and the other is the sweet friend. Or if you’re both the spicy friend, one of you can be a dark angel.

There’s so many fun avenues to explore with this coordinating outfit idea. You can be as creative or as basic as you like. Basic fits are popular for a reason, no shame.

Perry the Platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz Costume

easy dynamic duo costume idea for friends, girl on left in lab coat and girl on right in blue green shirt with fedora hat
“I’m a platypus? I’M PERRY THE PLATYPUS!” –@gabriellefasti/Insta

Cute best friends with a sense of humor and impeccable taste in TV shows? I’m SWOONING. Bestie goals on lock.

I don’t have much to say about this easy pair Halloween costume. I’m left speechless by the spot on accuracy. Take notes, this is how it’s done.

Scarlett & Violet Beauregarde

pair of adult women in blue sweatsuits and wearing blonde wigs for Halloween party, one woman has blue paint on her face and is hugging the other woman at waist level to look short like a child
two adult women standing next to each other in funny matching Halloween costumes, one woman is blowing a bubble with gum and the other had a stern look
“violet beauregarde and her mom🫐👱🏻‍♀️” –@miasalinas/Insta

Ah, who could forget Tim Burton’s haunting take on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which inspired these Violet Beauregarde (blueberry girl) costume fits? Certainly, not I.

For some of us, mom is our best friend. Whether that’s true or not for you, you don’t need to get her involved in your friends duo costumes. It’s an option though.

With this absolute blast of an idea, you both get to rock blue velvet tracksuits wherever your Halloween festivities take you. And that’s not a bad deal.

Sun and Moon Best Friend Costume

smiling girl best friends standing next to each other, one with silver headband and matching top, the other wearing gold headband with gold top
adult women in Halloween duos outfit, woman on left in glittery gold pants and top with sun ray headband and the woman on the right in sparkly black and silver top and pants with moon and stars headband

Sun and Moon costume, Day and Night costume, Sunshine and Midnight Rain costume—however you want to refer to this duo costume idea for friends, it’s a certified banger.

The beauty of it lies in its open-endedness! You can dress it up or down, you can work with normal clothes you already own, or you can have fun doing some Halloween outfit shopping with your bestie.

I adore pair costumes like this because you can easily expand on the idea to make it a whole girl group Halloween costume. Another friend could go dressed as stars, a comet, an alien, or a planet from our solar system.

Want to DIY the sun and moon headbands? Kaycee in Hawaii shares all the details here on how to make gorgeous headdresses with cardboard, skewers and spray paint.

Easy Dynamic Duo Costumes

Napoleon Dynamite Pedro Costume

2 girl best friends dressed up for Halloween in vote for pedro shirt with curly hair wig and fake mustache paired with bolo tie

This is the best friend energy I need. When I think of dynamic duos, I think of Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sanchez.

In truth, I struggled whether to categorize this duo costume idea for friends as dynamic or iconic. I mean the ‘Vote for Pedro’ shirt might as well be the visual representation of iconic in the dictionary, am I right? So as I sat there going cross-eyed trying to make up my mind, I decided to flip a coin. Because let’s’ be real, I needed to finish writing this post. So dynamic it is.

There’s a lot of excellent easy dynamic duo costumes out there, but this is one will always be my favorite. Thanks, nostalgia.

Cosmo and Wanda Costume

two female friends in pair costume using normal clothing and paper crowns

This is a prime example of a flawlessly executed easy duo costume! Something pink, something green, glittery gold crowns + wands, and mission accomplished.

Everyone will know you’re Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly OddParents. It’s budget friendly and fun with minimal effort!

Men in Black Costume

Dressing up like Men in Black for Halloween is super easy. Break out the shades, get yourselves a couple of white button up shirts, black ties, and print out some MiB badges. Oh and a pen for wiping minds adds another layer of accuracy.

Now you can finally wear those sunglasses at night and inside like you’ve always wanted. Just brace yourselves for a lotta dudes who are gonna give you the whole “I’m in the FBI (female body inspector)” speil.

Nacho Libre and Nun Costume

happy best friends at Halloween party in fun pair costume inspired by Nacho Libre movie

Okay, the nun’s name in Nacho Libre is Sister Encarnación, but you know, not everyone remembers that detail. Semantics aside, this easy dynamic duo idea absolutely SLAPS.

I think the only thing that would elevate this pair’s costume more is perhaps some toast.

Nacho Libre and Esqueleto Costume

two fun-loving girl pals cosplaying characters from funny movie, caps, fake mustaches and all

Nacho Libre has more than one dynamic duo to tangle with. And where’s there’s one Nacho Libre inspired Halloween costume, there’s another. I can’t help myself.

Because where would Nacho have been without his elote devouring won-over friend, Esqueleto? Don’t be shy about carrying around some corn as a prop.

I love these best friends’ sense of humor! Women, you can truly be whoever you want to be on Halloween with the help of flesh colored clothing. Summoning those eagle powers is purely optional. Check out how to DIY this costume idea here.

Woody and Buzz Lightyear Costume

two young adult women ready for Halloween in Toy Story inspired outfits #bsfcostume #bestfriendsHalloweencostume #halloweekend

Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s friendship is one for the ages. And this pair of girl best friend’s Halloween fits? ALSO, one for the ages.

Everything about their Toy Story inspired duo costume is on point! It looks like the top for her Buzz costume is custom; a neon green zip-up with ‘LIGHTYEAR’ written in marker and then taped on. Same idea for the buttons, drawn with a marker (construction paper mayhaps) and then taped on. But if you know that such a top exists, 👀 help a girl out and leave a comment below.

Now, on the other hand, the review pics for this Buzz Lightyear women’s costume are very promising. Like I might need to dress up as Buzz myself for Halloween cause, damn.

Easy Iconic Duo Costumes

Maddie and London Tipton Costume

girl best friends duo costume inspired by the suite life of zach and cody tv series

Duo costumes are a great time to pay homage to the Disney Channel shows you loved as kids. This idea inspired by The Suite Life of Zach and Cody is too perfect!

Step Brothers Costume

pair of best friends dressed in short curly hair wigs and plaid vests to look like Will Ferrell and John C. Riley in Step Brothers film
“Did we just become best friends? Yup. Goodwill runs to put together last minute costumes.” –@lisharosales/Pinterest

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly movies are a goldmine for DIY funny Halloween costumes ideas. Many people would agree that Step Brothers is some of their finest work, if not the funniest movie ever.

Plus, the best easy iconic duo costumes are ones that reflect your own friendship undercurrents: a magical meeting, shared interests, and always having each other’s backs. The most challenging part of this two person costume is who gets to be who. Are you Brennan Nighthawk? Or are you Dale Dragon?

Batman and Joker Costume

pair of girl friends in coordinating superhero and supervillain Halloween outfits

The perfect easy duo costumes for best friends who are obsessed with each other: Batman and Joker!

Easy Halloween outfits are all about the color scheme and accessories. Temporary hair dye brings the whole ensemble to the next level.

Lizzie McGuire and Isabella Costume

best friends on iconic duo Halloween costume, woman on left in purple pantsuit outfit and woman on right in all green outfit

Some of us lived and breathed Lizzie McGuire, and it really shows. If you’re all aboard the Y2K trend train then these easy best friends costumes are calling your name. Such a cute idea!!

Grady Twins Costume

the shinning twins costume, two female friends standing next to each other while wearing blue dressed and tall white socks
“Hi Danny 🐻🪓🎀” –@_parisbrooks_/Pinterest

Name a more instantly recognizable pair than The Shining twins, I’ll wait. All things macabre are not just welcome on Halloween, but actively encouraged.

Scary duo Halloween costumes can be as simple as matching dresses, pink bows, knee high socks, and perfecting your dead-behind-the-eyes stare.

Thor and Loki Costume

girl thor and girl loki two person halloween costume

The Thor and Loki costume female multiverse version we never knew we needed. 😍

This idea goes to show how you can upcycle a previous Halloween costume into something great for this year too. An axe is close enough to a hammer, people will catch your drift.

The capes and Loki’s headpiece are key to pulling off this look. But the rest is pretty fluid. If you’re feeling crafty, this video tutorial will show you how to make a DIY Lady Loki / Sylvie’s crown.

Princess Diaries Costume Idea

pair of best friends in princess diaries Halloween duo costume, one girl dressed as Mia and the other dressed as Lily before their makeovers

It’s hard not to recognize this iconic pair of friends!

Mia and Lily from The Princess Diaries are a perfect low-effort Halloween costume for 2 gal pals. Blue dress shirts paired with plaid skirts, ties, and intentionally styled hair complete the look.

Medusa & Athena Greek Goddess Costume

two women sitting next to each other dressed as an iconic greek duo, one in a white dress with a gold leaf hair band and the other in a black dress with a headband that looks like snakes

Athena and Medusa are an iconic duo from Greek mythology. With the beef they have between them, they’re not exactly best friends…they’re definitely enemies. But that angle does make for a unique couples costume.

Philotes is another Greek goddess costume idea. Being the goddess of friendship and affection, Philotes might be a better fit. Well, depending on the vibe you’re trying to strike. We love a good rivalry. So y’all do y’all.

Either way, it’s an easy Greek goddess costume for friends–wear a black/white dress paired with gold accessories and gladiator sandals for good measure, and there you are!

Hot Duo Halloween Costumes Best Friends Picks

Fembots Austin Powers Costume

pair of women wearing halloween costumes for 2 best friends with pink boa trimmed dresses and fluffy slippers
“You can’t resist us, Mr Powers💕” –@kelsey_elliot/Insta

Twinning on Halloween? Groovy idea baby, yeah.

Fembots are gonna be a hot Halloween costume choice among women this year. Austin Powers movies have reached peak nostalgia flashbacks lately.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing 1 and Thing 2, but make it sexy~

The above mentioned easy duo Halloween costumes are literally sustaining my life force right now. Unique and hot?! These creative female best friends have my heart in a CHOKEHOLD. Only wear this costume if you want to be the talk of the party (and maybe the whole year).

Pin it for later 📌:

Hot duo halloween costumes for college BFFs, collage of women in matching best friend costumes

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Halloween Costume

And though this idea may not look it, these can actually be easy DIY duo costumes! Ally Shad hooks us up with a tutorial on how to make a last minute Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader costume. And it turns out so well.

So if you girlies (or guylies) want to save some coin and still look fine as hell, check out the video below.

Matching Costume Ideas for Friends

Captain Underpants Halloween Costumes for 2 Best Friends

easy pair Halloween costume with two women in white underwear wearing capes

There’s already a stereotype that women wear underwear on Halloween and call it a costume, so you might as well embrace it. In Captain Underpants style that is.

References to ubiquitous childhood literature and easy pair costumes go hand in hand. What a tra-la-laa-rific idea for besties!

Loofah Dress Friends Duo Costume

two female best friends dressed in DIY Halloween costumes made of pink and blue tule fabric

Cute, unique, and easy to DIY?? This bff duo Halloween costume is all around amazing!

Wondering how to make a loofah costume? This quick & easy tutorial will show you how it’s done.

Biker Chicks Halloween Costume

2 adult women in matching outfits that look like they ride Harley Davidson motorcycles

Channel all the badass chicks vibes this Halloween with a Harley Davidson costume. Leather, handkerchiefs, and tattoos (real or temporary) are a must.

Bonus points, of course, if you and your bsf arrive to the party on a motorcycle. It’s kind of a big investment for a Halloween prop though. Maybe you have a nephew who would be kind enough to lend you his Big Wheel?

Barbie Besties

The Barbie movie has everything Barbie trending hard. It wouldn’t be a thorough list of easy duo costumes ideas without mentioning Barbie costumes. It’s a super classic choice for girl best friends anyway.

I’m sure all the different versions of Barbie will be even more popular among womens Halloween costumes than usual. Why not lean into it? 😜

Bratz Dolls

Some girls were into Barbies, and other girls were into Bratz Dolls. So pick your poison or dress as one of each. Either are fabulous matching costume ideas for friends!

Tops with the Bratz logo paired with colorful mini skirts are the go-to version of this easy costume idea. But maybe you have a particular doll outfit in mind that you’d rather recreate instead.

VS Angels Costume

pair of happy female best friends in matching pink pajama bottoms and top pj top with sparkly bras and angel halo headbands
“you can catch us on the runway” –@amiahcheatwood/Insta

Victoria’s Secret Angels may be a thing of the past, but they continue to live rent free in our collective mind. There’s a lot to love about easy pair costumes where you and your ride-or-die get to wear something pink, silky, and pretty!

Final thoughts on easy duo costumes for friends

And that concludes this post with the best easy duo costumes. I hope these ideas helped you find the perfect Halloween look to rock with your best friend!

What are you dressing up as this year? Share what you landed on by dropping a comment below!

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Halloween duos costumes ideas for two best friends, different examples of easy Halloween costumes for girl BFFs
duo halloween costumes for BFFS: 29 funny and iconic ideas you can easily copy, collage of female friend Halloween outfits

Easy Duo Costumes Ideas

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