20+ Easy Scholarships You Should be Applying for Every Month

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Easy scholarships for college are hands down the best kind of scholarships.

18 Easy Scholarships You Should Be Applying for Every Month

The Easy Scholarship in 2019

There are no essays to write or recommendation letters to collect. They’re just simple.


When you’ve already got enough on your plate as a busy student, simple scholarship applications are SUPER appreciated.

The best part is:

Pretty much anyone can apply and pretty much anyone can win! The scholarships on this list basically all work on a randomly drawn winner basis.

That means equal odds for everyone and there’s nothing to lose by just tossing your name into the pool. The more chances to win money for school, the better right?

To sum it up with a quote:

18 Easy Scholarships You Should Be Applying for Every Month

“‘You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take’- Wayne Gretzky”- Michael Scott 


These are scholarships you can (and should) apply for monthly. Up your odds of winning and bookmark this page for later. 😉

I hope this list of easy scholarships for college brings you lots of luck and helps fund your education!

20 Easy Scholarships to Apply For

Note: These scholarships are awarded on a MONTHLY basis. Making sure to apply every month will give you the best chance for winning!

For most of these:

The deadline falls on the last day of the month. Makes it easy to remember, huh?

And if you miss the deadline – well, there’s always next month!

  1. Niche No Essay College Scholarship – $2,000
  2. Nitro College Scholarship – $2,000
  3. Sallie Mae Monthly Sweepstakes – $1,000
  4. College Ave Scholarship Sweepstakes – $1,000
  5. Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship – $1,000
  6. Niche College Survey Scholarship – $1,000
  7. Niche Local Survey Sweepstakes – $1,000
  8. Do Something Easy Scholarships – $1,000 – $5,000
  9. ScholarshipPoints.com Scholarship – $1,000 (3 every month!)
  10. Courage to Grow Scholarship – $500
  11. Course Hero Monthly Scholarship – $1,000 – $5,000
  12. College Week Live Scholarship – $1,000
  13. CollegeXpress Refer a Friend Monthly Scholarship – $500
  14. The $1,000 Supercollege Scholarship – $1,000
  15. You Deserve It! Scholarship – $1,000
  16. Because College is Expensive Scholarship – $500
  17. Cirkled In Scholarships – $1,000 – $2,500
  18. ABMP Student Life Scholarship – $1,000
  19. MyMozaic Monthly Scholarship Contest – $1,000
  20. Savvi Prom Picture Contest – $250
  21. MoneySolver $1,000 Scholarships – $1,000

7 MORE Easy Scholarships for College!

These easy scholarships for college are awarded on a quarterly basis or so.

And they’re still all super simple to apply for.

  1. The GenM Quarterly Scholarship – $5,000 (Deadlines every 3 months)
  2. Ascent No Essay Scholarship Sweepstakes – $5,000 (Deadlines: Jan. 5th, April 5th, July 5th & Oct. 5th)
  3. Return 2 College Scholarship – $1,000 (Deadline Jan. 31st, April 30th & Sept. 30th)
  4. Scholarships4mom.net Scholarship – $10,000 (Deadlines vary)
  5. ScholarshipPoints.com Scholarship – $10,000 (Deadlines: Mar. 15th, June 15th, Sept. 15th & Dec. 15th)
  6. VIP Voice Scholarship (TIP: make sure to confirm your email so your application is accepted) – $5,000 (Deadlines: Mar. 14th, June 14th, Sept. 14th & Dec. 14th)
  7. OppU Achievers Scholarship – $2,500 (Deadlines: March 31st, June 30th, Sept. 30th & Dec. 31st)

18 Easy Scholarships You Should Be Applying for Every Month


My goal is to help as many college students as I can. And more scholarships on this list = more school funding opportunities for them!

Help me out and:

Leave a comment to let me know about about any additional easy scholarships for 2019 or 2020!


Other scholarships to apply for:


This list of easy scholarships for college is just what I needed! The best part is I can apply for these all every single month - and you know I will be! #scholarship #scholarships #college #collegelife #student #studentlife #collegetips #money

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