88 Fall Things to Do (Autumn Activities That Don’t Suck)

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Fun Things to Do in Fall 🍁

If you’re looking for a good time, try some of these fabulous fall things to do this year.

hand holding red autumn leaf with tree cut out of it

Fall means chillier days, warmer clothing and pumpkin everything. And, I’m certainly not complaining about any of that.


It’s my favorite time of year!

To make the most out of this wonderful season, I’ve put together a long list of things to do in the fall. So if you’re wondering what to do in fall, you’re in the right place.

This post is packed FULL of all my must-do fall activities. I challenge you to check off every one of the activities on this list to make it your most memorable autumn, yet!

P.S. Grab a FREE printable fall bucket list at the end of this post.


88 Fall Things to Do!

Down below are 88 ideas for fall fun, grouped into sections.

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Family-Friendly Fall Things

person holding an orange pumpkin at a pumpkin patch

Here are some family friendly autumn activities and things to do that kids (or really anyone) can have fun with.

Drink apple cider.

Apple cider is a classic beverage that practically screams fall. And a hot, steamy drink on a cold day always hits the spot.

Visit a corn or hay maze.

This is one of those fun fall activities that everyone can enjoy, no matter your age!

Make pumpkin pie from scratch.

Learn grandmas recipe to pass along to your own future (or current) family. It’s bonding time and baking time all wrapped in one.

Enjoy hot chocolate under the stars.

A yummy fall drink out in the crisp cool air, it just feels right.

Eat & drink all the pumpkin flavored things you can.

Pumpkin spice life forever. Ignore anyone who calls you “basic”; don’t let them yuck your yum, you’re allowed to enjoy things!

Curl up under a blanket with a book on a rainy day.

I just love a good overcast day! And, nothing gives me a more hygge feeling than reading on a day like that.

Visit a pumpkin patch.

This is kind of a fall must-do!

Wear comfy, cozy boot socks.

Part of loving fall is loving the changing of the fashion. Bring on the bundled up days of comfort!

Step on crunchy leaves.

Stepping on crunchy leaves is just one of those things where you can’t exactly explain why it’s fun, it just is. But it definitely should be on everyone’s fall bucket list!

Visit a museum for FREE on September 17th.

Enjoy free admission at participating museums on Museum Day in 2022.

Carve a jack-o-lantern.

Was it really ever fall if you DIDN’T decorate at least one pumpkin?

Warm your feet by the fireplace.

Preferably after a day of being out in the snow to get the full effect. Thawing cold toes over a roaring fire is the perfect way to unwind after a fun filled day.

Wear a scarf.

More fall fashion you can readily embrace.

Make a delicious, hearty soup in a crock pot.

Mmmm, I love soup season!

What’s your favorite? Mine is loaded potato soup.

Roast marshmallows over a campfire.

Better yet – hold a bonfire and invite friends over. Make a tradition out of it even!

Take a hale bale ride.

An itchy, but classic fall thing to do.

Go bobbing for apples.

Silly fun at its autumn finest.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Fall begins the season of giving and why not give back to your community by helping out at a soup kitchen?

Spend all day baking your favorite treats to share with your friends/neighbors/family.

Spread the love by adding this idea to your fall bucket list. ❤️

Go to a haunted house.

Gotta have some spooky fun thrown in with the other fun fall activities.

Make a fall wreath.

Go all out and really decorate your place this year. There’s no need to spend a lot, you can make one with items sourced from your local Dollar Store!

What to do in Fall Video: DIY Wreath Ideas

YouTube video

Go to the fair.

Elephant ears, rigged games, and sketchy rides!

Going to the fair always brings up nostalgic memories for me at the very least.

Spot a scarecrow.

Maybe even get a selfie with it.

Make a list of things and people you’re thankful for.

Fall is the perfect time to reflect on your life and to let people know you care. Consider sending handwritten notes out, grandparents LOVE that.

Have a fall photo shoot.

Professional or just with a friend! Just be sure to capitalize on all the beautiful scenery.

Tell ghost stories.

Silly or scary, just have fun with it!

Play football in your backyard.

There’s nothing like some good ol’ friendly competition.

Make a scarecrow.

You saw one, now why not make one for your own fall décor?

Press leaves in a book.

This is such an easy fall thing to do! The pressed leaves will bring back memories of autumns past for years to come.

Watch Hocus Pocus.

Make a movie marathon of it!! Hocus Pocus 2 will be released on September 30th, 2022.

Make bird feeders out of pine cones.

Pine cone bird feeders are a simple way to keep busy this season. You’ll be providing migrating birds with some energy during their breaks.

Roast pumpkin seeds.

You carved the pumpkin, now it’s time to make good use out of the seeds.

Have your face painted or paint some else’s face.

Will you choose to be a tiger, a scarecrow, or something else entirely?

Put together boo baskets for friends or neighbors.

A Boo Basket is merely a Halloween themed gift basket or care package.

As someone who loves gift giving, this kind of thing is my idea of fun. It’s a superb way to do an act of kindness and spread smiles.

Go kite flying.

Put this on your list of falls things to do if you live in an especially windy area.

Participate in International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Get your best pirate accent ready for September 19th!

Knit a scarf.

There’s no better time than autumn to pick up knitting as hobby.

fall activities for families infographic


Outdoor Fall Activities

woman looking at trees outdoors on a crisp fall morning

Enjoyable outdoor activities in fall, ideas that’ll make you want to get out of the house more.

Take an early morning, foggy hike.

Hiking in “clouds” is so surreal. And, so worth making the time to do.

Jump in a pile of leaves.

No matter how old you are, this one never gets old!

Take a stroll on a rainy day under an umbrella.

I love to do this year ’round, but especially when the leaves are turning. Which is why it’s one of my personal must-do fall activities.

Check out some tide pools.

This may not be the first idea that crosses your mind when you think of fall things to do, but you can actually go tide pooling whenever there’s low tide! As a bonus, the beaches will be less busy.

Be sure to check out the tide chart in your area so you know when prime times to go are.

Go apple picking.

You might even make candied apples or a nice apple pie with the ones you get from the orchard.

Have an evening campfire on the beach with friends.

Make sure it’s within the legal limits to have a fire on the beach you go to, though.

Rake leaves.

This may actually be one of those fall activities that everyone has to do – or at least homeowners.

No leaves to rake? You could help an elderly neighbor out just by volunteering your time.

Set up a picnic at your favorite park.

Afternoons are a good time to enjoy lunch outdoors before the temperate drops.

Run a 5k.

Balance out all those yummy treats with a good ol’ exercise challenge.

Take a camping trip.

There are still plenty of days to go camping before snowfall hits.

Go hunting.

Fall is prime hunting season for a lot of game animals. Make the most of it and stock your freezer by making time for a hunting trip with some buddies.

Visit a graveyard…at night.

See if it feels just as creepy as when you were an edgy teenager.

Go on a legend tripping expedition.

And on that note, why not step it up a notch?

Legend tripping is when you visit a place that’s haunted or the source of a local urban legend. Investigate folklore claims, test your mettle, and definitely don’t go alone!

Play Ultimate Frisbee.

Differing from frisbee golf, Ultimate is played as a team sport rather than an individual one.

Host a bonfire get together.

Have fun and stay warm in the dropping temps, but don’t stand too close to the flames.

Plan a backpacking trip.

In country or out of country. Whatever you can do, the point is to just get away from it all.

Try trail running.

Now’s the time to pick up a new outdoor activity that you can fall in love with.

Take an REI class or Workshop.

The focus of REI events are almost always centered around outdoor activities.

Some classes are even free!

Take a trip to a National Park on free admission day.
Soak up that sweet, sweet park time and all at no (admission) cost to you.

Free Entrance days in the National Parks vary year to year. You can find the current dates for this year here.

outdoor fall activities infographic


Fall Activities for Adults

two woman with hands in the air having fun on an autumn day

Things to do in the fall that adults, in particular, can enjoy. Think grown up autumn fun with an adult beverages slant.

Go to a Halloween themed corn or hay maze.

Have you ever been to a Halloween corn maze at night? One filled with ghouls who chase you around through the maze?

Find the right one and it’s much less tame than those kiddy mazes. If you enjoy jump scares, this is a good way to get some adrenaline pumping

Host a Murder Mystery dinner party.

This is a fun fall activity for adults and is one that your whole friend group can take part in. You can go all out with costumes or keep it more casual.

Attend a local football game.

Pick a team to root for and revel in the comradery! Don’t forget to get in some tailgating, too.

Celebrate National Coffee Day.

Mark your calendar, it’s on October 1st this year! You can celebrate it by scoring freebies and drinking your fave coffee.

Make your home smell like fall with lots of candles.

Fall isn’t fall without all the right smells. Bath & Body Works candles are always my go to.

Go wine tasting.

Grab your group of girlfriends and spend an afternoon at winery.

Recharge your friend time battery and get a little loose with each other.

Try a new game time snack.

I like to browse Pinterest for the best ideas!

Do something for Oktoberfest!

Throw your own party or go to Germany if you can!


…maybe just go to a German restaurant and drink your fair share of beer. 😉

Go to an outdoor concert.

This idea is even better if you can go to a show on Halloween.

Hand out full-size candy bars to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

You know those were always the BEST houses to visit as a kid. Be that awesome person and you’ll be the most popular place on the block.

Do tarot card readings with friends under a full moon.

This is one of the more creative things to do in the fall.

But boy is it a good time with gal pals!

Brew a batch of alcoholic cider or homemade beer.

Making hard apple cider is so easy. The hardest part is just being patient while it ferments.

Have a block party with grilling and booze.

Put some tunes on and get to socializing.

Host or attend a Friendsgiving.

Not everyone can go home for Thanksgiving, but you can still spend time with friends who are like family.

Throw a themed costume party for Halloween.

Adults only, of course!

Put together a pumpkin carving contest with friends.

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

Get your friends to step up their usual Jack-o-lantern game by offering fun prizes for the top contenders.

Have a salted caramel latte.

Caramel is a fall flavor and it just so happens to go perfectly with coffee. Indulge yourself a little with a caramel latte this season.

Drink a cold one on National Beer Lover’s Day & Drink Beer Day.

Yep, there are two separate national days (September 7th and 28th) just for beer.

Take advantage of specials on these days while sipping on brews.

Go to a hockey game.

Hockey games are fun fall activities for adults who like to get rowdy every now and again.

fun fall activities for adults infographic


Fun Fall Activities for Couples

couple wrapped in blanket looking at waterfall on a fall hike

Amazing ideas for fall inspired dates and other couple-y things. Autumn activities that are generally better for sharing with that special someone.

Spend a weekend at a cabin in the woods.

A weekend like this is just the most picturesque activity to have on a fall bucket list.

And, it’s a quite the romantic idea for couples. Bonus points if there’s a hot tub.

Cuddle on the couch during a movie marathon.

Harry Potter movie marathon anyone?

This is one of those things to do in the fall that can easily happen more than once without getting old.

Visit a winery.

This is a classic fall thing to do that couples to enjoy. Even if you aren’t huge wine connoisseurs, you can always have a laugh by poking fun at the wine snob culture.

Have a picnic.

Lunch in the park with a love interest is sure to be romantic.

Take a scenic drive to take in all the colors of changing leaves.

Find a winding road and get lost in the beauty of nature for a while. Fun fact: this autumn activity is referred to as “Leaf Peeping“.

Take a stroll through the farmer’s market.

Hold hands and take delight in all the local goods.

Cook your favorite fall recipe together.

Or find a new one you can turn into a yearly tradition. Cooking is a great way to express affection to your other half.

Take a tandem bike ride.

This fall thing to do may be easier said than done. It’s good for a laugh at the very least!

Go antiquing.

Set a budget, split up and see who can find the best surprise for the other.

Go for a walk in the park and admire the scenery.

Fall activities for couples don’t need to be anything fancy.

Keep it simple with this idea. You can take joy in the fresh air and each other’s company.

Enjoy a stroll through Costco on sample day.

Okay, you can really do this any time of the year. But hey, free samples!

People watching is always fun.

Celebrate National Dessert Day with your sweetie.

Make plans to hit up your favorite dessert hook ups on October 14th. Maybe even score a freebie or two.

Take a hot yoga class together.

Up for a challenge?

If you’re not already yogis this couple activity will shake things up. Plus, it’ll give you a break from the brisk fall weather.

fall activities for couples infographic


Fall Bucket List Printable

To help you not forget any of these things to do in the fall, I made a few printable fall bucket lists. Click to access and print for free!

Free Fall Bucket List Printable:


Wrapping Up With Fun Fall Things to Do

Which of these fall things to do are you adding to your own bucket list?

Some of them, none of them, all of them?

Let me know what you thought of these ideas or if you have some other great fall activities that I should add to this list. Just drop me a comment below!


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