Field Agent App Review (My Favorite Easy Side Hustle)

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A Real Way to Make Extra Money on the Side

I’ve tested out a new side hustle to supply you with all the important details in this Field Agent app review.

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In 2020, many people are looking for easy ways to make extra cash.

According to a Bankrate survey, nearly 2 of 5 Americans have a side job.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, broke or financially secure – the lure of side hustles and their benefits attract all!


Today I thought I’d share one of my personal favorite side incomes ideas.

I’ve put in the time and gave it a spin to give you an in-depth Field Agent app review.

In this post, I’ll show you everything you’ll need and want to know about it so you can put its dollar-earning capabilities to work for you.

Field Agent App Review

Earn some extra dough by using the Field Agent app (available on the App Store & in Google Play) on your phone.

How it works:

What is the Field Agent App and what does a “field agent” do?

First off:

The Field Agent app is a smartphone app that pays users real (yes – real) money for completing specified tasks.

What a field agent does is simply follow written instructions in exchange for earnings – more details on that in a moment.

In the app:

There are a variety of tasks or “jobs” that you can complete for a set rate. The jobs vary quite a bit.

easy ways money - Field agent app
A few screenshots in the app. On the left is what the Job Postings look like. On the right are your Job Statistics – the number of Jobs you’ve accepted and completed. Keep your Agent Score above 75 points or you won’t be offered jobs anymore.

Examples of Field Agent tasks…

Some jobs will ask you to audit something –

like the outdoor recycling facilities at Walmart or a certain display inside a store.

This usually entails snapping some pictures (as few as one photo or up to 10+) and answering some questions while you’re at the store.


Others will net you a FREE item + cash.

Field Agent can have jobs to buy something, like a particular brand of eggs, which you’ll receive a full reimbursement for.


You’ll be paid cash on top of that for giving some feedback on the item. I love these ones as I’m scoring free food and getting paid!

And, let’s be honest:

Free food is typically a big enough motivating incentive by itself. Especially for me. ?


Another common task is providing a review of a grocery delivery or pickup service.

With this flavor of Field Agent job:

You can earn money just for doing some grocery shopping. And if you’re smart, you’ll use it as an opportunity to cash in on shopping you were planning on doing anyway.

While I’m not one to splurge on getting my groceries delivered to my door, the app earnings will often cover the cost of delivery/pickup fee and then some.

**Here’ a little tip:

If you’re a new customer to a grocery delivery/pickup service (such as Walmart Grocery, Kroger Clicklist or Target Shipt) often times they have special introductory discounts: like getting the delivery charge waived or a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase for your first order/s.

Be sure to check before placing your order!

By doing a quick Google search you can maximize your take-home Field Agent earnings.


Some Field Agent app jobs will offer a $10 reimbursement for the groceries and an additional payment amount just for completing the task. I’ve banked as much as $22 on a single task with a grocery-related offer like that!

But hey:

If you’re not a new customer to the service and you just like having your groceries delivered then getting the cost of the fee covered is a nice perk!


Do I have to talk to people to complete jobs?

A small amount of human interaction with employees is involved with SOME tasks. In my experience though, with most, you don’t have to talk to anyone.

And luckily:

When talking to someone is required the job description will say so.

I personally can be socially anxious, so I tend to avoid these types of jobs.

But even with me passing those up, I’ve still made out like a bandit with my earnings.


The Field Agent app can be an excellent little side hustle for introverts and extroverts.


How much do Field Agents make?

How can much can you expect to earn?

The answer is – that it really just depends!

I know – probably not the direct answer you were looking for, but there are a few factors that can impact earnings.

Let’s go over them:


1. Each job offers a different amount for completing it.


Per task can pay pretty well.

Usually, they pay according to the difficulty of the task.

I’ve seen them range from as low as $3.00 to as high as $14.00 per job (not including reimbursements).


2. If you live in a bigger city, the app will have more opportunities available. 


If you live in a smaller area, not all hope is lost!

My mom lives in a pretty small town and she’s still been able to make a decent chunk of change. Most of her Field Agent tasks have been Walmart related.

If you have at least a Walmart near you –

I’d say you have a good chance of being able to cash in on one of the best side hustles for 2020.


3. There are new offers added to the app all the time.

They are not added on just on certain days of the week.


I do tend to find that the majority of new jobs are added on Mondays. Which of course makes it the best day of the week to earn money with this app.

And while there are new tasks to earn with on the regular –

Some weeks are just slower than others.

Be patient as Field Agent can be inconsistent with the number of jobs being offered on a  week to week basis.

On the flip side:

I’ve definitely had days where I was able to earn $70 in just a few hours, too. It can be feast or famine!

My advice is to check the app daily so that you can grab jobs that you want to do as soon as possible.


4. How much you are able to earn is up to you.

On days where you have time to burn:

If you’re willing and able to go to a few stores you can do pretty well.

To sum it up, though:

There is the opportunity to make some pretty decent cash with the Field Agent app.


Proof of Earnings –

I’ve been using it rather casually since the end of October 2018 and my earnings so far have totaled over $330 in about 3 months (I originally published this post on 1/28/19).

That’s more than $110 per month!


That’s not even counting the extra $10 I earned today when I stopped in the middle of this post to complete 2 jobs.

I was scrolling through the app and saw some tasks within a mile and a half of me that I was willing to do. It took me all of 15 minutes combined to complete both and that’s with my driving time included.

I can’t think of any other side hustles that can stack up to those number while being as easy as Field Agent is to use.

field agent earnings screenshot - money making app for college students


I imagine if I was really hustling I would be earning more!


Getting Paid – Field Agent Cash Out

How do you get your money?

The really nice thing about this app is:

You can cash out your earnings at any time! There is no withdrawal threshold.

Field Agent pays by direct deposit to your bank which can take 2-3 business days.

Personally, I’ve never had any issues with withdrawing my earnings. It’s been a hitch-free experience for me so far and I don’t see any reason why that’ll change in the future.

Video: how to cash out with Field Agent direct deposit


Some Final Field Agent App Review Tips:

– There are only a limited number of jobs available in each area.

Make sure to claim any you’re interested in ASAP, as the good ones get snatched up quickly.

Just know that:


– Each job gives you a set amount of time to complete the task.

The most common time frame is 2 hours. It’ll say how much time is allowed for the task in the job description.

So make sure you can complete it in the time give before accepting a job.

But – if you end not being able to complete a job you’ve accepted:


– Swipe to the left in the “My Jobs” tab to return a job.

If you return the job within 5 minutes of accepting it, then not completing it will have no effect on your Agent Score.

Keep your score above 75 to ensure you can keep receiving jobs.

Don’t sweat it if you make a mistake and don’t complete a job, though. I’ve not completed my fair share of jobs and my Agent Score has never dipped below 95.



– Be sure to read each job’s instructions carefully as jobs that are done incorrectly will be denied.

Then your time ends up being wasted because you won’t earn anything for a denied job. ?

In my rush to do jobs:

I’ve gone to the wrong store address a few times. They were careless mistakes because I didn’t pay attention closely enough and getting the denial email for those was a huge bummer!


– Job approvals can take a few hours to over a week.

Don’t panic if your job earnings are pending for a while before they get approved.

This is normal!

Approval times vary by which company posted the job on Field Agent. Even though the app team works 7 days a week, sometimes they can get a little swamped which can also delay things.

The average amount of time I’ve had to wait for my earning to get approved is 1 – 3 days. The longest time frame being just over a week.

Once they’re approved though, you can cash out right away!


– Complete “tickets” to get more jobs offered to you.

Ticket jobs will get you an entry in the monthly drawings.


They’ll also help you get more jobs. These jobs are often one of two things:

  1.  Short surveys 
  2. Or quick job training

The surveys help Field Agent get a better idea about your demographics. Which in turn helps them figure out possible job opportunities you might be interested in.

When you complete training Ticket Jobs this shows that you’ve put in the effort to be aware of how they want things done. It takes just a few minutes and it’ll boost your available jobs.

Video: Example of Field Agent training or best practices


More questions?

Check out their FAQ page.



To conclude my Field Agent app review:

I like the app, it’s simple to use and quick with payouts. I think in essence it’s one of the best side hustles to add to your arsenal in 2020.

You can bet I’ll be cashing in on job offers whenever there’s one nearby! Because it’s hard to justify letting one slip by when I know how low effort completing a task is.

But maybe, that’s just me? ?‍♀️

I hope all the tips and tricks I’ve imparted upon you today will help make the Field Agent app a very profitable side income idea for you.

Read to start earning money on the side? Head here to download Field Agent.


Have you tried this money making app before? What’s your take on Field Agent?


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Field Agent App Review (My Favorite Easy Side Hustle)

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