The Easiest Side Hustle You’ve Never Heard About

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How do I easily make a little extra money, month after month? I use an app called ShopTracker.

The ShopTracker app is run by The Harris Poll, a company that surveys people in the U.S. to get an idea of public opinions. This app in particular is interested in what shoppers are buying on Amazon.

This app looks at Amazon order information, such as: order date, product type, category, seller, list price, quantity and other details. When you use Shoptracker, it keeps your information private.

So, got two minutes to spare? If so, you can get started earning extra money just like me!

Score a FREE $3 Visa egift card when you sign up with the ShopTracker app! Even better, you can take advantage of this offer each month.

That’s an extra $36 you can earn in a year with bare minimum effort. Talk about easy money! ?

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Follow these easy steps below to get started right away:

How to Get the Free Visa eGift Card

  1. Complete Registration here
  2. Download the ShopTracker App (iOS, Android or PC Desktop)
  3. Answer a few questions
  4. Sync your online shopping account in the app
  5. Within 48 hours you will be emailed a $3 Visa eGift Card!

Want to learn more ways to earn FREE Gift Cards?


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