23 Popular Free Bullet Journal Printables (That Are Ridiculously Useful)

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Free Printables That Will Transform The Way You Bullet Journal

Living your best life is about to get easier thanks to free bullet journal printables.

free bullet journal printables 2020

There are so many amazing BUJO layouts and ideas all over Instagram. It’s hard not to feel a little jealous.

Luckily though:

With the help of some printable bullet journal goodness you can fake it till you make it.

In this post are a list of the most useful downloadable PDF templates for 2020.

And the best part:

None of these printables will cost you a dime, because they’re all free.

You’ll find weekly spreads, habit trackers, cute stickers, hand drawn doodles, and more. Use them to create your own beautiful, insta-worthy journal.

Free Printable Bullet Journal Pages

1. Bullet Journal Dot Grid Printable

bullet journal dot grid printable
Via SavorandSavvy.com

If you’re going be bullet journalling;

Know that you always have the option to print dot grid paper instead of buying a journal.


Jazmin from SavorandSavvy.com has you covered. She made free printable dot grid paper which you can format to fit any size paper. It’s super handy.

Download it here.

But if you don’t want to assemble your own BUJO from scratch…

These are the best cheap bullet journal notebooks on the market right now.


2. Year in Pixels Habit Tracker

free bullet journal printable page example 2
Via wellella.com

Track your habits all throughout the year with this fun idea from Shannon at wellella.com.

The printable page on the right is also blank. So you’re free to choose the exact colors you want to use.

Download it here.


3. Books to Read/Books I’ve Read

printable reading log for a bullet journal
Via StartsatEight.com

There are so many books I want to read. But all too often I forget about them because I didn’t write the title down.

Have you run into this problem, too?

Well, this free bullet journal printable will help nix that issue.

Heidi from Starts at Eight made cute bullet journal templates to track what books you want to read, as well as the ones you’ve already read. Book titles go on to any of the pre-drawn books.

I love the simple ingenuity! It’s just one of many free bullet journal printables that will come in handy this year.

Download it here.


4. Water Tracker 8 Glasses/Day

water tracker pages printable bullet journal
Via CleanMama.com

Becky at CleanMama.com made these adorable water trackers. 

The free printable is available in 4 variations. You can choose between water bottles or glasses that are either empty or filled with water.

Download it here.


5. Bullet Journal Index Key

key template for bullet journal
Via wellella.com

A key is something you might want to include in your bullet journal.

You’ll find a bunch of nice ideas for symbols on this page from wellella.com.

Download it here.


6. Movies I’ve Watched

bullet journal printabes
Via 365daysofjournaling.wordpress.com

Out of all these free bullet journal templates, this one might the one that will get the most use from me. Because I watch a lot of movies.

Keep a running list of all the movies you’ve seen with these printable pages.

365DaysofJournaling.com even suggests adding in your ratings for each movie, and I think that’s a great idea.

Download here.


Weekly Spread Printables

7. Habits, Meals, & Planning

cute weekly panning spread printable for bujo
Via MarriedtotheEarth.com

This free bullet journal printable is a great weekly layout. 

MarriedtotheEarth.com even included a spot to jot down the weather forecast for the week. I love all the fonts used.

It’s an excellent option of many bullet journal templates for keeping track of your daily life.

Download it here.


8. Undated Planner Boxes

free bullet journal printables 2020
Via wellella.com

The printables from wellella.com are so neat and clean. This weekly spread is a useful addition for any BUJO.

Download it here.


Bullet Journal Calendar Printable 2020

9. Year At-A-Glance Calendar

2020 Bullet Journal Calendar Printable
Via SweetPlanIt.com

Nancy at SweetPlanIt.com created this cute printable. If you’re into a hand drawn aesthetic this is the one for you.

Download it here.


10. Monthly Calendar Stickers

bujo monthly 2020 calendar free printable
Via CuteFreebies.com

Keep these printable bullet journal calendars all on one page or cut out and paste them individually.

Albert and Mae at CuteFreebies.com provide 8 different designs. Monday and Sunday starts are available, too.

Download here.


11. Future Log for the Year

example of free bullet journal printable calendar
Via 3YearsApart.com

Go with something more minimal by snagging a printable at 3YearsApart.com 

Kim, Amy, & Helen made shared two color options for you to choose from.

Download here.


Free Hand Drawn Bullet Journal Printables

12. Water Intake Tracker

bullet journal template example
Via PrintScribblesCo.com

Now on my list of free bullet journal printables comes this Water Intake Tracker page!

It comes from PrintScribblesCo.com and it’s one of my favorites out of all these bullet journal templates!

Keep track of your health goals, all while keeping your bullet journal looking majorly Instagram worthy.

Download it here.


13. Headers, Banners, Arrows, & Frames

hand drawn doodles for bullet journaling
Via TwentySomethingMeltdown.com

Have you ever seen someone’s super cute bullet journal entry on Instagram and wished you could draw like that?

Me, too!

Luckily, Gwennan of Twenty Something Meltdown knows how we’re all jealous of those with artistic ability and shared her skills with us. She created 5 free bullet journal printables that are totally swoon-worthy.

The hand drawn goodies include:

  • banners
  • headers
  • dividers
  • arrows
  • little doodles
  • and more

Print them, cut them out and then use them to adorn your bullet journal.

Download it here.


14. Kickass Savings Tracker

free printable bujo savings tracker page
Via AmericanGirlHongKongWorld.wordpress.com

Savings trackers are a great way to motivate yourself to reach your savings goals.

Dannie of American Girl Hong Kong World comes to the rescue by providing us with our next free printable for bullet journals:

This Kickass Savings Tracker page!

Color in each block as you watch your savings grow.

Download it here.


15. Flower Cup Mood Tracker Page

tea cup bullet journal mood tracker
Via SpaceandQuiet.com

This free printable page for bullet journals is more than just adorable. It’s super useful!

It’s a mood tracker page, made by Tracey from SpaceandQuiet.com.

It allows you to analyze how you felt during the month. Then you can find your patterns and make positive adjustments in your life.

Download it here.


16. Gratitude Jar

bullet journal template
Via SpaceandQuiet.com

Tracey from SpaceandQuiet.com has lots of great free printables – like this cute gratitude jar.

Fill it with things you’re grateful for during the year to stay grounded.

Download it here.


17. Circus Tent Mood Trackers

free hand drawn bullet journal printables
Via TinkerAbout.com

I love hand drawn stuff. And this printable habit tracker page is no exception!

Uliana from TinkerAbout.com did such a good job on these pages. The circus tents are definitely a unique idea.

Download it here.


Free Bullet Journal Stickers

18. Cute Calendars

calendar bujo sticker printable
Via PlannerLoveAndPrintables.com

These stickers don’t have dates but that means you can use them year after year. I love the way they look.

Ashley at PlannerLoveAndPrintables.com is kind enough to share them for free.

Download here.


19. Savings Jars

bullet journal stickers example 2
Via LovelyPlanner.com

Do you have any savings goal that you’re trying to reach?

This printable from Maddie at LovelyPlanner.com can help keep you on track. 

Download here.


20. Academic Stickers for School

bujo stickers free to print
Via VintageGlamStudio.com

These next bullet journal stickers are perfect for students!

There’s a little bit of everything on the sheet from VintageGlamStudio.com.

Download here.


21. Kawaii Cactus Plants

cactus bullet journal printable freebie

I don’t think there’s anything not to love about these cactus stickers courtesy of PlannerAddiction.com. The little faces are so sweet.

Download here.


22. Adorable Weather

free bullet journal stickers example 4
Via PlannerAddiction.com

Emylia at PlannerAddiction.com is talented at making cute printables. You can use these to chart the forecast for your week.

Download here.


23. Tropical Coffee Cups

printable sticker for bujo free
Via LovelyPlanner.com

Little coffee cups are a fun way to decorate your bullet journal. The palm leaf designs will really add a little something extra to weekly spreads.

You can score these stickers at LovelyPlanner.com.

Download here.


Free Bullet Journal Templates Conclusions

So that concludes this list of popular free bullet journal printables.

Hopefully there are a few that you absolutely love and can’t wait to use. Let me know which ones you liked best.




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Most Popular Free Bullet Journal Printables 2020

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