17 FREE College Printables for Students Who Would Describe Themselves as “a Hot Mess on Toast”

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Free student printables that will turn you into a lean, mean, organizing machine in no time.

organized student smiling while holding notebooks and papers

Do you yearn to be organized yet consistently feel like a hot mess on toast?

Have you ever wondered how the super organized student in your class manages to do it all? Does figuring out how to be organized in college feel impossible? 

Here’s the big secret…

The trick to organizing the chaos of your life is utilizing organization systems and tools. 

College printables help you create routines, stick to your commitments, and achieve your goals.

So in this post I rounded up 17 FREE printables for college students to get you started on the path to less stress and more success.

17 Crazy Useful College Printables

Free Study & Studyblr Printables

1. Go to Guide to Finals

printable study guide booklet to prepare for student final exams
Via thecenteredstudentplanner.com

Love ’em or hate ’em, final exams are an unavoidable part of college student life.

Juggling classes, keeping track of deadlines, and wrapping up projects make it a particularly stressful time at school. Not to mention the actual test-taking, of course.

Luckily, there’s free printable that will make you feel a lot less dead (because you’ll be so much more prepared) during dead week.

This Go to Guide to Finals is super handy (TIP: wait a few seconds for the pop-up). It was created by a college professor so you know it’s the real deal when it comes to effective study strategies

It helps you create a plan of attack, optimize your schedule for finals week, and prioritize the most important tasks on your to-do list.

The printable guide folds into a nifty little booklet (shown in the video below) and even comes with PDF instructions on how to use it.

VIDEO: Free Student Printable for Finals

And best of all:

You can download it for free!

*NOTE: To score this freebie all you need to do is fill in a pop-up which appears on the website after a few seconds.

Not seeing the pop-up? Try clearing your cookies or opening the link in a different browser/incognito tab.

2. Hourly Study Planner

hourly study planner template with light pink elements
Via smartgirlstudy.com

Studying gets monotonous and even more so when there’s no end in sight. 

That’s why a study planner is so useful!

It helps you break up the tediousness and gives you a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to. With the printable template above you can plan study sessions as needed, make sure you complete all required readings, and have one less thing to stress about.

This study planner is one of many free printables for students that Erin at SmartGirlStudy has created. Be sure to visit her website for more like this!


3. Homework Planner + Assignment Tracker

Next up we have a pair of printables to help you tackle the endless stream of college class assignments. 

I don’t know about you but unless I write an important something down (like a scheduled appointment), it essentially never happened…

I don't need to write this down I'll remember it SpongeBob meme
Via Tumblr

Meaning I can’t trust my brain to be a reliable reminder system. Writing it down works SO much better.

Use this assignment tracking worksheet as an “external hard drive”, if you will, for your brain. Keep track of assignments by class, deadlines, which ones you’ve completed, and which ones you have yet to complete.

In addition, the assignment/homework planning template takes some of the headache out of schoolwork by simplifying and streamlining the process.

In essence, this duo helps students work smart, not harder!


4. Essay Outline Worksheet

essay outline planning template for students
Via nerdybun.tumblr.com

Speaking of class assignments and ways to make them easier –

Let me introduce you to this fabulous printable for whipping up an essay outline

Fill out sections including the topic, word count, deadline and more. The guidelines make sure no important info is left out of your paper.

Then when it’s time for you to write the essay you’ve already got the bones. So all you have to do from there is flesh it out. This template is definitely a time saver!

If you’re digging the look of this college printable, check out Nerdybun for additional free downloads available on Tumblr.


5. Exam Prep Checklist

exam checklist printable template with pink elements
Via jackiejapalture.tumblr.com

Exam season; there’s a lot to cram and not a lot of time to think about much else.

Because of this, it’s easy for some things to slip through the cracks. 

But not to worry – this pretty pink exam checklist has your back. Use it to make sure you’re completely prepared even if your brain has gone out to lunch. 

A helpful organizational tool like this brings a bit of peace and comfort during hectic frenzies of test taking.


6. Prioritize My Study Worksheet + Exam Study Planner

Prioritizing is a crucial part of succeeding in college. Trying to do it on your own can be hard though.

That’s where this study prioritizing template comes in. Once you’ve laid out which areas you feel strongest and weakest in, it’s easy to see how you should prioritize tasks. 

Next, use the exam study planner to fill out dates for upcoming tests. Depending on what you need to complete, this can help you clearly visualize how to set priorities as well.

Both of these studyblr printables go hand-in-hand to help you focus your time and efforts where they’re needed most.

Find more cool printable items that match these ones by visiting jackiejapalture’s Tumblr blog!


7. Language Course Study Sheets

printable study worksheet pack for studying a language course in college
Via emmastudies.com

If there ever was study printable royalty:

Emma of emmastudies would be our Queen who reigns supreme. 

If you’ve been around the block with the #studygram gang, you know that her reputation precedes her. This extensive language study printable pack is one of many she’s created and she is very generous with sharing free downloadable content.

Seriously – this is just the tip of a very large iceberg. Be sure to head over to her blog for more freebie and give her Etsy store a peek, too.

Free Organization Printables for College Students

8. Productivity Pack

weekly overview planning template filled out with student schedule
Via www.eintsein.com

Organization is the name of the game and this productivity pack delivers the goods.

Armed with printables for managing your energy and attention, in addition to daily, weekly, monthly printables, you’ll have everything you need to buckle down and get. shit. done.

So when the semester usually starts kicking your ass now you can kick back!


9. College Packing Checklist

Receiving your acceptance letter, graduating high school, and starting your freshman year at college is a period of excitement in the life of a young adult!

So many unknowns for what the future holds can a bit overwhelming, as well. 

But with this dorm packing list for college, at least you’ll know what to take with you to school!

It’s all-inclusive. This checklist has everything college girls and guys might want to bring to make sure you don’t forget a thing.


10. Plan it Out Daily Planner

daily planning template, blue grid paper
Via arystudies.tumblr.com

Planning – it’s good for your mind, your grades, and maybe even…your ~immortal~ soul?

The results aren’t in on that last one yet, but I’d wager it certainly doesn’t hurt. However, plenty of research has confirmed that planning has benefits

The kind of life-enhancing benefits college students want to take advantage of. 

And this free downloadable daily planner sheet can help you lock them down. It’s available in 4 different colors and you have a choice of grid or no grid. 


11. Cute Weekly Planner Template

weekly planner template for students to organize their schedule, infographic with purple background

And while we’re on the topic of planning, this next template will help you organize your life on a weekly basis.

I like to think of it as big picture approach. 

The previous printable and this one make a nice pair, use them in unison for a nice one-two combo. Or maybe you prefer less detailed planning, you can totes use this cute printable weekly planner all on its own.

The choice, of course, is up to you!


12. The Day Grid Balancer

productive week planning template
Via davidseah.com

If you want to not only be organized AF, but also balanced AF this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Most people strive for a work-life balance, but as a college student your balancing act tends to include extra things.

Portioning out your time between school, homework, social outings, career building activities, work, and more is quite difficult. It feels like you’re being pulled 7 different directions!

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution…

The Day Grid Balancer helps you make sense of all of it without losing your mind. For each day of the week, there are hour bubbles for create, happy, health, sleep, and home.

The idea behind these bubbles is to fill one in for every hour you spend on each area of your life. As you use this weekly planner you’ll be able to identify what needs attention and thus, work towards creating a more balanced life. 

Pretty neat, huh?

Even better – the template is editable, so you’re free to change the bubble labels to whatever works best for you.


13. College Budget Template + Spending Tracker

When it comes to organization printables for college students, your finances can’t be forgotten!

This free student budgeting template makes it quick and easy to take charge of your money. Even if you’ve never created a budget before. 

You simply start with your income, fill out your expenses, and see where you land. If you have more expenses than income that means you’ll need to make some adjustments. But at least now everything is all laid out so identifying problems areas is a cinch.

This printable set is available in 4 different colors and 3 different headings. Download for free!

Printable Laundry Instructions for College Students

14. Laundry Care Cheat Sheet

cheatsheet for laundry care symbols and tips
Via prettyprovidence.com

Tossing everything into the wash at once is all fun and games until it ruins the brand new shirt you just bought. Such a waste!

So while you’re expanding your knowledge at college you might as well learn the nuances of proper laundry care, too. 

This printable has laundry care symbols explained all on one handy go-to sheet. Now you can finally decipher what the tags on your clothes want you to do!


15. Laundry Tips Flipbook

laminated laundry tips held together by a metal ring
Via tidymom.net

Along the same lines –

This laundry instruction printable has all the practical tips you need to succeed. It’s the next best thing to asking your mom for advice. 

And because the it’s formatted to be a flipbook, you can easily laminate the pages, and put them on a metal ring. Keep it clipped to your laundry basket so you can refer to it when the washing instructions on a tag have you stumped.

This is great idea for parents of students to include with a graduation gift basket, too!

Printable Calendar for College Students

16. Monthly Calendar

simple 2021 printable calendar
Via smartgirlstudy.com

I had to include one more useful printable from SmartGirlStudy!

This one is a monthly spread with a nice handwritten script. It’s helpful for planning out important dates and commitments for each month of the year. 

You can snag a free download for the calendar year or for the academic year which runs from August to July.


17. Sunday Start Digital Journal

colorful calendar template for 2021
Via studyingish.tumblr.com


This brings us to one more great printable for students: a colorful monthly and weekly calendar bundle.

Including a year-at-a glance page, you can print the downloadable PDF files or use them digitally on a tablet. Each month is different color, but a minimal black and white version is available as well. 

All in all, this printable set is definitely helpful for staying organized in college life!


What does studyblr mean?

Study + Tumblr = studyblr. A studyblr is a play on words, just like study + Instagram = studygram.

And they’re essentially the same thing: curated content or a blog with an academic focus – more specifically, topics related to studying.

While the studyblr community is known for having a certain aesthetic (think of drool-worthy penmanship, pastel colored school supplies, and ultra organized notes), it’s actually rooted in lifting other students up. Studyblrs inspire students of all kinds by sharing helpful tips and motivation to power through the more challenging parts of school. 

Final thoughts on printables for college students…

So that concludes this post of helpful college printables to help you succeed at school. Leave a comment below to let me know which one you liked best!



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  1. Hi, Charlie! This article about printable planners is fantastic! I’ve always been a fan of using printable planners to get a visual overview of my tasks. The recommendations here are spot on. By the way, have you heard of Bordio?https://bordio.com/templates/printable-weekly-calendar-templates/ It’s a website where you can find a wide range of printable planners. Give it a try, it’s been a game-changer for my productivity!

  2. I adore you! That’s all I need!!!
    I’m kind of a fan of printables and journals and stuff like that. I think it makes me a more organized person. Another mark on the calendar is one of the best motivators for me. Also, I love that feeling of being in control, and checklists and journals help a lot with that.