Free Printable Mandala Bookmarks: 8 Floral Inspired Designs to Color

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Cool Mandala Bookmarks Printable

printable mandala bookmarks to color being held by woman's hands with black nail polish

In today’s post, I have free printable mandala bookmarks to share with you!

There are 8 different designs in black and white, so you can color them in or leave them as is.


Printable Mandala Bookmarks to Color

You don’t need to be religious, spiritual, or into all things “woo woo” to recognize a mandala when you see one.

From tattoos to wall tapestries to artwork and more, these geometric designs are everywhere! Not only that, but they come in an endless variety of configurations.

And while mandalas are symbolic in nature:

The intricate patterns appeal to people from all walks of life. Mandala designs have an almost hypnotic beauty about them.

So, with this in mind:

I decided to create some cool mandala bookmarks!

example of printable mandala bookmarks

I made two sets of bookmarks with different vibes. But you’ll notice they all have floral mandala patterns.

The first set (shown in the image above) has thinner lines and an overall more delicate feel.

While the other set (shown in the image below) utilizes thicker, bolder lines. If you’re the type of person who struggles to color within the lines, you may prefer these bookmarks!

example 2 of free printable mandala bookmarks

However if you’re not really into coloring, I think they look great in black and white too.


How to download the free printable mandala bookmarks

Interested in using these mandala design bookmarks?

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*Printing tip: the printable bookmarks are sized to fit 8.5″ x 11″ paper and measure 2″ x 6″ each.

Choose ACTUAL SIZE to ensure they print in the correct size. Choosing FIT TO PAGE will make them smaller than intended.


These printable mandala bookmarks are for your personal use only. Do not sell, redistribute, or use for commercial purposes.

Sharing is appreciated and encouraged, but please link back to this post instead of to the file itself.


Final thoughts on the printable mandala bookmarks

I hope you enjoy the bookmarks and get lots of use out them! Let me know what you think of the designs by leaving a comment down below.




free printable mandala bookmark infographic

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