Fix Your Finances ASAP with My (Free) Simple Monthly Budget Template

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monthly budget template

Keeping my finances organized with a monthly budget template is high on my list of priorities.

After all…

A little overspending can turn into a BIG problem. Staying on top of your spending is especially important when you’re a college student with a tight budget.

That’s why I like to use a simple budget template to keep track of all my expenses. 

For me:

It’s always sooo much easier to keep track of my bills, debt and savings goals when I write it down. And the best part is, I only need to do it once a month.

If you’re a visual learner like me, then you’ll love my printable Monthly Budget Template!

My Printable Monthly Budget Template

This Monthly Budget Template includes areas to keep track of my:

  • income
  • savings
  • savings goals
  • bills
  • & debt

I designed it myself! It comes in three shades of purple; from a light lavender to a nice, deep royal purple.

This budget template makes it simple to keep track of when bills are due and if they have been paid yet.

What I do:

I just put a check mark, an X or color in the square to indicate that a bill has been taken care of.

simple monthly budget template

Saving up for a big purchase can be difficult! 

I’m SUPER impatient, but writing down what I want under “Goals” on this simple budget template helps me keep the big picture in mind.

I mean I’ll still have trouble waiting (’cause that’s just who I am), but it DOES help remind me to not nickel and dime myself on small purchases that I don’t really need throughout the month.

I like to keep my filled out budget worksheet on my desk. But it would also be a good idea to keep in on my fridge or somewhere else where it would be seen often.


The more reminders I have, the better I’ll do at adhering to my budget! Because those unwise spending temptations are always around the corner for me.

Speaking of spending decisions…

My monthly budget template includes a spot to keep track of debt. It can be pretty motivating to watch that number shrink every month until it has been completely paid off!

simple budget template, monthly budget template

Do you want to use my the printable Monthly Budget Template?

It’s are available for FREE in the Resource Library here on my website!

Free Printable Monthly Budget Template

This monthly budget template helped me sooo much! Now I can quickly see where my finances are at each month, just by filling out this simple worksheet. The best part, it\'s a FREE printable! Click to get it for yourself. #budgeting #budget #savemoney #savingmoney #freeprintables #printable #printables #college #budgettemplate #worksheet

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